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Feedback / Two suggestions
« on: April 09, 2012, 10:04:01 am »
1. When attaching an image, make it possible to display it inside the text, using an img tag. Simple to set-up, just put up an upload dialog with a "insert image in your text" button that would copy the full img tag.

2. iPhone (smartphone) theme? As of now I can't modify my profile using my iPhone… I can't "click" on the corresponding tab (iOS Safari doesn't seem to recognize the link) (I want to add a link to my OoT2D style text engine topic in my sig :P)


Coding / [C - SDL & FMOD] OoT2D Style Text "Engine"
« on: April 02, 2012, 12:06:27 pm »

As I am making my way through a C learning tutorial, I have decided to try and make a functional OoT2D Style Text engine. It works rather well, and is really easy to use.

  • Loading text from external text file : "en.txt" for English, "fr.txt" for French.
  • Auto-checking the number of lines to display, and positioning them correctly. As in if there's only one line to display, it will be written in the middle of the text box and not at the top.
  • Needs a UTF-8 encoded text file to support wide characters (for internationalization). Currently the supported alphabet is the following one :
  • Colors : Red, Blue and Green are supported. See "How to use" to write colored-text.
  • OoT2D style text box, sounds and behavior. Press and hold the space bar to have the text displayed faster ("A" key in OoT). Press the "C" key to skip to the end of the text ("B" key in OoT).

How to use
To trigger the several text dialogs already written in both text files :
  • T - Displays the test dialog, shows the functionality of the "engine". (P for the French version)
  • U, I and O - Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Navi dialog at the beginning of OoT. (J, K and L for the French version)

Feel free to modify the corresponding text dialogs to test the engine. Just follow these simple rules :
  • Lines should be around 24 characters long.
  • Always input a RETURN at the end of a line.
  • If you wish to create a separation in a single dialog, input ']'. At this point, the engine will display the 'next' blue triangle at the bottom of the text box. (Press SPACE to continue reading)
  • DO NOT change the label of a dialog, as the engine looks for that label to display the text. Just change the text contained between { and }. Make sure there is a RETURN between { and the beginning of the text.
  • Coloring your text is easy, just wrap your text with the proper color code character :
    $Red$, @Blue@ and #Green#. You can embed various colors, but do not forget to close the wrapping in the correct order. Example : @Begin with blue, $red comes in #with a bit of green#, back to red$ and ending with blue.@

It's easy, just copy the examples provided.

About the code
First of all, variables, functions and macros are all in French, deal with it  :P
I am learning C, thus I need to use a C compatible library. The tutorial I am using to learn C uses SDL and FMOD, making the "engine" fully portable (see below for Mac and Windows binaries).
The code is rather noobish, I do not check at all if the functions work well and if the pointers have been initialized properly... However I am rather satisfied with the text displaying function :
Code: C
  1. ecrire("dialog.navi",lttp,ecran,FRENCH, &finish);
It needs the label of the dialog, the alphabet you are using, the general surface of your game (a.k.a screen surface), language, and the finish boolean which will trigger the closing text box sound.

I am not considering this a real engine for various reasons :
First of all, comments are close to nonexistent in the source code, and I guess you will have trouble properly understanding it.
It is not fully functional, as I cannot have an animation behind the text box, I do not yet know how to handle that. For the time being, every time the text box is loaded (every time you press SPACE), it refills the screen with the green color and draws the text box on top of that.
It wouldn't fit in a real game project, certainly things would be coded in a completely different way (resources loading procedure for instance, that would be something completely different).

However it was fun to code and I thought I would share it with you. Plus, with this you could display the entire OoT text dump if that's any fun to you...

HelpTheWretched : for the sounds, Legend of Zelda sound effects by HelpTheWretched.
Kousou Games for the font : Kousou Games font rip.

For some odd reasons, the Mac version behaves better than the Windows version. Meaning it really feels like OoT. Sorry for the long post...

Entertainment / The Legend Of Zelda : Dark Sage
« on: June 17, 2007, 09:05:42 am »
Once again, I present you another fanmade CG movie, but this time around it's a Zelda one. Quality is here, even though there are certain things that I dislike (such as body animations not being so fluid).

