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Other Projects / [Program] Filter Factory
« on: August 18, 2012, 12:22:08 pm »
Title: Filter Factory
Dev Tool: c# VS 2010
Language: English
Requirements: Windows, .net 4.0

Filter Factory is a simple image upscaler, offering up a list of popular filters. It also preserves alpha channels if used correctly on image save.

This is a simple interface built on top of Hawkynt's filter library. (Found here: http://code.google.com/p/2dimagefilter/) He/She also has a binary for his/her library as well but this is an alternative to it. As the binary he/she provides seems to stretch out the image on preview.

Graphics / [MC] Light House WIP free for use
« on: July 24, 2012, 12:47:49 am »
This is a light house I was working on for a project in MC style. It's not quite complete, it was set for day and night time. Feel free to use for whatever, needs a lil TLC. A .png and separate objects in a zipped .psd.

Other Projects / [Program] GM Spriter
« on: March 25, 2012, 11:07:45 pm »
Title: GM Spriter
Dev Tool: c# VS 2010
Language: English
Requirements: Windows, .net 2.0
Downloads: http://gmspriter.codeplex.com/

GM Spriter is a tool developed to compliment the Windows version of Game Maker http://www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker/windows. Providing an environment to edit sprites in a modular fashion. Traditionally, when sprite resources are made for Game Maker they are often compiled from smaller sprites, making up the various graphical states of an object. For games that are not very resource intensive this isn't much of a problem. However, massive games will often place their resources externally from the project to save on game loading times and system memory.

What GM Spriter attempts to do is give custom scripts based on building a sprite from pieces. Similar to what large gaming companies like Nintendo, Sega, and Sony have done in the past with 2D styled games. Instead of having a pre-combined sprite it would be assembled together by copying parts of a small sprite sheet and then drawing those parts to the screen in real time to make one complete sprite. (A technique commonly referred to as blitting)

The benefits of using this sort of system is that the overall memory footprint of your game would be smaller, because you are using a small single sprite to render potentially hundreds of sprites. This would also make load times faster. Sprites that once would be considered for external use only, could be integrated within the game executable.

Features of GM Spriter:
* Can hold a collection of sprites that can be saved and edited.
* Sprites have Name, Origin, Action, Width and Height properties.
* Set each sprite's origin via the main toolbar, as well as hiding/showing the origin.
* Sprites can be moved, inserted, deleted, and duplicated.
* A sprite can copy a custom script to the clipboard detailing how to render the sprite's pieces in Game Maker.
* The script can be customized by editing the project script prototypes, and using tokens for values within your custom script.
* You can assign a reference sprite that is shown behind the sprite you are assembling in an onion skin fashion. The brightness of the reference sprite can be controlled to offset it from the sprite being edited.
* A reference sprite can be imported from an existing Game Maker project. (GM5-8.1)
* A reference sprite can be hidden, and it's sub-images can be cycled through.
* A collection of reference sprites can be edited. They can be moved, added, renamed, and deleted within the project.
* Every sub-image can have an image speed value assigned to them.
* You can move, insert, delete, copy, and paste sub-images. As well as play the animation.
* Every sub-image has a collection of parts that have a name, position, copy rectangle, and two dimensional scaling factors.
* Every part's visibility can be switched on or off using the parts check box.
* You can move, flip horizontally, flip vertically, insert, rename, show, and delete parts, as well as hide all parts via the parts toggle button.
* You can also make non-selected parts semi-transparent.
* You can magnify the sprite editor from 100% to 200% or 400%,
* Edit a collection of sprites that are used a sprite sheets to blit from. The sheet pallet can also be magnified by two times it's standard size.

- Video coming within a week or so


Feedback / Completed and WIP Project Editing, Maximum Filesize for Uploads
« on: December 28, 2011, 02:53:45 pm »
Not sure how it is for other resources on the front end. I may just be missing something, but I can no longer manage any aspect of projects I have created. As in, edit the information or add new downloads or images etc.. etc... Also, I'd like to make a request that the maximum upload size is bumped up to 20mb instead of 10mb. Thank you.

Graphics / FSA Beach Shore Animation
« on: November 14, 2011, 01:44:35 am »
8 Frames 16 X 16 pixel tiles

Zelda Projects / [Completed] LoZ: Link's Awakening Demo 1.0
« on: August 07, 2011, 02:56:34 pm »
Author:       Xfixium
Genre:        Action/Adventure
Dev Tool:    RPG Maker 2003
Language:  English
Game Size: 17.5 MB
Version: Demo 1.0

Though Link fulfilled the Hyrulian prophecy of the legendary Hero and destroyed Ganon, the people of Hyrule were still apprehensive. They feared the dangers that could arise from Ganon's ashes. Ever vigilant, Link left on a journey of enlightenment, in search of wisdom that would help him better able to withstand the next threat to his homeland.

