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Graphics / Custom Link 3D Model - Final Project for a 200 level course
« on: November 18, 2019, 02:44:59 pm »

https://imgur.com/a/XTTfwPx - Complete Gallery
Been posting updates on the ZFGC Discord - https://discord.gg/GtQB78Q

This is due on Dec 11 2019, so I have plenty of time.

We are using a combination of zbrush, maya, and Unity(or however way we want to display the model in an environment other than Maya/zbrush).
So far, I am still using zBrush at this point.  I was going to try my hand at the Zelda II Link from concept art but I am not confident enough with
the lack of turn around sheets for him.

I found this one on pininterest/devianart which looks like a nice turn around sheet for Link based on the Oracle series(to me anyway).
I am sure I have put a good 8 hours into this.  We have not had any real zBrush training or teaching.  They showed us a few things and
told us to just "do it".  We were taught a good deal of Maya so the idea is to learn zbrush ourselves to see how we handle it then do all the
fine tuning and texturing in Maya.

The biggest factors for grading are going to be rigging and pose from what I understand.  Anyway, this is sitting at around 120k polygon count right now.
The upper half of the body is the largest impact right now.  I feel that once I have blocks out the way I want, I will be doing more with textures and UVs to
simulate the same look with a much lower poly count.

Entertainment / Mega Man 11 PC Normal Any% Speedrun Grinding
« on: October 03, 2018, 06:05:46 pm »
Been grinding Mega Man 11 Steam version since release.  Currently on a 1:13:50 1:03:00 57:37 time. 

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/318601548 0:57:37
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/318356673 1:03:00
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/317956295 1:13:50

Warning:contains swearing and rage :<  Really sucks to miss jumps and such. 
Much to improve on.  I am pretty sure I can catch calebhart52 as I now know the boss fights a bit better as well as the Wily fight.


The game overall is good.  However, I don't think it makes a good main Mega Man title.  The plot is completely detached from the ongoing storyline of the main titles(there is definitely loose continuity between all the main titles) and feels very Saturday morning anime.  Again, it is a good title, just not "Mega Man 11" to me.

Anyway, I will continue to grind this out to catch top on leaderboards.  :>

Entertainment / Link to the Past Randomizer Streaming
« on: April 27, 2018, 01:05:24 am »

Started streaming again.  Hit a count of 9 viewers which is awesome as I haven't streamed in a year and they were all returnees except one new guy!
I will be swapping back and forth between Terror from the Deep and LTTP Randos every night.

Guys are welcome to come hangout anytime!


Found this the other day.  Proves extremely useful and easy to use for swapping colors for tunics, weapons, etc. in Zelda fangames.
Although Pixelated_Pope doesn't exactly say how to implement in a project, the best way I found was to create a Parent Object that has a default palette and necessary variables.

So, put everything you need in a Create Event for a Parent Object.

Next, place palette codes(and script calls) in a Draw Event for the Parent.

If you need to override the defaults or Draw, call event_inherited(); first in the child object, then place code for that specfic object after.
The palettes is completely upto you how you want to layout colors.  They have to be descending per image with addition columns that you want to cycle through.  All you have to do is place colors you want to swap in the same row.

The infamous black outline on sprites could always be the first color.  If you want to change it to orange, the point 0,0 in the palette sprite would be black then point 1,0 would be your flavor of orange.  If you wanted a green, point 2,0 in the palette sprite would be your flavor of green and so on.

If you have colors you want to keep between palettes, just copy/paste to the next column.
Anyway, credit to Pixelated_Pope at GMC. 

He claims it is free to use for any type of project.  Don't claim as your own.  Pay the man if you find it useful.  I left the other scripts for tiles, saturation, etc. in the GMZ.


Graphics / Beginner Rigging - Adult Link Low Poly OoT Model
« on: November 18, 2017, 06:07:00 am »
In attachments.  Contains the low poly 3d model of Link from Ocarina of Time with my beginner level rigging on it.
I would for someone with more knowledge to fix the rigging a bit so that it poses better without piece protruding through each other.