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp8dQhyJRBs" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp8dQhyJRBs</a>

Entertainment / Metal Gear Solid : Philanthropy
« on: June 08, 2007, 09:40:23 am »
I just found this and wow it looks really nice for a fan made movie. Way better than any of those Zelda movies. Take a look at the trailer :

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaDSpp8evVk" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaDSpp8evVk</a>

This project has been going on since 2002 and looks really promising. The thing is, I really hate the sound of the intro voice. So if you're interested you could contact them to apply for an English dubber position.

Metal Gear Solid : Philanthropy Official Homepage

Coding / [C] SDL Help
« on: January 14, 2007, 02:44:22 pm »
The problem is very easy, I'm making a small Zelda game (just to see what I'm capable of...), and currently everything is going pretty well, except for one thing. When I started, I decided to cut all of Link's frames, but that makes my objects directory pretty big in number of files. On top of that, I have to load all the frames if I want the game to work correctly. What I'm asking is, how can I use a simple sheet that I would have created and determined the space between the frames, and load the whole image once, instead of having to load all the different frames.

personnage chargerImage(personnage link)

    link.marcher.bas[0] = IMG_Load("objets/link_marcher_bas0.png");
    SDL_SetColorKey(link.marcher.bas[0], SDL_SRCCOLORKEY, SDL_MapRGB(link.marcher.bas[0]->format, 0, 255, 0));
    link.marcher.bas[1] = IMG_Load("objets/link_marcher_bas1.png");
    SDL_SetColorKey(link.marcher.bas[1]], SDL_SRCCOLORKEY, SDL_MapRGB(link.marcher.bas[1]->format, 0, 255, 0));

etc. etc.

I know it's in French, but surely you won't have any problem reading that. "personnage" is the structure I have created for Link, "chargerImage" is a function I've created to load all the images. I want it to make it easier and have one sheet.

Entertainment / [Wii Fan Made Ad] Be A Revolution
« on: November 09, 2006, 06:17:36 pm »
Hand drawn, a complete 80 hours of work (yes that makes more than three entire days spent on it), made by some French dude, just watch and enjoy :

Be A Revolution

Nintendo should take example from it, and that fan is a real Nintendo fanboy, I mean come on, a whole 80 hours spent on it!

Coding / Help with GD library [PHP]
« on: October 31, 2006, 03:41:13 pm »
Hey there guys, lately I've been toying around with the GD library, and more precisely writting text on top of an image. As you may already know, there's a function that lets you use a .ttf font "ImageTTFText". The thing is, this function anti-aliases the text, and I don't want that to happen. Can anyone help me?
I'm not sure if it's the anti-aliasing that makes it so bad, but if I write the same thing in Paint, with the same size, it won't look the same.

On the left side is the text generated by the PHP code, which calls the Verdana font, and sets the size to "7". On the right side, is the font created using MSPaint, Verdana, size "7".

How can I fix this so it looks like the Paint output?

Graphics / AleX_XelA's submissions to tSR
« on: October 12, 2006, 05:54:57 pm »
As you may already know, tSR has just moved and is now under anet hosting, this shouldn't affect you but it's important to me, because in the mean time, they added my submissions to the website!

So here they are :

Four Swords Adventures Sheets (made out of Helios' rips)

Wind Waker Textures

And a little extra  ;)

Golden Sun 2 rips

I'll be updating the topic as sheets are added to the website, stay tuned!

Edit : Updated links so they show up properly.

Feedback / About the new emoticons
« on: September 26, 2006, 04:23:52 pm »
Well they do look awesome, but :

- 4 sets were going to be added to the forums, I only see one.
- The only set that was added isn't even complete, it lacks Wink, Shocked, Roll Eyes and Cry emoticons.
- What about DugOLas emoticons, are those going to be added too?

Thanks for your time.

Graphics / Making a sheet out of Helios' FSA rips
« on: September 10, 2006, 02:45:22 pm »
For some time now, I've been making sheets out of Helios' FSA rips, if you wanna look at'em, here they are (submitted to tSR waiting for acceptance) :

BEWARE! 977KB! - 95.6 KB - 161 KB - 172 KB

If you intend to use them, make sure you open/edit them with an image editing tool that supports .png transparency (such as Paint.NET, Photoshop etc.), NOT MSPaint, or you'll screw up everything!

