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Entertainment / LoZ:BotW
« on: June 14, 2016, 08:30:52 pm »
Well I figured since no one else started a thread I may as well.

Unfortunately I didn't see anything but the tail end of the live stream for the demo - but I did catch the trailer after the fact for anyone who wants to see it or hasn't seen it here you go:


I for one am pretty stoked about this game - there are a lot of unconventional Zelda like things happening though and it's going to be a pretty huge change - but it seems done so well that I can probably handle it without my mind exploding.

Updates / #ZFGC
« on: February 28, 2009, 05:44:10 am »
Below is a quote from the Windfyre network's forum. This is somewhat important news for our IRC users out there.

Also, DJVenom recently stepped down as the chatroom owner, currently I manage the channel.

Recently you may have noticed polls and announcements regarding a name change facing Windfyre. Due to disagreements with the owner of “Windfyre.net” the staff felt it would be best if we parted ways and renamed the network.

After two sets of poll’s we’ve decided to go with ‘Keyboard Failure’ or kbfail.net. As of February 28th 2009 at around 8:00am Eastern Standard Time the Windfyre Network will officially become The Keyboard Failure Network. We should note there will be a five to ten minute downtime at around 8:00am Eastern Standard Time.

Sudo.windfyre.net will become sudo.kbfail.net, moople.windfyre.net -> moople.kbfail.net and of course irc.windfyre.net -> irc.kbfail.net.

Any questions may be asked in #Services. Further changes will come in the next few weeks, including a new website.

Updates / New Admin
« on: February 22, 2009, 08:54:43 pm »
Hi All,

Obviously.. the administration has seriously neglected the site for a long period of time. Aside from Infi who still comes here daily and takes care of things.

We (Mammy, Metallica and myself) have concluded it would be best if we hand off the forums to a new group of individuals to do what they please with it.

So please welcome again 4Sword, who has shown he still has a devout interest in the project and seeing some success with ZFGC.

Good luck to Infi, 4Sword and the rest of the crew.

Updates / Annoying Advertisements?
« on: December 30, 2008, 05:48:59 am »
Hi All!

I'm pretty sure I fixed the annoying ads.. there were some issues, apparently google had updated their code and I missed notification of it.. none the less, all three themes and the index page now have updated google adsense code!

I've completely stripped out flash ads, everything is text based...

Anyway, that is all. :)

Recruitment / Board Rules
« on: December 14, 2008, 08:16:07 pm »
The purpose of this board is to recruit people for your various projects or for recruiters to find people looking for a project. This is not limited specifically to game development.

If you want to advertise a project or a website, we suggest you do so in your signature or via some other method.

-All global rules apply
-Threads aimed at recruiting should be titled in the following format
  [Recruiting] Roles you want to be filled
-Threads for people looking to be recruited should be titled in the following format
  [For Hire] Role and Experience Level (Short list of skills)
-Subtext can be used for additional notes

In example,
[Recruiting] GML Programmer, Spriter
Majora's Mask 2D, just starting

[For Hire] Experienced Programmer (GML)
Zelda or other top down games

Updates / Organization Changes
« on: December 14, 2008, 11:08:56 am »

I made some massive changes tonight, mostly some board organizational things, some of you wont be overly pleased with the changes, but it's what we feel is best to get this site back on track towards development.

The purpose of this forum (generally speaking) is development, specifically Zelda Fan-Game development, if you're not here to play those games or develop those games, we really feel you have no purpose here.

With that said, I've removed the following boards:

Other Discussion
Debates/Current Events
Topic Archive (still there it just needs cleaned so I've hidden it for now)
Forum Games

A lot of boards have been renamed and placed in logical locations. There is still a lot of shifting to be done and 'rules' regarding the functionality of the Project/Development boards, those will come later today (it's 12am for me at the moment).

Feedback is welcome.. I'm always happy to take suggestions and ideas. However being negative or harsh isn't acceptable.

Updates / Administrative Roles
« on: December 09, 2008, 06:24:34 pm »
The purpose of this post is to provide users with a current list of administrators and their 'duties'

In Alphabetical Order.... (Sorted by Categories)

Infini - Development Manager
Mamoruanime - Moderation Manager
Vash - Community Manager

CrystalAngel - Administrative Advisor
Windy - Development/Administrative Advisor

...and of course, ZFGC's current Owner:

Updates / New Moderators
« on: December 09, 2008, 06:17:24 am »
Hi All!

I just wanted to make a note that two new moderators have joined our forces. Shefail and Theforeshadower! Though TFS has been a mod in the past, much has changed since he was last around.

Anyway just a short announcement welcoming them both.

Updates / Elections and more.
« on: November 24, 2008, 07:22:18 pm »
Apparently there was a massive misunderstanding between how we were going to conduct the elections.

While this only makes me look like a fool for promoting it so much, apparently someone (no names) didn't read the whole sentence regarding User Elections.

With that said we're going to 'cancel' them for now, and figure out how to conduct those at a later date.

Since I already look like a dumbass now, I may continue on to 'announce' we'll also not be hiring any new administrators at this time (in addition) to the 'elected' admins. We're going to try to keep it tight and small for now, and work from there.