It is a .blend file(what....I love free software!).

Tried to pose it in a starting to run frame

Anyways, would love to get involvment with this so that ZFGC can have something most(if any) resource website does not have: an archive of working rigged models from the 3d titles!
Credits to tSR for the model, btw.

Other Projects / ENGINE 7 - Version 0.1
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:38:54 pm »

Mostly Mega Man VII with a touch of older titles as well as some original techniques.  Not Capcom approved.  Done for learning purposes.

Created as an off-shoot of my Zero Engine, I wanted to see just how flexible Zero Engine is.  This is the result.  I spent a few hours on this. 
I really enjoy the direction it is going, so I believe it is time to make a release to let people break it as I am sure there are glitches.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIuBYN1FblA" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIuBYN1FblA</a>

Version 0.1 Features:
-Buster Shooting and Charging
(Really neat thing is that it uses vertex shaders)
-Health System
-Damage System
-Wily Fortress System
-Respawn/Death System
-16:9 Resolution (480 x 272)
-remixes by TheLegendofRenegade(does some nice MM Genesis stuff)

-Enter to pick a selection
-WASD act as directional keys
-J to fire/charge Buster
-K to jump/slide
-L to force slide if you prefer a separate key
-O to force take 10 damage


No, I am not changing input anytime soon.  It has zero priority right now as the setup I am running works for me. 
Will be changed to a global changeable input system(running off an ini) later.

No, this is not going to be a perfect Mega Man 7 engine.  I am putting my own little spin on it. 
If it bothers you, go play Mega Man 7 - it's a nice game.

"Why are you doing this like xxxxxxx?" Read the previous statement. :)

"When are you releasing the source?" As soon as I get the code commented in a way that anyone could follow along. 
Right now, it just has basic stuff like "//Jumping !@#$%" or "//reset globals" which just helps me jump around like an index.

Go buy some damn Mega Man games to convince Capcom the franchise isn't dead.
I think I have almost bought every NA virtual release I can get. 
Buying used cartridges/discs does nothing except grow a collection.


As you can see, fits into any LttP based fan project.
Ganpuru is literally a rip-off of Link to the Past back in 1996/97 and was released on SFC.

Zelda Projects / [Revived] Zelda II - The Adventure of Link
« on: September 08, 2017, 04:34:21 am »
Zelda II
The Adventure of Link

Obviously, not endorsed in anyway by Nintendo.  Created for learning purposes.  No infringment intended.  Buy Zelda games from Nintendo.
This project is a full remake/conversion of Zelda II on NES into a game that mimics Link to the Past yet maintains enough of the original material.
Both music and graphics will be used and inspired by Link to the Past.  Spells are replaced by inventory items.  Extra quests are introduced along with some small character stories to create a larger experience that was lacking in the original.
Combat is going to be Link to the Past styled but the rpg system will remain in effect.  There is a change to how leveling works:the different stats influence how much exp is required per level up overall.  This allows a different approach to leveling other than flat values in the original.  Making a choice now has consequences of a larger amount of exp needed.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JBpTk1TMGM" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JBpTk1TMGM</a><a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t91-iEPJ69c" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t91-iEPJ69c</a>


What can be done right now in the current release?
Quite a bit:  if you create a file in slot 1, you get to view the temporary introduction cutscene.  After the intro, you get to mess around in the first zone of the overworld.  Nothing much to do there.  You can also explore the overworld map and Parapa Palace.  File 2 allows you to skip straight to Parapa Palace boss fight.
If you create a file 3, you are taken directly into the debug zone.  There, you can mess with collectibles, talk to some sages, return a crystal to a pedestal, open every item chest in the game, mess with quite a few items(after you get them from chests), and even kill some innocent gels.

Controls: arrow keys move, A uses the equipped item, S continues dialogue or swings the sword or selects an item in the menu, D is the Pegasus Boots or the action button(open,talk,etc), Enter is the start/menu button.

