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Other Projects / Zelda Boss Keys charts, by request
« on: October 03, 2019, 08:12:37 am »
I wonder...
I made some Metroid Boss Keys charts covering the entire franchise and now I'm wondering if I should make some for some Zelda games and fangame projects. Anybody interested? And if so, which ones?
(For the record, Mark Brown only made some and released just a small handful, then never got around to finishing the job.)

This wouldn't be a direct game project, but rather more like a research project to look into game design, both overworld and dungeon layout. Let me know if this is something that would be helpful to people here.

Graphics Requests/Archive / [Request] Realms of the Wild
« on: October 10, 2017, 02:40:42 am »
So, for those of you who don't know, Realms of the Wild is an online D&D-style RP session done by several members of Zelda Universe staff.

I was thinking... could someone make some Minish-Cap style sprites of their characters? One Goron, one Zora, one Sheikah, and one Rito.

Sprites/Tiles / [Discussion] Items
« on: July 23, 2015, 06:49:18 pm »
True to my habit, I decided to make some item sprites.
Using the current items page on the wiki, I made these sprites:


One by one:
First section:
Second section, with clothes, swords, and shields:
Third section, with bracers and cogs:
  • Thief Bracer. Since there currently isn't a design for then, I made just a simple one. I would imagine that a "gerudo"-themed one will eventually have the Gerudo Symbol engraved on the side. I also though about how the Cogs would be inserted, and thought that a simple slot would be the simplest and easiest of ways, since Link could lock a cog into place in the bracer and it'd activate whatever powers were associated to it.
  • The Cogs themselves. I wanted to apply a variation to each one, see how they'd take. Instead of having them be green/red/blue/purple-colored cogs, why not make them fit their environment a bit more? Therefore, I give you... the Wooden Cog (Forest/Wind Cog)...
  • ...the Coral Cog (Sea Cog)...
  • ...the Stone Cog (Earth Cog)...
  • ... and the Crystal Cog (Shadow Cog). The top row of sprites could be the items as Link collects them, and the bottom row shows whatever current effect is applied to the Bracers, similarly to the Magnetic Gloves above. THOSE sprites can be color-coded for convenience (UI) purposes.
Last section, pickups.
These shouldn't be too difficult to decipher.


I know, items and sprites subject to change. A LOT. Just let me know when the time comes and when more designs are made, a'ight?

Zelda Projects / A Link Across Time
« on: June 19, 2015, 07:13:39 pm »

I just got through a (not-so-)simple sprite project(-turned-fanfic) that I call The Legend of Zelda: A Link Across Time. This project had been in my mind long before Hyrule Warriors came out, and when that game did, I was saddened but happy that many of my ideas were taken (...or were those thoughts planted into my subconscious in the first place..? :huh: ) by Nintendo and Koei Tecmo to create that masterpiece. But I managed to bounce back, and that idea was enhanced by Hyrule Warriors, so I created this beauty.
The name for the title came about as a result of the announcement of A Link Between Worlds, which itself is a play on A Link to the Past, so I figured, why not.

Oh yeah, here's the link:  :) (I'm on fire today!) It's on my deviantArt page. If you have accounts there, I'd love some C+C on the spritework. A lot of the stuff is in my other thread, but I wanted to modify the sprites so I had something unique for this.

Just felt like sharing this. If I didn't give sufficient credits, please post so here.

Entertainment / Zelda E3 2015 (SPOILERS ALERT!)
« on: June 16, 2015, 04:20:25 pm »
Triforce Heroes.

I wanted Four Swords 3DS... And we got it. AWWW YISSSS!

Share your E3 Zelda thoughts here!

Graphics Requests/Archive / [Request] MC-style Kaepora Gaebora
« on: June 02, 2015, 04:24:17 am »
Or any owl-helper-NPC from Link's Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Four Swords Adventures, whatever. I'd just like it to be in Minish Cap style.
I'm just surprised that this hasn't been undertaken by anyone yet.

