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Discussion / The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow Realm
« on: August 09, 2013, 11:53:53 pm »
So this is a hacked game that I need help with. I have been trying to work on making a full heck for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This full heck includes both the child and adult timeline, and is probably going to be longer then the original game. Sadly, I can not heck very well and when I use hecking tools I break my rom. So I will need help hecking this game. I need a team of hackers. The parts that are needed are:
-Child timeline actor hacker
-Child timeline sound/ music hacker
-Child timeline text hacker
-Child timeline color and object changer
-Adult timeline actor hacker
-Adult timeline sound/ music hacker
-Adult text hacker
-Adult timeline color and object changer

I can help in anyway possible, and will help with the hecking if you need it. There can be more than one hacker for each part available. The hacker will get credited in the credits and will be recommended in future projects, including a possible sequel. Also, merchandise might be sold and hackers will get a part. There might also be donations. If you are interested in this, want a part, or have questions email me at LozTSR@yahoo.com
Lets make the best heck ever!  :) -JWhite

After Link defeated Ganon, Ganon was sent to the sacred realm. Here, he would be imprisoned and would never be allowed to leave. But the Sages made a mistake... Ganon easily broke out of his jail of light and took over. In one short year he transformed the sacred realm into a dark, twisted version of his imagination..
Link gets awaken by Navi, who tells him that that the Deku tree senses evil approaching the forest. Link awakens, and quickly goes outside, only to find the forest being attacked by shadows. He flees quickly, as Navi tells him that the Kokiri are being blocked in the forest area by the Deku tree. As he is leaving, Saria tells Link to be careful and to ask Zelda for help. When Link goes out to Hyrule Field, he is shocked to see Hyrule Field in permanent night and monsters everywhere. Link quickly travels to Hyrule Castle and makes it through the redead maze. Zelda tells Link of what is happening, and tells him to talk to Impa to see what he can do. Before he goes, Zelda gives Link the Royal Sword and Royal Shield.
Impa escorts him out of the town, and tells him to go to Kakoriko Village and go to the grave marked with the triforce. He then learns Zelda's lullaby and heads out to Kakariko Village. When he goes down the grave, it is surprisingly clear of any monsters. But instead of learning the Sun's Song like he thought, he ends up finding a deep dungeon..
As he goes through the dungeon, he fights many dark creatures. At the end of the dungeon he fights a Gohma that is entirely made of shadow except one eye that's bright. He kills Gohma and gets a Spiritual Stone, except its pure black. Impa tells him this is called a shadow stone. He needs to collect all three. She then suggests he goes to Death Mountain and explore the Volcano, as it is said to have become very dark.
As he gets closer to the peek, he sees shadow monsters everywhere. The entrance is blocked by a rock, however. He speaks to the leader Goron who promises to help Link as long as he stops the shadows. Link goes and breaks the rocks with his new bombs and the Power Bracelet. He goes in and the shadows hurt him, making him have to go through the volcano quickly. He reaches the bottom to see no lava and a small hole in the bottom. He goes through it to find another dungeon.
He beats the dungeon as he usually does, and destroys a shadow dodongo and gets the shadow stone. The Goron leader tells Link where the final shadow dungeon is, which is in the Ice Cave in Zora's domain.
Link goes to Zora's domain, and enters the ice cave with King Zora's permission. Jabu Jabu was seen missing, as he transformed himself into a small frog to protect himself. Link explores the thawed cave to get the final stone. He defeats a shadow barinade and Impa tells him that the Shadow temple can take him to the Sacred Realm. Impa reached him the Nocturne of Shadow, and Link explores the Shadow temple. After defeating Dead Hand, he takes the ferry to the otherworld. He drops with it and ends up in the temple of time, which was blocked by a barrier in castle town. He cannot leave unless he uses his ocarina to warp. Link then goes to find the master sword pure black. Zelda telepathically tells him that this is okay, and it's like that for a reason. Link then pulls the sword and awakens as an adult. He finds himself in a deformed ruined temple of time.
Link walks out to see the Spirit of Zelda. Zelda tells Link that he is the Hero of Shadows and must defeat Ganon. Zelda disappears and four Stalfos appear. When Link defeats them all, three chests appear and the door opens. In the chests are: The Shadow Tunic, which makes him immune to the power of darkness, the shadow boots, which allow him to walk on air for a short period of time with pure darkness, and the Dark bow.
He proceeds out of the temple to find a very distorted and evil world. Monsters are everywhere, and a giant castle lies guarded by many monsters. Impa communicates with Link through the power of Shadows and tells Link that he must first pass the Trials of Shadows before he can collect the shadow pendants.
Link has to go out and beat three dungeons- one in Lon Lon Ranch, now known as demon spawn, one in the fishing hole, now known as the deep pit, and the desert, where the area with the magic carpet seller has become a fortress. After defeating all three, he gets the Invisable Tunic, which allows him to go underwater, the Invisable boots, which allow him to sink in water, and the hook shot. Link then must beat distorted Temples- ones in the same spots as the old sage temples but entirely different- and collect the pendants. After collecting them all, Link goes to Ganon's castle and uses the pendants to create a dark bridge. He goes in a defeats Ganon, and saves the spirit realm. Link is then seen in the sky talking to Zelda, who is actually the three goddesses using a form he knows. They thank him and tell him that the world of Hyrule is saved.
Side Quests/ extra dungeons
Din's Fire dungeon
Naryu's Love dungeon
Farore's Wind dungeon
Shadow Sword Dungeon
Skulltula Dungeon
Ultimate Dungeon
There are 17 collectables "Crystal Hearts" that upgrade your life. Only 3 are given from the dungeons. Find them all for more help.
Spin Dungeon
There is a magic upgrade and life upgrade
There is an option to switch between the shadow and Invisible gauntlets at the end of the gauntlet dungeon. This is for completing a set and will not affect gameplay.


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