After months of difficult, but fruitful, travel, Link was returning home to Hyrule. However, a squall suddenly struck his ship. Link valiantly fought the waves, but a lighting bolt reduced his ship to splinters. Link drifted with the wreckage of his ship, and awoke in the care of.. Zelda? No, Link discovered, he was on Koholint Island in the care of woman named Marin. In the distance, on Koholint's central mountain, loomed a gigantic egg.

You begin the game as Link wakes up in Marin's house. During the course of his adventure, Link learns from a mysterious owl that in order to get off the island he must recover eight Sirens' Instruments, in order to awaken the Wind Fish sleeping in the giant egg.


Enter, Space, Z: Slot A items
Esc, X, C, V, B, N: Slot B items
0, Num 0: Sage Medallion
1, Num 1: Item Menu
2, Num 2: Main Menu

Enter these codes at the name enter screen:

Hyrule: You can play alttp link through the whole game.
Warrior,warrior, WARRIOR: Play red suited link, with more attack power.
Defender, defender, DEFENDER: Play blue suited link, with more a defensive edge.
Magician, magician, MAGICIAN: Play black suited link, fury halved when used.
TriForce: Play golden suited link, has the abilities of all the suits combined.
Xfixium: Special message from the creator
Carmen E: Pic of Carmen Elektra
Sh*t, F*ck: Such language!

Other Projects / [Completed] Sprite Builder
« on: October 17, 2010, 09:08:24 am »
Created in: c#
Requires: PyxTools.dll (Included in download), .net 2.0

For advanced users, who want to get the most out of their game resources. This tool creates data on combining small sprites into bigger sprites. Which could be useful in keeping game resources low. Instead of having 30+ sprites of a character, you could have 1 small sprite sheet that has all the parts of the sprites, and draw all the pieces together, to make those same 30+ sprites. This could be used for big bosses that can be separated and segmented into smaller pieces. It could have a much lower cost resource wise on different pallets for the same sprite, and not having to manage that resource externally. You get more out of the tool if you have a game engine that can scale, and rotate. (eg. GM Pro)

How To Use:
Have your segmented sprite sheet ready. Click File>New. Choose a name, frame dimensions, and frame amount for your sprite. Click Tools>Add Sprite Sheet. Click the picture button, and select your segmented sprite sheet. Choose the tile size, and click "Ok". (You can add and delete many sprite sheets.) Select a sprite part, (You can add and delete parts) and click the desired tile from the desired sprite sheet. To move the sprite around, you can click and hold on the Sprite Editor and move the part around. Click the arrows for fine tuning the position of the part. You can add and delete frames as needed. After you have the desired results, click Tools>Script Viewer. Click the Create Script button to view the data. (Custom prototypes can be typed in for your own custom data) A typical GM custom prototype would be this: draw_sprite_ext(var_sprite, var_frame, x + var_x, y + var_y, var_scalex, var_scaley, var_angle, image_blend, image_alpha);

Screens: http://beta.zfgc.com/index.php/projects/gallery/index/9
Downloads: http://beta.zfgc.com/index.php/projects/downloads/index/9

Graphics / Official ZFGC sprites?
« on: October 03, 2009, 02:56:42 am »
I know someone offered some prefabbed sprites that had the ZFGC logo awhile back. I just can't find the post anymore. I was wondering if anyone could pony those up. Or lead me in the right direction.

Other Projects / [Program] GMare (Game Maker Alternative Room Editor)
« on: June 05, 2009, 09:29:17 pm »
Title: Game Maker Alternative Room Editor (GMare)
Dev Tool: c# VS 2010
Language: English
Requirements: Windows, .net 2.0, OpenGL 1.1
Downloads: http://gmare.codeplex.com/

GMare is an alternative room editor for Game Maker versions 5 through 8. Offering more user friendly tools to create rooms quickly and easily. It also offers various import export options.

Release Notes:
The collision editor part of GMare does not have any direction at this time, and thus does not work. It is also recommended that you back up your project if you decide to export the room to a Game Maker project file. (GMare will remind you of this before it overwrites a project) There is also some example projects to show how to import a GMare .bin from disk.

