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Discussion / Torque for iPhone?
« on: August 09, 2008, 05:57:38 pm »
Anybody else got some information on this? I don't know all that much about it, nor how easy it is to port existing Torque programs to the iPhone. PLEASE INFORM ME.

Feedback / Ban me, I'm 12 years old.
« on: August 09, 2008, 04:48:36 pm »
You heard it. I'm 12 years old and I don't have my COPPA signed. I guess this is goodbye to the community I hate anyway and hardly ever visit.

Those who truly love me can contact me at zConnection as always.

See you in hell, bitches ;).

EDIT: Whoa, 3088 posts? I must have been some sad kid.

Other Discussion / I need to finish this speech by next Thursday.
« on: June 03, 2008, 08:11:03 pm »
ESB speech on Moviemaking by Connor Beaton.

Hello. Today I am going to be making a speech on common film making techniques and effects that are utilised by both modern and classic films. Before I do so, however, I’d like to bring to your attention that I will be providing some visual aids to help visualise what I’m trying to say as well.

I’d like to begin my speech by talking about a film’s script. The script basically tells the actors what to do. The script is usually written by the director or producer, but sometimes there’s a different screenwriter. Scripting is long, and most movie scripts end up at around 70 to 120 pages long, depending on the movie length.

Here are pages from the original Back to the Future script. If you watched Back to the Future, you’d see that there are some very big differences. This is because sometimes the director makes changes while shooting. There are also sometimes different drafts issued.

Show script pages.

Film scripts include more than just stage directions. They also contain information on special effects and camera angles. It also tells you about dialogue, sometimes with notes like OS or VO. There are plenty different types of camera angle, which I can show you.

An establishing shot sometimes introduces a new scene. It is zoomed out a lot and shows the viewer the setting and general relationship of objects and people in the scene. This is sometimes also called a wide shot, or a very wide shot.

A close up is when the camera zooms in on a particular subject. You can get close ups, extreme close ups, and medium close ups, which define how close up it is. If it were to zoom in on a character, a close up would probably show their head.

Show camera angle pictures.

The script normally also contains music cues. The script would then be passed onto a composer who would write music for the entire film. Famous film composers include John Williams known for Harry Potter and Jurassic Park, Howard Shore known for LotR and King Kong, and Yann Tiersen.

Special effects can be done a number of ways. In older days, when they couldn’t make things, they would model them and utilise stop motion animation. This is when they make a model and move it bit by bit while taking pictures in between. When they put it together at 24 pictures every second, the model appears to move smoothly. This is how the 1930s King Kong was animated.

Today, however, you have practical and computer-generated. Practical is real. A practical explosion is a real explosion. Computer-generated effects are, as the title suggests, made entirely on the computer and are not real. The new Peter J. King Kong is computer-generated.


Feedback / Wiki complaint.
« on: April 25, 2008, 10:05:06 pm »
Oh wow, you replaced the fairy with the Wikipedia. Ha ha. Not. You do realise the Wikipedia logo is NOT a free image? You're actually infringing on Wikipedia's copyright there.

So, images in quotes are hidden behind spoiler tags, eh? Ever tried to view a quoted LINKED image?


I don't know about other browsers, but in Firefox (yeah, I use Safari and Minefield, this is my grandparents computer), clicking VIEW IMAGE will automatically open the link the image points to.

Entertainment / Guitar Hero ... on DS?
« on: April 14, 2008, 12:59:52 pm »
Quote from: Nintendo: The Official Magazine
Would you be insanely jealous if
we told you we'd already rocked
our socks off on Guitar Hero for the DS?

Because we have, you know. Rumours have
been floating around for a while about the
possibilities  of a handheld version of Guitar
, complete with all kinds of ideas on
how Activision would handle the
strumming and button-pressing gameplay.

Now though, we can reveal exactly how
it'll all work and, more importantly, just
how awesome Guitar Hero On Tour is
shaping up to be! The key to playing the
game lies in a fret board peripheral that
plugs neatly into the GBA slot of your DS
and then wraps
around the back
of the handheld.
By turning your
DS sideways and then putting your hand
through the strap on the back of the fret
board, you can hold the DS comfortably
while positioning your three middle
fingers over the four fret buttons. Then,
using the special pick stylus that comes
with the game, you strum the strings of
the on-screen guitar as the notes come
down on the opposite screen.

Rock On The Road
Having already gone hands-on with it, we
can assure you it works an absolute treat.
You can link up with a friend over local
wireless and play everything from face-offs
to guitar battles, complete with DS-specific
attacks like autograph signing and blowing
out flames on your guitar. Yes, you might
look like a bit of a fool on the Tube but
when it's this much fun, who cares?