If anyone is willing to help in the art department, that would be pretty cool.  The intro cutscenes need to be redone to follow the general plot of Legend of Zelda and the backstory to Zelda II.  Eventually, bosses will need to be done.  Most of the enemies needed are already available from Link to the Past.  Some music could be done as well.  Would like to get some Zelda II tracks that sound more like Link to the Past.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy.  This is what, attempt #5 at this?

Discussion / [Early Development] Tears of Dragons
« on: April 25, 2017, 02:13:16 am »
Current State Screenshot:

WASD - directional movement
K - swing sword
T - triggers game over
Q/E - cycles through command menu
I/L - opens/closes a dynamic menu background

Current iteration:
-features some generic baddies
-can aggro all enemies if you wanted to
-camera/targetting focuses closest enemy
-enemies can be killed
-you cannot be hurt
-"dynamic" camera
-can move while in combat(cannot run away though)
-dynamic music
-command menu system
-game over
-full movement while in battle
-some basic corner cutting and collision system
-HP/MP with related bars/numbers on battle HUD
-combo system in combat(only 2 hit combos for the moment)

Excuse the Chrono Trigger art.  Couldn't make anything of my own, so I stole, erm "borrowed" some art.  Also, using FF7 and OoT Sound effects for the moment.  Just looking for feedback on the basic concept. 

I guess the idea I am working toward would be a LttP x Crisis Core FF7 x Chrono Trigger x Kingdom Hearts combat system?  Won't really feel that way until further iterations.
Let me know what you guys think.

Newest to oldest:

Coding / SOURCE CODE - Ocarina of Time LTTP and ZELDA II LTTP
« on: April 06, 2017, 03:00:02 pm »
Ocarina of Time
Zelda II

They were both created with Game Maker Studio Profressional Version 1.4.  I never bothered to check if anything that actually uses the pro edition is required.  I know Zelda II uses surfaces which require Standard(not free). 

The code is probably a mess.  I did use or modify Goodnight's movement code.  Other than that, the code is mine.  Feel free to use as you want PROVIDED it is for the purpose of fan gaming.  Both projects should give you a nice starting point.

OoT LTTP has tunic swapping, day/night engine, some items unique to OoT, etc.
Zelda II has dialogue system, quest system(progresses as you find the required item), "original" items, pick ups, monsters, dark rooms, etc.

Both have combat, heart engine, movement, etc.

If you have questions, I will try to answer them.  Just felt like after all this time that they should be released so that maybe someone can find something to do with the code.


Graphics / Gunple Gunman's Proof - LTTP Alternative Graphics
« on: March 23, 2017, 05:49:06 am »
I've known about the game for some time.  Always wondered why no one tried to use anything from it here at ZFGC all these years(including myself).

Anways, I might arrange some tilesets, but I'll just link the maps from vgmaps:

It's a typical ASCII rip-off game(don't take it personally if you like the ASCII company).  Either with or without Nintendo's help, it is a almost pure Link to the Past clone.
The tiles come pretty borderline as well.

The only thing that doesn't feel completely jacked is the spritework:

 Some of it feels much more like a shitty kids' anime based on westerns.
Hope you guys find some usefullness from the maps!

If people want, I can arrange tilesets later.

Other Projects / [COMPLETE] R.I.S.E - Robotic Interception Suit
« on: March 17, 2017, 01:06:52 am »
Robotic Interception Suit Escort

Welcome to the future!  You are a member of R.I.S.E. - robotic interception suit escort.  Your only parkour is to protect your client. 
Unfortunately, your client operates his own cityship and is under constant assault from enemy carriers.

You do not know how long their barrage will last.  You do not care how long the barrage will last. 
All you need to do is shoot down any enemy missiles before they hit the cityship. 
If the cityship falls, your contract is terminated and you will be dismissed.

Will you become a legendary ace or just another rookie without the right stuff?

RISE is a project being worked on by four individuals for an engineering class at MSU.  It is a game that emulates the gameplay of Super S.C.O.P.E. 6 - Intercept and adds some unique flavor.

It is REQUIRED to be a fully finished project that runs on an Android device. 
The professor has the same expectations for all groups(solar car, android project, wheelchair access, or robot fighter): set small goals, distribute work, collect data, and present a finished project.