- Rooms are created in separate project files which can be shared easily within a dev team environment.
- Rooms can be exported to an image file.
- Rooms can be exported to a binary file.
- Rooms can be exported directly to a Game Maker project file. (Supports GM5 through GM8)
- Import room from an image. a supported image format (.png, .bmp, .gif)
- Import from Ocarina Room Editor project file (.oref).
- Easy to use tools and intuitive design. Making for less mistakes when switching between tile layers.
- Pencil tool - Paints single or multiple tiles.
- Bucket tool - Fills with a single or multiple tiles. Smart fill.
- Selection tool - Cut, Copy and paste tiles where needed.
- Tile swap tool - Swaps single or multiple tiles.
- Shift tool - Shifts a single or all layers in a desired direction.
- Collision editor - For collision rectangles, and triangles.
- Layer text viewer - lists tiles in text.
- Instance editor - Sets instances based off imported objects.


Discussion / Windy's Tileset Optimizer
« on: April 08, 2009, 08:01:47 pm »
I can't get it to run. Every time I try opening, it makes a sound as though an error dialog is going to show, but it never does. So I have no clue what the error is to begin with. I also installed the required VB6 runtime. I'm running Windows XP with .net 3.5 if that makes any difference. Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

Zelda Projects / Legends Of ZFGC (Working Title)
« on: April 06, 2009, 08:38:41 am »
Title: Legends Of ZFGC (Working Title)
Genre: MMOG
Dev Tool: C#
Download Size: -NA-
Version: -NA-
Download: -NA-

Legends of ZFGC (Working Title) is going to be a unique online game that revolves around the zfgc community. With game play and general theme based on Zelda. No base story yet. Suggestions are welcomed.

Game Play (WIP):

Health: How much life force a character has.
Magic: How much magic essence a character has.
Agility: Amount of speed in dodging and moving.
Strength: Amount of raw physical power.
Mental: Amount of magical power.
Endurance: Amount of damage resistance.


Deku Scrubs:
A race of small creatures made of wood, with leaves atop their heads (and flowers in the case of females). Their strengths lie in the their agility, and long distance styled fighting. They are also excellent at business negotiations, and as such can buy items at a lower price than other races. All Deku Scrubs have the ability to shoot Deku Nuts from their mouths from the very beginning. A Deku Scrub's weaknesses are that they aren't very strong physically, and lack the mental disipline to really be in tune with the essence of magic.
A race similar to humans, their most noticeable characteristic are their pointed ears. Hylians are pretty good at everything they do. Often doing well in any class. Hylians have great perseverance, and have a greater chance of finding rare items within enemy remains. Hylians are average in their attributes, having no special strengths, but also do not have any special weaknesses.

A race of massive stony creatures. They excell in their raw physical strength, and endurance. Because of this. Things like lava and extreme cold have less affect on them. They also have great knowledge of precious stones and raw materials. So they have a greater chance of finding them within enemy remains. Their weaknesses are that they aren't very agile, and have the least magic capacity.

A race of aquatic creatures that live in the sea waters of Hyrule. Their strengths lie in their connection with magic. They also make powerful warriors. Because of their aquatic nature, they regain their health and magic faster while in water. Unfortunately Zoras are greatly harmed by fire or ice. They also have a weak endurance and are fragile against normal attacks.


Journeymen: Base class before selecting a main class.

A main class that uses magic spells. They use rods and canes for weapons. Skills are geared toward a myriad of things. Ranging from healing to elemental and anything in between.

A main class good a close range hand to hand combat. They typically use swords and hammers. Skills are geared toward body hardening, strength and speed.

A main class good at medium ranged attacks. These weapons typically are boomerangs and bombs. They can also use gloves for hand to hand combat. Most skills are geared for multiple attacks, speed, and stealth.

A main class good at long ranged attacks. Traditionally use Bows. Their skills revolve around elemental, healing, and attribute increases.