Discussion / Timeline Discussion
« on: May 17, 2015, 04:17:50 am »
Ref: http://zfgc.com/forum/index.php?topic=41323.msg449170

So basically, this is a topic whereupon we can discuss the Zelda Timeline in all its glory (such as it is). (For those of you out there groaning about this, move along. Nothing compels you to be a part in this discussion anyway.) We can talk about possibilities in the timeline - official and otherwise - in an effort to inspire anyone who is reading this to think of a logical placement of their fangame / fanon / fanfic idea into the timeline. It might even be helpful to current projects in placing these games into an established timeline instead of just copping out with "an alternative reality". My hope is that this can someday build into a linking together ( ;) ) of projects and create an epic tale of multiple chapters, using projects on this site and more!

So, before we begin, a few rules:
  • The forum rules still apply. That is, no flaming, no spam, no vulgarity, etc.
  • As discussion of a timeline branches just like the timeline itself, the idea of offtopicness would have to eventually be addressed. If a subtopic is introduced, we may have to move that discussion to another topic, or, if the need arises, have the moderators create a new sub-board just for this. FOR NOW, be sure that the SUBJECT of your reply matches whatever discussion or theme you want to take part in. Or combine multiple responses, but make sure that each part is legible and separate.
  • We ARE allowed to disagree with interpretations. Everything here has to be may be based on evidence taken from within canon sources, a.k.a the games themselves. If you are going to include speculation or opinion, please be sure to label your thoughts as such, separated from hard evidence.
More general rules may be applied, as edited by myself or admins/moderators, or suggested by anyone.

Graphics / Miles07's sprite dump
« on: October 19, 2012, 05:22:41 am »
Posting my sheets, those that aren't Item-related.

Works in progress:

Please comment / critique / suggest new poses / nitpick / etc. I need some direction!

Discussion / Zelda Standardization project
« on: January 29, 2012, 05:24:11 am »
Just a poll / discussion question that I'm not sure has been asked yet: How do you feel about a Zelda Standardization project? As in, making every Zelda game of the series conform to one style (or one chimera of styles) of engine/sprites/music/questing/etc.

One really popular one (as an example) nowadays would be to make a bunch of the Zelda games match the Minish Cap (hereafter TMC) style of sprites, but there also are those who would rather make Oracle (Oos/OoA)-style sprites. Also, I know plenty of Zelda fans who have listened to the talented works of the Zelda Re-orchestrated (ZREO) music and insisted that they are video-game background-music (BGM) quality.

All I am asking is would you want to have such a project, and if so, what would you look for? FSA sprites? AoL gameplay? 3D all the way? Please post your opinions. I KNOW I'm not the only one who's thought of something like this before.

Graphics Requests/Archive / [Request] Screenshots
« on: January 12, 2012, 08:29:58 am »
This'll be a pretty easy request: All I need are a few screenshots:

1) of Link in Phantom Hourglass right when he's letting a Boomerang loose (towards the left and the right)
2) of Link in Skyward Sword (facing each of the four cardinal directions) while charging a Skyward Strike
3) of Link in Spirit Tracks with the bow out, an arrow notched and aiming towards the south
4) of Link in Twilight Princess with the lantern on in his hand, facing the camera
5) of Link in Majora's Mask, facing the camera, playing the Ocarina
6) of Link in Majora's Mask, facing the camera, holding a Bomb over his head
7) of Young Link in Ocarina of Time, facing the camera, playing the Ocarina of Time

For all of these screenshots, I'd like to have as much of Link exposed in the screenshot as possible. You don't have to take on ALL of these; if you could only get me a Majora's Mask screenshot, for example, that's fine with me. Also, they should be in good lighting (no shadowy or blinding effects). Thank you ahead of time.

MC Link's Awakening / Boss / Guardian Sprites
« on: April 17, 2009, 10:48:16 pm »
Here's the list. And the key for this list:
Green means it's already TMC-style.
Blue means it's easily editable to be in TMC style.
Yellow suggests other possible ways of doing this foe.
Red requires customs from scratch.
* = not taken yet.
x = claimed; W.I.P.
X = completed and submitted.
Bolded enemies come in multiple varieties, each holding different enemies.

* Rolling Bones
* Hinox
* Dodongo Worm
* Cueball
* Stalfos Warrior
* Smasher
* Grim Creeper
* Vire
* Blaino
* Stone Hinox
* Large Buzz Blob
* Gohma - use FSA-styled sprites, if possible?