So far: Audacity, Game Maker Studio: Professional with all export options, Paint.NET, and Google Docs.

At this point: all artwork is original or edited from cc0 art from opengameart.org.  G.G. for the robot design and some special

Glad you asked!  The entire project is currently viewable on GitHub!  Released under MIT so have fun until if/when our group decides if we want to monetize anything(probably not).
Contains both an EXE and an APK!


Current in-game screenshots

Less serious stuff:

Most of the coding work is on me.  No big deal because I do not have to worry about reports, data collection, and other "office" type work in our group.  :D
Hope you guys enjoy as it comes along.  This is 50% of our grade for the entire class.  The entire game idea was pitched including how similar it was to the inspiration material.
As long as we do not have any IP conflicts with the release version, we have the greenlight!

The biggest hurdle is going to be mechs.  We had to add something onto the gameplay to fulfill a "A.I." requirement.  We decided every five waves to have a boss fights similar
to the mech fights in Battleclash on SNES.  I can code the fights, but I do not think we have anyone too artistically inclined on the squad to pull off cool stuff.  We want to stick
to original or cc0(attribution is a nightmare) for everything.

Music will be another decent hurdle.  Just need a few tracks but getting an SNES feel is important to us.

Other than that, you guys are free to !@#$%-talk my code, offer suggestions, pretend you don't know me, etc.

Other Projects / Terrible Night Engine - a Castlevania II engine
« on: March 10, 2017, 01:00:09 am »
Been working on a few projects still these days.  My planning for my Castlevania SotN type game has expanded to include a prelude title in vein of Castlevania II Simon's Quest style.

Download Link:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B49_4X0jDFp8VG96T3FyNVRQTlU/view?usp=sharing LATEST
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B49_4X0jDFp8V3pRZFRCdnoyQkE/view?usp=sharing OLD

NOTE: Download size is mildly high due to background music - Bloody Tears Arranged.

A - move left
D - move right
S - crouch
K - jump
J - attack
Enter - pause menu

Includes all the necessary functions: health, death, enemies, attacking, jumping, crouching, etc.

-heart engine
-sub items
-moving between areas

Known Bug: 
-Ground hovering for a frame or two when walking off a ledge.  Is more noticeable if you attack right as you are going to land.

Discussion / Was messing with Construct 2 for a bit
« on: March 01, 2017, 04:20:03 pm »

AD are left/right
J is the whip
K is the jump

Nothing much else than seeing what the fuss was about with Construct 2.

I must say, it is one of the worse RAD programs I have ever touched.  There is virtually 0 flexibility and it is very limiting.  Reminds me of my days using The Games Factory almost 20 years ago now as a young lad.

Shame too.  If it wasn't so restrictive, there could be some nice Zelda fangames made with it.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in the source, I can attach it.  Construct 2 is free(more or less).

Entertainment / Just wait on price drop on the Switch, IMO
« on: January 13, 2017, 09:38:28 pm »
Glanced at the available titles for the Switch.  Breath of the Wild is obviously going the be the "have to have" title but will it carry the console to a later, but stronger line up when 3rd party titles hit?

I don't think so.  There is a "hit or miss" prediction going around already based on the launch lineup that Nintendo revealed.  Either the Switch will sell well enough for 6 months and be stable at a $300 tag or it will go the route of the original 3DS launch.  Remember that steep price cut?  Yeah....

Time will tell.  I already own a Wii U so BotW isn't out of my grasp.  I'll wait to see what happens to the Switch.  Let the big name streamers go buy it.  Let the scalpers do their thing.  If the console is still $300 by Christmas, I won't have missed much based on the lineup Nintendo provided.  If it drops, I win on savings.

 Project is evolving into a Metroidvania title.

Tiles were pulled from cc-0 license resources on OpenGameArt.  I recolored them to the palette.  The character is 100% my work as is the HUD, door,  and sound effects.

Download link:
Alpha Demo 1 & 2 - Saving, more enemies, forced exploration/progression, death, and bosses!