Scheduled for a summer launch in both
standalone game and DS bundle packs,
you can expect a proper hands-on preview
of Guitar Hero On Tour next issue.

Sounds a bit dodgy, but okay. I wonder whether they'll release a DS and DS Lite version of it with a different sized fret board or what, like with the browser's extra RAM pack. It better still fit in my clunky old Nintendogs bundle pack DS <.<

zConnection is a relatively new website supporting independently produced software applications while also providing an unbiased insight into recent commercial developments. We are still on shaky ground with a small but loyal memberbase and a controversial background, but we aim to be a big name in the near future.
Click here to go to zConnection!

Entertainment / Son of Rambow?
« on: April 13, 2008, 05:46:06 pm »
So my grandmother dragged me along to see this the other day, and to my surprise, it was actually quite good. I was expecting some kind of childish action thing, but the action was decent and the plot was all right. The end was actually pretty emotional.

I checked up the American release date, it's apparently coming in May to a "limited" number of theatres.


Other Projects / [WIP] The Dragons' Realm
« on: April 13, 2008, 04:22:50 pm »
I'm not going to be entirely loose with details on this game, since I've given too much away already. It's a 2D fantasy action RPG. The main character, Chinotsu, lives in a small village recently infiltrated by wolves, who mauled many people.

Angered, Chinotsu goes to a temple to ask the gods why...and there he meets Davyd. Davyd reveals that some vile beast has taken control of dragons and formed an army out of them. Hiding out in the Palace of Flame high in Casa Nova, he uses the dragons to control the world.

Chinotsu, defiant, decides to set out to Casa Nova, find, and kill all those who are responsible. But the location of Casa Nova is known to few ...


I expect to have a demonstration version ready in early May, but don't hold me to that :D.

Other Discussion / iPhone and iPod touch hecking.
« on: April 13, 2008, 02:32:04 pm »
I bought myself an iPod touch a while back. Awesome device. Two hundred quid is a bit of an overcharge, but yeah. Seriously, though, you think it's just an iPod? Wrong. With a little tool called ZiPhone, one can "jailbreak" the iPod touch or iPhone and run 3rd party software on it. Yes, it's awesome.

I already have a VNC client, FTP server, SSH server, and WiFi packet sniffer installed.

And now somebody happens to have leaked the iPhone and iPod touch firmware version 2.0. The latest is 1.1.4, btw. There's a torrent [Removed By Infinitus] :D. To install, go into iTunes, go on your iPod or iPhone, hold the Control key and hit Restore. That'll let you restore from a file of your choice. Choose the 2.0 beta and you can install it!

I'm looking into dual booting so I don't lose my 1.1.4 software. If anybody tries 2.0, tell me how it goes.

Feedback / People are going to kill me for pointing it out, but ...
« on: October 23, 2007, 07:01:58 pm »
Royal Green doesn't have ads.

Other Projects / [WIP] Ice Cubes 2 (Now a Wanilla project!)
« on: October 12, 2007, 04:33:14 pm »
Yes, GMRealm's acclaimed game spin-off series Ice Cubes has been handed over to Wanilla, and the Wanilla team is actively working on it. All of the levels have been deleted, and are now being remade. These won't be the easy levels of the original - hard, confusing puzzles that'll keep you kneading your forehead for hours!

With all-new Timed Mode, Boss Mode, a Level Editor and so much more, Ice Cubes has never been so much fun!


Prepare to be confronted and confused by mysterious puzzles!
Puzzles of all shapes and sizes await you!

What is Boss Mode?

Boss Mode is less puzzle and more action. Basically, at the top of the screen is the Boss. It's actually a huge blue blob (a tip of the hat to Cubes 2) that moves from left to right at the top.

There's a small sliding puzzle at the bottom with switches at the top left and top right. When you hit the switch at the top left, for example, a missile will be launched at the left. If it hits the Boss, the Boss loses HP. When the Boss is out of HP, you win and go to the next stage.

As each stage progresses, the missiles will get slower, and the Bosses will get faster. How many stages can you last in Boss Mode :o

How close is this game to completion?

Graphics: 75% (4 tiles required, Level Editor graphics, and Boss Mode graphics)
Engine: 90% (two very simple gameplay elements need to be programmed)
Levels: 3.5294117647058822% (three levels out of 85)
Level Editor: 0%
Boss Mode: 0%

EDIT: XD I didn't know about Central's tagging system. I just put [WIP] anyway, and I normally put two screenshots. And guess what? THATS ACTUALLY A REQUIREMENT.