Our first goal is going to be reforming moderation and resolving ZFGC staff disputes. (In regards to editorial staff).

While we do this, we'll also be test running ZFGC on SMF 2.0, once it gets stable we'll probably open it up and have people assist us with debugging it.

Anyway.... leave comments below if you have 'em.

Updates / Administrative Compact
« on: November 20, 2008, 04:09:15 am »
As you can see Mammy and myself have returned to 'reclaim' our positions within ZFGC's administration. However a different approach at management will be taken this time. We highly suggests all users read and understand the structure of the administration. If you have questions feel free to understand comment (loltypo).

This document is intended to serve as a compact between administrators regarding the functionality of the administrative board of ZFGC.

ZFGC will function as what will be described as a semi-democratic administrative board. ‘Core’ administrators (as appointed by the owner) will always make up the ‘majority’ of the board, meaning there will always be an odd number of core administrators. These core administrators will appoint one administrator as they see fit, while the other administrator (following the requirements below) will be ‘elected’ by the users of ZFGC.

Appointed Administrator – The ‘core’ administrative staff will appoint an administrator to serve with them.

Elected Administrator – The elected administrator will be elected by ZFGC users to represent them on the board. This position will be up for re-election every three months, to ensure proper rotation of the position. There is no term limit for this position. The elected administrator must meet the following requirements:

-   No previous ‘perm’ bans.
-   Have not been fired or removed from a ZFGC position.
-   Must be at least 16 years of age.

Managing Administrator – One of the five administrators will be elected by their peers to act as the ‘managing administrator’. This role is specifically for facilitation purposes. This individual will conduct meetings and act as the ‘chair’ and executor of the board. This will be rotated every 3 months and no administrator has a term limit.

Resignation of Administrators – All administrators, including ‘core’ administrators may resign from the board at any time. In the chance an administrator does resign, succession will occur in accordance with whether the administrator was a ‘core’ administrator, an appointed admin or an elected admin.

Inactivity and Leave – If an administrator is inactive for 15 days without warning they will be placed under ‘suspension’. If the administrator fails to return within 10 days of the suspension their administrative position will be terminated.
If an administrator requests leave, longer than 30 days and less than two months, a successor will be placed in their absence.

Designation of a ‘major’ issue – A major issue (a conflict or problem within the forum) may be designated by one administrator declaring an issue to be ‘major’ and another administrator seconding the motion. This includes impeachment of an administrative peer and removal of moderator (or general) ZFGC staff.

No administrator will hold a ‘higher’ power than the other, aside from the managing administrator who holds the ability to facilitate. Administrators may have specific duties as designated by agreement with each other, overlapping of duties is encouraged to ensure proper oversight.

Currently the core administrators are:


The appointed administrator has not been named, nor has an elected administrator been elected. -- This will be done at a later date. Until then, the document is subject to minor changes depending on comments below, we will most likely enact this plan regardless of how members feel about it, since we feel this is the correct structure, but input is of course welcome in regards to tweaking various aspects of the document.

As always, if you have nothing productive to say please don't post. This is not a welcome back topic, so do not treat it as one.

Thanks. :)

Updates / Downtime: Nov. 11th
« on: November 11, 2008, 06:28:39 pm »
Billing problem occurred with the hosting company, the problem is resolved now.


Other Discussion / ZFGC's Mock Presidential Election
« on: November 01, 2008, 05:07:55 am »
This is -Not- a debate. Thus the reason it's posted in OD, and not 'debates'. Don't turn it into one... just a simple vote, you could give a reason as to why.

Now, I was trying to figure out the best way to do this, so I decided to list all candidates that are on enough ballots nation wide to qualify for enough electoral votes to actually win the presidency.

This includes the major party candidates:

Barack cakefarts
John McCain

3rd Party Candidates who are capable of getting enough electoral votes:

Bob Barr
Chuck Baldwin
Cynthia McKinney
Ralph Nadar

Feedback / Response to "What is this forum even about?"
« on: October 26, 2008, 07:20:30 pm »
Firstly. If you have nothing worth saying, please do not say it. I will immediately delete it when I see it, so it's not worth your time. The purpose of this topic is to not take a 'serious' look at ZFGC itself, but work on what we as a group 'together' (staff, former-staff and users) can do to improve the quality of ZFGC, since most of us have a common goal.

I voted 'this forum is about nothing'. As did 56.6% of others. Why do you think people voted this way? (Rhetorical question) I feel people voted that way because it's absolutely true. This forum in essence went from the following of OoT2D, to an attempt at displaying fan game creations to being of absolutely no value, other than harassing each other.

This doesn't mean that ZFGC can never be something. As I said in one of my posts in that topic, the administration has laid out tools for users to use. Perhaps the methodology behind the laying out of the tools wasn't the best, but it's all about learning, isn't it? When something doesn't work right, you take a look at it, tweak something and test it again. The system helios made for ZFGC was long coming and long planned, and easily and quickly implemented, but it wasn't implemented the best way possible, users should made their way to the new system in some sort of natural path, unfortunately, there's now an over lap between the standard forum boards and the game pages that needs to be cleared up... which is pretty simple to do, it just needs to be done and users need to get used to the new system, you have to be progressive about things... and quite frankly, if you don't like it you don't have to stay, and I encourage you not to, because the people who stay and don't like it seem to turn into !@#$% anyway.

