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Entertainment / Wii U release dates, specs, bundles, prices announced
« on: September 13, 2012, 08:32:22 am »
North America: November 18, $299 or $349.
Europe: November 30, €299.99 or €349.99.
Japan: December 8, ¥26,250 or ¥31,500


Particularly surprised to see that there'll be two different sets of the system sold: a simple one that includes only the GamePad and the more expensive one which includes some extra hardware.

Edit: Updated post to include NA/Europe info

Discussion / SuperUno (looking for new card ideas)
« on: August 29, 2012, 06:39:01 am »
SuperUno is basically a modified game of the regular Uno card game. It changes things around to the point where you can't really play it with physical cards. The idea came from an old friend (who isn't around anymore) and his heavily modified IRC Uno script. He modified it based on other people's suggestions. Years later, I remade that script and the bot's available on IRC.

Major differences from regular Uno:
*More colors
*More effect cards
*More Wild-type cards
*Cards that have an effect when they're drawn (as opposed to when they're played)

Despite that, some people think that the game stops being fun with these changes. And then they try it out.

For those wishing to play the simpler game, it can still do it. This is also the only part of the game that's been tested so far. SuperUno has not gone through any testing yet.

Anyway, as well as advertising the game, I'm looking for new ideas for cards. There are very few limits to what a played or drawn card can do, so give me your craziest ideas. Seriously. The craziest (in my opinion) card that exist in the game at the moment is the DH (Draw Hand) card, which replaces everyone's hands with new cards.

New card list:
Show content
Not explaining what the cards do. I find that people have more fun figuring it out for themselves.

New colors: Orange, Purple
New number card: 1337
New regular effect cards: DF, SX
New Wild-type cards:
*WMD3 - Wild Mass Draw 3
*SWD4 - Super Wild Draw 4
*RWD4 - Reverse Wild Draw 4
*WTF - WTF; Turns into a random Wild-type card
Single-use cards: !, $, DH, ASDF
Draw effect cards: SID3, 3DIS, RW/D, ?

The game's available on #superuno on the same IRC network #zfgc is on if anyone wants to try it out.

Game commands:
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Some commands start with @ and some don't. This is intentional.
@uno - Starts a new regular Uno game
@superuno - Starts a SuperUno game
timer - Shows the current game duration
count - Shows the turn order and each player's card count
turn - Shows the current turn and the top card
@join - Join a new game
@leave - Leave the game
@begin - Start the game (disables @join)
@cbm, @colors - Toggles colorblind mode (for those that can't see colors properly)
cards - Shows your current hand
play (color) (card) - Plays a card from your hand. With white cards, you may skip the color.
draw - Draws a card.
pass - Skips your turn
color - Allows you to set a color after playing a Wild type card

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