Non-dungeon Guardians:
* Great Moblin
* Large Armos Knight
* Turtle Rock Turtle

* Moldorm - Use FSA-styled sprites, if possible?
* Genie in a Bottle
* Slime Eyes
* Angler Fish
* Catfish / Slime Worm
* Fascade
* Evil Eagle
* Hothead
* Giant Hardhat Beetle

* Shadow Zol
* Shadow Moldorm - Use FSA-styled sprites, if possible?
* Shadow Agahnim
* Shadow Ganon
* Shadow Lanmola
* Dethl

Have at it.

MC Link's Awakening / Enemy / Foe sprites
« on: April 16, 2009, 06:03:11 pm »
Here's the list. And the key for this list:
Green means it's already TMC-style.
Blue means it's easily editable to be in TMC style.
Yellow suggests other possible ways of doing this foe.
Red requires customs from scratch.
* = not taken yet.
x = claimed; W.I.P.
X = completed and submitted.
Bolded enemies come in multiple varieties, each holding different weapons (bow, spear, sword&shield).

* Arm-Mimic
* Armos
X Ball & Chain Trooper - DONE BY 4Sword
* Beamos
X Beetle - DONE by Sonikku
* Blade Trap
X Blooper - DONE by A.J. Nitro
* Bomber Trooper / "Mad Bomber"
x Bombite / Bob-Omb
X Boo - DONE by A.J. Nitro
* Bubble
* Buzz Blob - Use Electric ChuChu, if possible?
X Cheep-Cheep - DONE by A.J. Nitro
x Crab - started by Nabeshin
X Crow - DONE by Sonikku
* Darknut
* Floor Tile
X Gel & Zol - Small & large  - DONE by Sonikku
X Ghini - DONE by Sonikku
* Giant Ghini / "Ghimongous" - or use FSA-styled sprites.
* Small and Giant Goponga Flowers
* Gibdo
X Goomba - DONE by A.J. Nitro
* Hardhat Beetle
* Helmasaur / Iron Mask
X Keese - DONE by Sonikku
* Kirby
X Leever - DONE by Sonikku
X Like Like - DONE by Sonikku
* Mask-Mimic / Shy Guy
X Mini-Moldorm - DONE by Sonikku
x Moblin
* Monkey Bomber
x Mutt / Wild Dog
X Octorok / Winged Octorok - DONE BY 4Sword
* Pairodd - Warping bird in Key Cavern
X Peahat - DONE by Sonikku
* Pincer
X Piranha Fish - DONE by Sonikku
* Piranha Plant - Use M&L overworld sprites, if possible?
* Pokey - Use M&L overworld sprites, if possible?
* Pols Voice
* Puff Bomber / Ziro
* River Zora / Zola - Use FSA-styled sprites, if possible?
x Rope
x Sea Urchin - Claimed by RyuKage2007
* Spark
* Spiked Beetle
* Spiny Beetle
X Stalfos - DONE by Sonikku
* Stalfos Knight / Hooded Stalfos
* Star
X Takkuri - DONE by Sonikku
x Tektite
* Three-of-a-Kind
* Thwomp & Thwimp - Use M&L overworld sprites, if possible?
* Vacuum
* Wizzrobe
* Zombie / ReDead


MC Link's Awakening / TMC-styled Items
« on: April 07, 2009, 08:17:07 pm »
Well, since we're gonna get started on this TMC-styled project, I'd figure I'd post my TMC-styled sprites here for review and adjustment. Is there anything that needs to be altered on this sheet?


Graphics / Zelda Items TMC style
« on: March 31, 2009, 09:51:00 pm »
Given at the correct resolution for the games (28.34 pxl/in), so please don't complain about the size.

And yes, this is the sheet that I've been working on at TSR, in case any of you hang out there.

Now, I know that not every sprite is actually in TMC style - in fact, you'll notice that there are revamps and even SD'd sprites in there... But this is as close as I could make it. Are there any suggestions, anything that I've missed?

EDIT: Most-updated version will always be on the first post. Check often to see if you've got the most recent sheet!

C+C is ALWAYS appreciated!!!

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