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Entertainment / SMB The Lost Levels is on VC!
« on: September 14, 2007, 06:00:50 pm »
Basically, Hanabi festival's a Japanese celebration that involves firework, which is what Hanabi means- or literally Fire FLOWER. Now you know where that name comes from!

But more importantly, a variety of games previously unreleased in Europe are going to be available on VC because of it- and are marked with a firework symbol next to them. I got Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels- and my !@#$% god it's hard! It's the hardest game I've played in a long time, and proves games aren't getting easier because we're getting older!

It also says it may not be the last Hanabi Festival- obviously it's gonna be an annual thing. There's more special games available as well- but only until 28th September. So hurry!

Kyubi: King of finding awesome stuff on VC.

I don't know about America, though...

Entertainment / Super Mario Galaxy
« on: September 13, 2007, 06:04:45 pm »

<3 And there's some new gameplay videos, too, as well as a few more new images. They're over at IGN- whaddya think of them?

Personally this only intensifies my excitement!

Other Discussion / Lol Sony Rolly
« on: September 10, 2007, 09:55:17 pm »
Check the news channel if you have a Wii.

It costs $354 (yen conversion from 40,000), is egg-shaped, "flashes colourful lights in time to the music", swivels, has stereo speakers, 1 Gigabyte of flash memory, and a 5-hour battery.

Oh yeah, you change tracks by rolling it, and change the volume by rotating it. And it also rolls in time to the music, as well.

Where the hell would you use this?

Entertainment / Sonic 3 on the UK Virtual Console!
« on: September 10, 2007, 06:11:35 pm »
I !@#$% love that game- I just need my mum's credit card now...

Anyone downloaded it yet?

Entertainment / Mario Strikers Charged European FCs
« on: September 02, 2007, 04:05:55 pm »
Who here owns it? I really wanna play against someone. Unfortunately ut's region restricted, so just European players I'm afraid. If there are any.

My FC is:

296458 030965

Other Discussion / Help!
« on: September 01, 2007, 11:16:17 pm »
So I tried connecting to my new router with my DS for the first time, and it was secured- so I did it by AOSS, and now on my laptop, despite the DS working fine with it, it isn't showing up on the list of connections, but there's one with the SSID, "93284E93F49078327482H783748AP32784" (not exact) that has a perfect connection. However, once connected I still can't connect to the internet. I know for a fact that's not it the router, because it's a Buffalo Airstation with the SSID, "Buffalo"

What the hell's going on?

Btw, I'm using someone else's wireless- which is slow as !@#$%.

It worked fine before I did the AOSS thing. I could just go straight onto it. Why my DS, but not my laptop? I mean, me and my sister freaking installed it on my laptop!


Entertainment / What consoles do you own?
« on: August 22, 2007, 03:13:30 pm »
So which of the 3 (if not all) do you own, which is your favourite, and why? Let's not have any stupid console wars here. Please refrain from bashing other consoles, 'cause that's how these things start, and then the topic will just get loxx0rz'd.

I only have a Wii, but would also like a 360.

Other Discussion / How can I get my computer to support Japanese text?
« on: August 20, 2007, 09:04:49 pm »
My computer and my laptop (which has ceased to function- permanantly) both run XP, and while my laptop was operational, it somehow managed to support Japanese text. I was using a program for a Creative MP3 player I used to have, and when I closed it (probably a "Not responding/End Now") a message came up all in Japanese. Surprised, I went on the internet and it was correctly displaying Japanese text.

Now on my PC which I'm using now, I had that program already installed, so it can't be that that made it support the text. No-one installed any language packs on the laptop (can't find the XP disc anyway). So I assume it could already support it and I just found out later that it could. But now I only have my PC to use for learning Japanese, and I've downloaded Japanese language packs countless times, all to no avail. I have Microsoft Office, set my browser to support Japanese text, and still nothing.


Entertainment / The Mighty Boosh
« on: August 18, 2007, 09:16:23 pm »
Anyone heard of it? No doubt everyone here who's in the UK has. It's one of the best shows in ages. They do live performances as well- I love it.

Their Tundra Rap, although quite how they got there is beyond me when they're zoo workers.

One of their live shows.

Entertainment / Pokemon Diamond item needed
« on: July 30, 2007, 12:08:36 pm »
Does anyone have it that doesn't need it? I was a bit of a fool and thought there'd be more than one, so I used it on what is now Dracon's Weavile.

I seriously need it.

Entertainment / Smash Bros Brawl Release Date!
« on: July 11, 2007, 04:26:54 pm »

Talks about how we can power up our attack with four different controller options.


Well.. Not next year.. Not next spring... I can announce today


It's a live blog.

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