Currently the main game editor is being worked on. So pretty much that has halted any progress on anything else. Eventually when we get an engine up and running, we will request a project board here. My plans are to somehow link the engine to the user database here. Have no clue how that would even be done on a private level, but eventually I will be discussing options with staff. The basic engine it'self is functional. I will be activtly seeking help from members of the community. Nothing here is really set in stone just yet. So any
opinions are welcomed. Also, I've been through a crap load of titles for this thing, the current one being Legends Of ZFGC. Again opinions welcomed.


xfixium - Programmer, Graphics
oni_link - Concepts at this point
darklink45 - Graphics
kingknight - Concepts, General annoyance

Infini - Engine framework based on Fusion. (Plugins, Managers, etc... etc...)
D-Pad - Music

Zelda Projects / [SCREENS]Ocarina Of Time 2D FSA
« on: September 06, 2008, 07:43:23 am »
Technical Data:
Resolution: 336 X 240
Dev Tool: Game Maker 8.0
Style: Four Swords Adventure
Resource Download: http://pyxosoft.com/downloads/oot2d_fsa.zip


Before time was time, three great goddesses descended upon the chaos that was and created the land of Hyrule; Din, goddess of power, Nayru, goddess of wisdom and Farore, the godess of courage.Din, using great magical flames, created the land, the sea, and all the minerals which would be scattered along the length, breadth and height of this new world; in doing so, she gave this new world the materials it could exist with. Nayru poured out her rich soul and gave the Spirit of Law onto the world, so that rivers would flow and the sun and moon would rise and fall with each day; this allowed Hyrule to have the knowledge by which it could exist. And finally, Farore then created all the lifeforms which would uphold the law, from the tiniest of insects to the largest and most powerful of animals; this gave Hyrule the will to exist.

The three great Goddesses, their labors completed, then departed for the heavens. However, at the point where the Goddesses left their new creation, they each left behind a golden triangle which contained the essence of their power. This mighty artifact, called the Triforce, though able to grant extremely powerful magic to whoever touched it, was infinitely delicate: if one who did not hold all three aspects of the Triforce - power, wisdom and courage - within perfect balance, the Triforce would split into its three aspects and the person who first touched the Triforce would be left and only one force would remain in his hand: the force which he most believed in. The remaining two aspects would take refuge within the hearts and minds of two who best personified the remaining aspects of the Triforce.

It was for this reason that seven Ancient Sages, at least one representing each of Hyrule's races, decided to hide the Triforce within a hidden Sacred Realm using a complex magical seal. Firstly, the only gate to the Sacred Realm would be the magnificent Temple of Time within Hyrule Town. In order for the magical door to be opened, one would have to hold the three Spiritual Stones of Fire, Water and the Forest. Then, they would have to play the sacred Song of Time on a magical instrument, the Ocarina of Time. Only then would the great stone Door of Time open, to reveal.....the Master Sword, standing within the Pedestal of Time. This was the final key needed to open he gate to the Sacred Realm; only one with a heart and mind devoid of any evil would be able to lift such a blade. This complex seal ensured only the most determined of seekers could have a hope of obtaining the Triforce, and that those who did enter the Sacred Realm could only do so with entirely good intentions.

Though complex, this seal was necessary due to an age-old prophecy: if one with a pure heart obtains the Triforce, Hyrule would be led into a new age of peace and prosperity. But if an evil hearted person obtained the Triforce, then he would begin a Great Cataclysm. Only the one who held the Master Sword would be able to stand against the man who began the Great Cataclysm.

Proof Of Concept Download (Old Engine)

Console = F1
Screen Size = F2
Right Button = D
Up Button = W
Left Button = A
Down Button = S
C Button Up = I (Navi)
C Button Right = L (Item Right)
C Button Left = J   (Item Left)
C Button Down = K (Item Down)
Button A = N  (Sword)
Button B = M (Context Action)
Button L = Q  (Mini-map)
Button R = E  (Shield)
Button Start = Enter (Menu)

Press F1 to open and close the console. Type desired commands to execute. Press Enter to execute command.

Console Commands
goto: <room name>
eg: goto: kokiri forest
Rooms so far: ocarina test, kokiri shop, kokiri forest, hyrule field, temple of time, lost woods, sarias house, links house, deku tree 01, deku tree 02, deku tree 03, deku tree 04

navi color: <color>
eg: navi color: red
available colors: red, blue, green, light blue, purple, yellow

lower layer: on
lower layer: off
upper layer: on
upper layer: off
rain: on
rain: off


Team Dekunutz


Cypras - Programmer
Ethelon - Sprites, Room Designer, Concepts
TomPel - Sprites, Room Designer
noseblunt3 - Sprites
DJvenom - Sprites
SinkinDevil - Sprites
Soulja - Sprites
aab - Sprites
.Takam - Sprites
Infini - FSA Graphics
Brown - FSA Tilesets
MaJora - Room Design Reference
Daz123 - Room Design Reference
HelpTheWretched - Sounds

ZFGC GM Minish Cap Engine - 4Sword, Niek
ZFGC Logo - drandula


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