Well lately I wanted to take a shot at Link, NPCs and misc. things found here :

I have already started making the first part, but it's a very long and "painful" process. Here's how far I got :

As you can see, I'm done with Tingle and other things, if you want to help, just post here! Thanks in advance!

LTTP & FSA / [LTTP] Lake Hylia's objects
« on: August 11, 2006, 12:41:28 pm »
As you may already know, MaJoRa has mapped Lake Hylia from OoT in LTTP style, and his work is great! But it lacks a few details here and there.

My request is simple, for the map to be completed, it needs two things :

- The dead tree
- A good, detailed, stone thing.

Please make them LTTP style, here is a ref for the stone thing :

Here are the refs for the dead tree :

Tree Base - Tree top

Tree Outline

If you need anymore refs, just ask.

Finally, remember that the tree must be "facing" north, and the stone thing east.

Thanks in advance!

Entertainment / Post your fan game collection here!
« on: August 10, 2006, 07:53:28 pm »
You heard me! Make a list of all the fan games (Zelda AND Misc.) you have on YOUR Hard Drive.

Here's mine :

Zelda Fan Games :

- 3D Zelda Game by Helios, demo 2.
- Blade Of Light demo 2, and the source code, by ZoraFan.
- Destiny's Horn, latest demo, by MaJoRa.
- OoT2D external resources test by TRM.
- Majora's Mask 2D by Dalin.
- Majora's Mask FS style, by Unknown member of the ZFGC army.
- Majora's Mask 2D by Flash Productions.
- Oracle of Life : First Beta - 29/11/2005 beta - 04/12/2006 beta - 24/12/2006 beta - 10/06/2006 release - 0.72 - 0.72E - 0.74D , by AoDC, HoF and Weapon.
- Ocarina Of Time 2D+ : Latest demo - Beta Test of 18/12/2005, by daz123.
- Ocarina Of Time 2D, by MaJoRa, released in prior SMF times.
- Ocarina Of Time GB : 3.0 and 3.1 by Knightmare.
- Ocarina Of Time Advance by Invicibull.
- Ocarina Of Time GM, by Flash Production, latest release and source code.
- Ocarina Of Time Community Project, all releases and codes.
- PacLink demo 1.1, by Yue.
- Rod Of Leehna, demo 2 (latest), by Lupidan.
- The Best Of Zelda : 1.12c - Beta Test of 04/12/2005, by AoDC
- The Legend Of Zelda Remake LTTP style, by TRM.
- The Legend Of Zelda Remake GB style, Beta Test, by Hyrule_boy.
- The Legend Of Zelda : Shadow's Bane, latest release, by Knightmare. (Awesome!)
- The Legendary Swords, By Sparks the Echidna & Alex the Hedgehog, latest release and source code.
- The Two Swords, latest release by Goodnight (z3 release).
- To The Castle! by Fox.
- Wind Waker GM, by Ben.
- Link's Adventure remake MC style, by Xfixium.
- Zeldemo, by aab.
- The Final Challenge, by mit.
- ZGM, 2nd release, by Helios.
- Return To Hyrule, walking demo, by Calvein.
- Zelda NDS, by Lupidan.
- The Legend Of Zelda : The Last Hope, latest release, by Graboide.
- ZeldaMaker, 0.39d by TRM.

Total folder size : 181 Mb.

Misc. Fan Games :

- Plains of Chaos, latest release, by TRM.
- Metroid Prime 2D : All releases up until now.
- Ark 22, by Srehpog.

I deleted most of my Misc Fan Games without knowing....

On top of that, I have some rips of Wind Waker (such as the complete opening scene, and the complete font file), the complete OoT2D text file, which I'm translating (I'm up to 72% now), some engines, a rip from the original BS Zelda, some awesome Zelda Fan Art, some Zelda and Mario Music Sheets to play on the piano, the awesome Djipi Cel-Shaded mod for OoT.

I consider my "collection" to be quite average, I know most of you guys have twice the amount of games, since I was a ZFGC member since SMF days. Post yours!