If you are sensitive in any way to the color red, do not run this game.  The entire palette is based on reds.  I might change this to a autumn/gold palette later.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNo-D_bnTBk" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNo-D_bnTBk</a>

Concept showcases a few things:
-platformer movement
-double jump system
-floaty gravity (game takes place in an object/facility in space)
-laser weapon
-chips system (used for upgrades in regular releases)

The gravity system is a bit different than my previous projects, so looking for feedback on how it feels.

Alt+Enter for Fullscreen
Arrow keys left/right to move left/right
Down arrow to crouch
A to jump and double jump
D to fire laser
W to enter menu
S to select a weapon while in the menu
+ increases health by 1 so you can test shield system
- decreases health by 1 so you can test the shield system

S while at a computer to save your game.
S while at a Game Over to restart the game.

The game can now be maximized as well as full-screened.

Again looking for feedback on how the engine feels so far.  Trying to go for a simple retro feel.  Apologies in advance if you don't care for the color palette. :<

Update 8/30/2016
-made the HUD easier to see apart from the rest of the level
-new weapon added
-only in testing phases: Hold F to test flame thrower

Update 8/31/16
-increased resolution(will be adding options in later builds)
-added an enemy type - Wall Spineling
-added enemy behaviors
-added being able to get hurt/take damage
-minor improvements to engine
-work started on a pixelation transition effect

Update 9/1/2016
-more minor improvements in game code
-added pixelation transition(shown at the start of the level/restart of level)
-pausing added
-working menu with inventory added
-fixed some bugs related to taking damage(idle image flickering still unresolved)

Update 9/12/16
Been a while.  Got tied up with work and pleasure(Path of Exile).
-more minor improvements
-qol sound effects added on the door
-some menu sound changes
-added a title screen
-NES-esc pallete washout to black shader coded

(S is the menu selector on the title screen - New and Close only things that function for the moment).

Update 9/27/17
Another lengthy pause between updates:
-fixed two major memory leaks
-removed debug room
-3 rooms now accessible -Start, Save, Side
-added lava pit
-improvements in code for how doors work

Update 10/8/16

-more areas added
-double jump removed(collectable later in the game)
-three enemies added
     -homing fish? (terrible programmer art)
     -blockers(more or less a progression based enemy)
-more QoL code changes

Still on the table:
-save room just there/doesn't actually save yet
-death , you dont die yet

Update 10/18/2016
Alpha Demo 1

-even more areas added
-added some new enemies
-added a boss!
-added saving!
-added music (credit to ozzed.net)
-forced exploration/progression for shield increases and modules(weapons, double jump)
-you can now die

I believe this project can now be deemed an alpha demo with some nice concepts.  I do apologize about the art - I am not an artist.

Still looking for feedback.

Graphics / [WIP] Tileset - LA Styled/Inspired
« on: August 25, 2016, 12:07:37 am »
Still working on my personal project.  As practice for working on the sprites and tilesets, I decided to take a stab at some four color tiles.  They look very Link's Awakening - had Koholint open on the second monitor as a guide.  The tileset might be perceived as a bit too close to LA style to warrant any real full claim to it so I decided to let you guys see the progress.

Feel free to use or modify, just don't claim the base as your own.

Graphics / Looking for critique on base animation - Side-scroller
« on: July 08, 2016, 12:24:55 am »
I was going to stick with 32x32 but as I enlarged it two fold, I think I will end up going 64x64 as I can add in more details later.  I put zero stock into my spriting capabilities.  I been itching so hard to make a U.N.Squadron meets Contra type side-scrolling/platformer/shoot'em up for years.  I am not getting any younger and my engines are fully capable of pulling it off.  So, it is time to get the excuse out of the way - sprites.

I am intentionally going for deformed style.  The end result is going to be an homage to SD Gundam/SD Games as the main character is going to be a robotic mech and I decided that a more "cute but badass" style would be appropriate for the genre.

Just looking for ways to improve/tweek the current animations.