Moderation is a big issue, moderators need to realize they're not following the rules at all, so when they make an attempt at applying them, it goes unheard, because it's impossible to apply something that you don't follow yourself. I think this issue was clearly made aware to current moderation staff, so hopefully this aspect of it will be resolved with out staff removal. This topic is not for telling moderator's they suck or singling anyone out on anything (or in general, not just mods..).

I'm sure most of you are going to say "TL;DR" by now, so that's good, post it and get it deleted, I don't want to read it.

The next step is working from the bottom up, as users, to renovate the forums. This means you actually give a crap. If you don't care, why are you here? I think that's a pretty legitimate question. Apparently as much as I don't want to care about it all, I still end up caring about it, because I keep posting.. so everyone must care a little.. and want to see some success in ZFGC in the future?

I think what ZFGC needs is a real backing.. a game that the forum can be backed by. A community project is a wonderful idea, the reason it 'failed' from the administrative standpoint was lack of administrative support, it had no physical backing.. I think the administration needs to select a few projects that are definitely promising, assist in re-organizing the community project, under an actual agreement everyone agree's on.... and get itself some backing that makes sense for the forum itself..

Users themselves power all of this, only you guys can allow the changes to happen.

Updates / ZFGC.com Change of Ownership
« on: October 20, 2008, 03:13:21 am »
Just a notice to all users and non-administrative staff.

A long while ago Justin and I made the 'agreement' (when he gave me the domain name) if, I were to get rid of it, it would go back to him, rather than me giving it to someone else. I've decided to give it back to him, so I can continue my focus on other things.

This should not really *affect* anything that Helios is working on, nor the day to day operations of the domain. He still continues to be the manager and currently, I'm still providing the hosting for the website.

I wish everyone the best of luck with the project, hopefully the stuff I'm working on will be successful, or in one project's case, continue to be successful.

Feedback / Think we can surpass 50 users in the chat?
« on: September 07, 2008, 08:19:25 pm »
We're already at 41.. think we can make 50?

Updates / Downtime: August 31th
« on: August 31, 2008, 07:44:38 pm »
We're currently investigating into what took our host 11 hours to get the box back up and running. Again, this wasn't limited to ZFGC, this time around (most of the 'little down times' are a result of high load.

From my poking around, everything worked, aside from Apache, which most likely crashed. Apparently, no one else on the pass72 box took notice of it for around six to eight hours in, (I was sleeping at the time) when I finally put a ticket in complaining about it. After about a three hour wait I finally got a reply from support, they 'noticed nothing wrong with it'. I pointed out, tracerts and pings work, but apache is unresponsive.

On August 29th a switch was replaced early morning EST, I don't think this is in relation to the issue, but that does explain a two hour downtime early EST.

Entertainment / Isaac Hayes dead at 65
« on: August 10, 2008, 08:24:57 pm »
(CNN) -- Soul singer and arranger Isaac Hayes, who won Grammy awards and an Oscar for the theme from the 1971 action film "Shaft," has died, sheriff's officials in Memphis, Tennessee, reported Sunday.

Relatives found Hayes, 65, unconscious in his home next to a still-running treadmill, said Steve Schular, a spokesman for the Shelby County Sheriff's Department.

Paramedics attempted to revive him and took him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after 2 p.m., the sheriff's department said.

No foul play is suspected, the agency said in a written statement.

Hayes was a longtime songwriter and arranger for Stax Records in Memphis, playing in the studio's backup band and crafting tunes for artists such as Otis Redding and Sam and Dave in the 1960s.

He released his first solo album in 1967.

In 1971, the theme from "Shaft" became a pop hit and won an Academy Award for best original theme song. The song and the movie score also won Grammy awards for best original score and movie theme.

He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.

Well, death goes in three's.. who's gonna bite the dust next? BB King? :(

Updates / Recent Hosting Issues
« on: August 06, 2008, 10:35:14 am »
I'm sure you guys noticed some up and down time on the servers lately. Our box was getting hit with really high loads, taking the server's load up to almost 80% and nearly maxing out the ram at 97.7%. The host is working on reducing the load and tending to the issue. It is believed that it is *not* a DoS/DDoS, just mass amounts of traffic hitting other websites on the box.

Updates / Depature
« on: July 27, 2008, 10:01:51 am »
Between life and work I've had so many changes over the last two weeks it's truly been insane. I've also had this grinding urge to move forward and look towards other projects, which I've decided it's time I do and attempt to see if I can go other places with those projects. Since this resignation notice is about a paragraph long and not my normal six paragraphs long, I think you'll recognize the truth in it. As of now, ZFGC will be in the hands of Helios indefinitely. Give him your best, he has some nifty ideas lined up. I'll continue to be the holder of the domain name, until I feel it's a good time for me to give up my hold on it. Hosting wont be an issue either, nor will contest funding. Thanks for your support everyone and please try to make this website be a success, not a failure. It takes everyone to make it a success.

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