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Zelda Projects / Re: loz:The Sheikah's Apprentice [N64-MOD]
« on: September 06, 2015, 04:46:06 am »
Thanks guys. I appreciate the welcome.

And yes, I did make the logo. Tho I can't say I'm a very good 2d artist. The logo is probably the best 2d art I've ever made to tell you the truth. Besides that I find it easier to make 3d art, such as 3D actors and maps.

Zelda Projects / loz:The Sheikah's Apprentice [N64-MOD]
« on: September 05, 2015, 06:06:58 am »
Hi I'm sairugoth (I'm new here) and this is my mod...

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Its been 200 years since the defeat of Demise. Since then all of the sky islands have slowly been dissenting to the surface. Skyloft has been rebuilt as Mission Village (aka Kakariko Village before it got its name) Hyrule Castle has been made on one of the many remaining sky islands that only reside a mile or two in the sky. Castle Town is being built as we know it, right under Hyrule Castle.The story starts out with the goddess Hylia presenting the king of Hyrule the Triforce and promising that with the Triforce he can insure peace with all the other races. (Zoras, Gorons, Dekuscrubbs, ext... That way theirs no wars over the land Hylian's just calmed as Hyrule) After the goddess left, a dark energy engulfed the throne room. The Triforce reacted and shot into 3 different directions. One shot out the door, the other one flu out the window, and the last one slammed our hero of the story, making him fly out the opposite window and fall to the surface.

Main Character
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Ky, the Hero of the story. (You only thought it was going to be Link) He is an unkown to him self and others. In the begaining of the game he gits amnesia due to falling on his head. He is a Shiekah who is serching for clues as to who he is. Just like the Hero of Time he is a puzzle solver and is easly drawn into the worlds problems. Ky is the "Hero of Order"

He's still in development.

Dungeons(In order)
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Forest Gale Ruins
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Divlock's Chasm

Crystal Shrine
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Sheikan Catacombs

Earth Temple
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Snow-Top Temple

Hydro Temple
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Thunder Surge Temple
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Twilight Temple
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Sky Temple
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Ganon's Tower

Screen Shots
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This project is still in development. There are no demos as of yet but give it time and there will be.

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