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Hi everybody.
Do you remember me?

When the King of Thieves CP has began to die, I've started remaking my very first project, that I loved like no other one, with the Sooternew's engine.
Now I'd like to leave the demo I have never leaft. But I'm not a very good coder in GM, so I can't do something nice alone.
So I want to ask if somebody would be interested to help me making this.

The important thing is that it won't be a completed game, only the road to the first dungeon and the dungeon itself. Like this I focus on something not too ambitious and improve chances to have a finished work.

So what is missing in programming are:
-a wind waker-like intro
-spin attack
-hookshot (first dungeon object)
-some enemies (probably just Octorocks and Chuchus)
-the first boss
-Some cutscenes
-Falling into water and into a hole
-dungeon systems (doors, keys, boss key, chests, room view,...)
-probably some other little things...
and everything that's in the old CP engine if I'm not allowed to use it.

About what have been done, I have the story, pretty all maps, original music, the intro is almost complete as I have all pictures, it just lack on some text.
And the title screen and name screen are done.
So there are very good roots to do someting.

Now some WIP screenshots to show how it looks like:

Credits and thanks to Tompel, Scooternew and Kren(maybe someone else..)
There are deku nuts on the screens but there won't be deku nuts in the game.(sprite by Kylink I think)

So if you are interrested, I can show you what I have, tell you about the story, about the first project, the old team...

You can answer and ask questions here, send me a PM or e-mail/Msn to tlozpop'at'hotmail.com

PS: Somebody speaking french would be awesome, but it's not essential.

Graphics / A few Spirit Tracks rips
« on: June 09, 2009, 01:23:39 pm »
I was bored, so I ripped this from E3 screenshots.

Well I don't really want to be credited, but I'd like to know if somebody use it.

Entertainment / TLOZ Spirit Tracks announced on DS [big pictures!]
« on: March 25, 2009, 06:07:18 pm »
Well, the game will be titled The legend o Zelda : Spirit Tracks, will be on DS, will be released this year in Japan and Link will be able to drive a train. That's all I know.

Graphics / 3D Stuff by Tlozpop
« on: January 07, 2009, 03:30:03 pm »
I wanted to improve my 3d modeling skills (the few I had) so here is the beginning of the church from A Link to the Past based on this artwork: http://thehylia.com/media/albums/images/alttp/scene_36.jpg

I did this in Low poly modeling with 3Dsmax 2008
Some opinions?
See you later for some updates.



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