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Zelda Projects / Re: The Legend of Zelda : Chiming Bells
« on: May 25, 2009, 05:11:01 pm »
4 posts without a reply. Ai. Let's see what I can do about that.

Looks good. But it obviously still needs some work. Maybe spend some more time with a couple of details before you try and create a whole dungeon. It'll save you time in the long run. And please don't take any of the following as criticism. I wouldn't take the time to play and comment if I didn't like it. You already know what's good/finish right?

> The movements system needs a little bit more work. When I stand under/against a wall and am looking left I won't look up again when I want to move in that direction. If you need help with that let me know (= PB/email). It's not hard to fix.
> Personaly I'd make the hud either always (partly) seethrough or make it so you can't walk under it. As in: the borders of the rest of the screen are the actual room borders. A little of both just doesn't seem right.
> I can only equip a C item through the menu. When I equipped and used the skull mask (cool btw) I equipped an ocarina. So now I can't remove my mask until I go back and equip the skullmask again. Maybe make it so you can't change the mask when wearing it, or automaticly unequip it when you want to set another item. I'm not sure how they did it in Majora's Mask, but you could probably copy that or use it as an example.
> I wanna see area names and my current location on the map :'( No serieusly. I do miss the ability to hold a directional button and move a lot faster across to the next menu page. Shouldn't be to hard to implement.
> Please make a background for the item menu (single color rectangle?). If the area is full off activity it gets hard to distinguise on such a small screen.
> Love the implemented ocarina. Well done.
> Moving from room to room with two directions pushed the first of two directional buttons gets negated in the next room.
> I wasn't able to talk to people etc. That supposed to be like that right?
> Maybe close of the left side of the starting room so people won't have a change to !@#$% about it.

That's all the things I could find with just one playthrough. I hope it helps.

As the title mentions. I'm looking for the sprites used when link picks up an item while he's facing south (in Alttp).

I've added the sprite sheet (from spriter resources) that I'm working with. As you can see it's somewhat useless to try and fix the specific sprites. And I haven't found these specific sprites on the other sites I use, thus the request.

Anybody willing to help out?

Okay, time for another lengthy post. :) I'll try and work on every point this weekend. Hopefully that will result in an fixed demo sunday.

This is not supposed to happen, right? It happened quite frequently to me and got pretty annoying. I'm playing on Vista, does that matter in any way?
No, it's not. Vista is pretty hard on games (I couldn't even play this game when I first got it myself) but it is Vista compatible. There is a feature called freeze when the game looses focus. I've enabled that so it may be fixed now. Beyond that, there's little I can do for you.

You should be able to close menus with the keys you use for opening them.
Why didn't I think of this. Excellent suggestion.

It would also be nice if you could pick up things like rupees with your sword.
I was a little hesitant about this. Since the engines are done I just implement it. It isn't that much trouble to remove again when I don't like it.

Pots should have square collision in my opinion. If you were walking against a row of pots you could get stuck between two pots. I mean, you could still move out again, but square collision would be better I think. You couldn't pick up pots either, could you? But you probably plan to add that anyway.
The last responder suggested square object masks. I'd go for almost square, perhaps 14x14 with very slightly rounded corners, since making them slightly easier to walk around is a nice touch. As long as it still feels like you're playing Zelda, why not improve the formula by a little bit? But getting stuck between them (which I didn't know about) and having trouble picking them up are significant problems.

I don't believe you really got stuck as in image over image. I'm that confident in my movement system. But it is true that walking in between two pots can make it feel like so, depending on which movement arrows you're pushing.

I'll go with goodnight's idea on this one. A square mask would not feel right when you walk around a stand alone container. If the current masks are too rounded, I'll try and find something in between.

On a side-note. Picking up containers can be done using different masks that walking collisions. I still haven't found usefull pick up animations for Link (the ones on spriter resource are terrible), so maybe it's time I posted a request on this forum. After I  get those I'm going to make Link able to pick stuff up.