Oh. and if anyone wants anything, just PM me! Although some games aren't for sell, such as all the beta tests.

Audio / Request : OOT sound : End Talking to NPC
« on: June 11, 2006, 05:45:41 pm »
Well I have already checked Goodnight's collection and it isn't there.

The sound I need is the one you get when you come to talk to a NPC, when you press "A" and the camera shifts, there's a sound right there, I need that one.


EDIT : Request number 2 :

I have checked the website (again), and listened to various sounds but I still couldn't find it. It might be there but on a completely different name (I tried many sounds, trust me).

The sound I need now is the one played after you press "A", at the end of a talk with a NPC, just before the sound played when the camera shifts back to normal. If I'm unclear, please let me know! Thanks again for the help!

Graphics / ZFGC logo - Download now, and use forever! [Sticky?]
« on: May 04, 2006, 06:50:10 pm »
Hey guys, well I was thinking that since so many games are being produced in ZFGC, we should need a logo that would be put before the Title screen of each game. I would like it to resemble the N64 logo, why? Because Zelda is affiliated to Nintendo and the N64 logo is the coolest one. Basically, instead of having the N's, you'll need to make it ZFGC and animated as the original.

Some refs :

Size should be 32x32, if you can't make it then 40x40 would be fine.

Good luck!

Edit : Request fulfilled, Thanks a lot to Atrius for his attempt on making the logo, special thanks to Venus for re-doing it!

Here are the different versions :

Use any of the below versions of the logo if you're making a 2D game.

The original 512x512 by Venus (0.5 Mb)

A resized version by Kleaver (128x128)

Another resized version by dantheman (64x64)

Soulja's recolored version, with thicker outlines (64x64)

If you want to tweak it yourself, here is the zip file that contains all the frames :

Zip file containing the 72 frames of the animation (56 KB)

Use the below logo, if you're making a 3D game.

Finally, defect had a go at it, it doesn't really fit the style I wanted, but I encourage you to use it if you're making a 3D game.

defect's big 3D version of the logo, different from Venus' (.avi file - 4 Mb)

So there, you have a huge variety of logos to choose from, although I'd recommend using Soulja's one, because the colors are really nice. I would like to remind you that the sole point of this logo, is to advertise ZFGC, which means you might want to add "Zelda Fan Game Central - www.zfgc.com" next to the logo.

Here is an example of how it would look on a LTTP styled game (256x224) :

First of all, I didn't know where to put this, so feel free to move it.

What happens is that I was playing around with the Wayback Machine to see the contents of www.danielbarras.com (which no longer exists). Suddenly I came accross this :

Link where I found it

So I was wondering, did he post anything more about this project? A demo or more graphics or anything? If so, please share it!

Entertainment / Tales of Tempest
« on: April 02, 2006, 05:34:00 pm »
Tales of Tempest is going to be released on the DS in June in Japan. I'm pretty excited about this game as I never really got a chance to play Tales of Symphonia. I hope it's going to be released later this year in Europe or the US.
Here's a trailer for your humble eyes :

Tales Of Tempest trailer

The graphics are awesome, nearly as good as the GameCube version.

Adds game to this year's must have list :
- MP : H
- TLoZ : PH
- TLoZ : TP
- FF 3

Feedback / Questions and feedback
« on: April 02, 2006, 01:33:12 pm »
First of all, thanks again Justin for reopening this amazing forum! I hope this time it's stays longer!

Feedback :
- Nice to have 3 different skins and it's also nice that you kept the dark blue theme, it pwns!
- I don't know if you decide the color of the ads but they're good, I barely notice them now! Also :
- I know this issue has been said 100 of times and that a topic was closed because of it but you have to do something about the lightfyre thingy. I don't expect it to be fixed now but whenever you can just remove it or someone can make another thing to replace it.

Questions :

The banner has (in the dark blue theme), Sheik or Majora, but I remember that those were chosen from a competition. In the competition there were at least 2 more designs, one was Ganon and the other I don't remember. Do you still have those?
Speaking of which, do you have the backup of all the previous post and topics made here before it was shut down? I'd like to see it if possible.
Last thing, everyone is wondering, what are you going to do about Mods? Choose them or make an "election" where the members vote for a candidate?

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