Discussion / I need some tips ...
« on: October 12, 2007, 01:36:48 pm »
I'm writing a murder mystery, planning for publishing in the end, and I've been working on the first chapter. I need to find some way to make it sound better, flow easier, and be a bit longer - it's meant to be a chapter, yet it's not even a whole page.


The estate was rather impressive; a tall hand-built wall of stone surrounded the grounds, which could only be entered through the single, black wrought-iron gate. Inside, there was a big garden with a gravel path leading up to a huge manor, almost a castle.
   There were all kinds of plants in the garden; rhododendrons were dotted around the path leading around the place. There was a sundial next to a small pond with water-lilies. At one point, the path twisted around a great oak tree. It was an ancient, magnanimous tree. It had clearly been there for hundreds of years; indeed, there was a small plaque informing visitors that the tree was planting by a Queen of England a few hundred years ago.
   There was a fountain nearby – a stone statue of a mermaid, elegantly carved, sitting in a pool of water that was shot out from the mermaid’s mouth.
   The manor had three storeys, at least. There were so many passageways and entrances, it was easy to get lost. There was a magnificent dining room; inside, a glass chandelier hung from the ceiling, and a long wooden table stretched across the room, with many hand-carved and varnished chairs placed around it. The plates were expensive china, with an ivory inlay. The cutlery was the finest silverware money could buy.
   There were three bedrooms; only one of them was actually in use. The fireplace in each was boarded up, and in the used bedroom, an electric fire was plugged in and placed in front as a replacement. A beautiful four-poster bed was pushed up against the wall, with tall windows on either side. There was a rocking chair in the corner, and an antique wardrobe opposite the bed.
   The study was the smallest of all the rooms. It was a cramped, stuffy room, with dust in the air, and barely any light. There was an old-fashioned writing desk, of the kind you’d expect to see in a school. The inkwell was black with dried out ink. There was no carpet in this room, nor laminate flooring; only the floorboards, and dripping down the cracks between them – blood. For on the floor of the study, there lay the corpse of a dead old man.

   He must have died several hours ago. His skin was already pale; he was cold; yet there was no dust on him, nor did he appear to have rotten at all. His eyes were wide open, staring at the ceiling; his mouth was slightly open, a bit of blood in the back of his throat. There was a large red stain on his shirt where the knife stabbed him in the chest. Something wet seemed to glisten all over him, but it wasn’t recognizable simply from sight.

   And yet, the police were not on the way. There were no screams of neighbours. Nobody seemed to have yet noticed that he was dead; a deathly secret known only by him and the murderer.

Other Discussion / Learn to Speak Scottish
« on: October 06, 2007, 08:16:43 pm »
Because I saw Drilly's How to Speak Canadian, and wanted to make one that was both local and real. And here it is :D.

Scottish Word / English Word

ah / I
aye / yes
cauld / cold
muckle / crazy
ye / you

Expanding soon!

Feedback / Not necessarily a bug, but ...
« on: October 05, 2007, 09:47:20 pm »
I was just browsing the forum when I noticed the domain name was missing from the address bar, and replaced with Any reason why, particularly?

Discussion / I was practising my writing ...
« on: August 23, 2007, 09:51:58 pm »
... and ended up with this short little thing. It's not even a story, just a little description of an everyday beach and the tide coming in. Please comment and criticise!

Quote from: Here it is!
The water glides gently up and down the sand, rolling into small waves which throw up seaweed and gouge small tracks; the tide comes in and the water level rises. Small children with plastic buckets and spades groan in annoyance as their sandcastles that, in their eyes, were perfectly crafted, are washed away swiftly by the sea.

Sunbathing tourists shake out their towels and begin to leave the beach, doubling back quickly to dig the almost forgotten bottle of sun lotion out of the sand, disgusted as dirt is lodged underneath their fingernails.

Soon, the beach is simply submerged in the salty sea water, the sun glistening on it's surface, the birds in the distance diving and circling; looking for fish, for food.

This is the sea, and it's eternal beauty.

Feedback / How long is Hane going to stay in the logo?
« on: August 17, 2007, 11:15:35 am »
Yesh, it's not like it bothers me, I use the Royal Green theme anyway, but ... how long's he staying there?

Discussion / Haunted in the Rain
« on: August 15, 2007, 06:22:45 pm »
A horror fiction I wrote a few months ago. Not my best - I, personally, don't like it - but I've been told it's good, so I'm uploading it anyway.

Click here.

Feedback / How do I request a name change?
« on: August 14, 2007, 04:21:29 pm »
I wanna be Soapie now D: - a mixture of my brilliant Soapy and the excellent Pie.

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