Entertainment / That time of the year again!
« on: April 08, 2016, 08:26:01 pm »
Legend of Zelda
Zelda II
Link to the Past
Link's Awakening
and maybe Ocarina of Time

All in one sitting LIVE!


Streaming live now!  No emulators either.

Discussion / Zelda II Remake/Revamp Public Releases - 008
« on: September 27, 2015, 12:59:10 am »
Just leaving this here for anyone to test out.

It's a fully functioning "walk demo", however , it is also much more.
In my ever on-going quest to revamp Zelda II into a more traditional format, I finally decided on what items would replace the spells(since spells replaced items from Zelda to ZeldaII).
Zelda II was never a huge game in itself.  The RPG system just gives a false impression of a larger game.  That said, you'll see a minimum inventory.
Spells to Item Replacement
- Jump : Hookshot  |  Overworld and dungeons from the 2nd one to the Great Palace are being laid out to accommodate hookshot puzzles to replace the now defunct Jump spell
- Life Spell : Bottles  |  Two quests (Missing Mirror and Healing Waters) will now grant an empty bottle each upon completion which will be able to hold a fairy, red potion, or green potion.  Sorry, no Blue Potion - have to keep some sense of difficulty since it is Zelda II.  Fairies replace extra lives as there will be no extra lives.
- Thunder : Thunder Medallion  |  Should be self-explanatory.
- Fire : FireRod  |  Again, self-explanatory.
- Fairy is gone completely.  There will be no need of such a spell in a psuedo 3d world as opposed to the original 2d platforming world of Zelda II.  Instead, new puzzles are being created for an item pulled from LTTP - Cane of Somaria.
- Reflect : Mirror Shield  |  No longer a spell, reflect will be taken care of by a permanent Mirror Shield.
- Shield completely removed.  In order to provide some sense of difficulty in going to an easier gameplay style(LTTP), Shield was removed.
- Spell completely removed.  In the original Zelda II, this did some funky stuff to some enemies and raised a temple that housed the simple-to-get Magic Key.  Now, when conditions are met, a sage reveals the temple.  The temple no longer just has the key, but will be another dungeon.  After defeating the boss of that dungeon, the player will be presented with the Magic Key.

Now, to make it more traditional, other items were changed.
-The Hammer is now a useable weapon as well as being able to break certain rocks.
-The Power Gauntlet can be used to lift certain rocks as well as allow Link to break some tiles.
-A Mystic Branch is now required to find the hidden forest village.  In Zelda II, Link used the Hammer to clear a forest tile to reveal the hidden village.  Now, the player must complete a side-quest to see reveal the hidden village.
-The Boots have been revamped into LTTP Pegasus Boots and will be required to transverse some water tiles to get to the temple in the water.  Can also be used offensively to attack certain planned enemies.
-Flute/Ocarina is remaining the same for the moment.  Still indecisive about adding a warping system that utilizes the Flute similar to LTTP.
-The Cross of Truth will reveal hidden enemies and items in similar fashion to Zelda II's Cross and the Lens of Truth, but will be passive and cost no magic.

Here are the controls for now:
Arrow Keys move Link and control the cursor in the inventory screen.
Press Enter to open/close the inventory screen.  This also pauses the game.
Press A to use an item in the overworld.
Press S to swing your sword.  If in the inventory screen, it selects the item under the cursor.  If in dialogue, goes to next phrase or ends the conversation.
Press D to grab onto a pushable object(such as the block created from the Cane).  Still WIP, but functions.  If by an NPC or readable object, enters dialogue sequence.  If nothing is near-by and you have the boots, allows you to dash.

Life and Magic meters are at full length to give you an idea of how much you will have in the final product should you be able to find all the containers.
Magic Level is set to the maximum to allow you to use the magic items more extensively.

I am happy with how bombs work.  I like to leave the ability of throwing bombs to Link to the Past.  Having a little animation of Link placing the bomb is good enough for me.

Hope you enjoy.  I am open to any suggestions.  I couldn't find any good sprites of the Ether Medallion from LTTP, so I improvised and made my own Thunder Medallion animation using Agahnim's Lightning bolt from LTTP.

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