Another thing was no knockback for Link, but same as above, I think.
I'm not really sure what you mean. Knock-back against walls, enemies or something else. I guess I should add knock-back from enemies, but I'm not really sure how it was done in the original. Did it stop your movement every single time you hit an enemy?

Also I found that the 'Royal Shrine' text vanished too quickly to read, if you aren't prepared for it.
No problem. That's an easy fix.

As I recall mentioning (though maybe I didn't), I hadn't studied how/when enemies respawn. I'd suggest respawning them after traveling to a certain number of other rooms, rather than just when changing Game Maker rooms, IF the dungeons are rather large. Walking around through large floors with all the enemies beaten could get boring. A thought just occurred: it would be neat to actually SEE them respawn via some magic power, rather than just being there when you walk in.

Also consider the overworld; most if not all enemies respawn when you change areas.
Can't argue with that. This is somewhat of an hefty order though so it may take some time to implement. As for spawning enemies; I do want to add bones on the floor that turn into skeletons, but thats for the second dungeon.

With "target location" transitions, yes, extending the target just a bit might be the best fix, but he already seems to hit the target location a few pixels farther than expected, so it must be some other kind of bug. It was a one time occurrence for that door, but Link went back and forth a good 8 times or so before I freed him. It was the door between the room just after the 1st key, and the room to the left that's just a horizontal bridge with 3 pots.

If you're using division by frames to control Link's movement during the transition, then perhaps it was a perpetual rounding error. I'm not sure how your walking code works, but if it allows Link to be at a non-integer (x,y) position at any given time, then I'd suggest also rounding off his position before the transition begins.

This just in: I reenacted the bug by dashing at the upper part of the doorway so that Link passes through but still makes the collision noise. Took many tries but I made it work 3 times. Perhaps since Link is supposed to bounce back, the target position ends up getting pulled back a bit.

Also, where the 9 pots are just above that door, sometime in the midst of cutting them up and pressing D (I think) repeatedly to get infinite blue rupees out of one, Link's sword somehow got moved an entire 2 blocks to the left and 1 down. It stayed that way through every movement until quitting.
I haven't been able to recreate this bug but I did find some other really messed up things. For example, releasing your sword while doing a transition gets you stuck. That makes me wander what else I've missed so far.

Anyway. The story about rounding won't work. This routine is a stand alone from normal movement, making it easier to fix. It's just the Link objects moving from A to B with walking animation. The starting location isn't rounded but the speed isn't either. So moving left for A to B should make that in the and B is speed*pixels left of A, because speed/number_of_frames*number_of_frames = speed. If there is a rounding error it's so small it won't matter since movement is at least two pixels farther than needed.

The collision bit might be a reason but I have no idea how you managed to get it. :huh: When falling back through the air Link doesn't react with transition objects. :huh: I'll add in a line negating it, regardless. Let's hope that's the solution. You're a good glitch finder it seems.

The continues rupees is something I already found and fixed myself. At least that's what I thought. What demo where you playing when you got that? I don't suppose you could put something up on youtube or something?

The two sounds are supposed to play simultaneously. If you've got an emulator, try disabling the first 6 sound channels to leave just those two. #8 is the one I mainly hear, and #7 is the one I can't. It's like a quieter version of the beam-shot from the sword.
Sorry, no emulator. I'm using memory and youtube.

Now for some new info:
I'm working on customizable controls, but I'm pretty sure not everybody is going to like the menu. The point was that I wanted one screen to change all your controls, since scrolling looked dreadfull. As you move next to an action the title mentions the button associated to that action. It then switches back and forth to explain which button needs to be pressed to if you want to change the button. It's still in progress but I'm curious for your input.

ENTER, SPACE and ESC are standard buttons for confirm, confirm and cancel. These can't be changed. I'll also an automatic save feature for the controls.

Nope, didn't finish enough to justify a corrected demo by today (found a new appartment this weekend). I still need to add the "respawning" enemies. The rest is done, including the customizable controls. While I'm at it I'll also work on a global saving system which is completly new for me. And, if someone helps me with my sprite request, I should also be able to do the "pick up and throw" mechanism in about two or three weeks depending on free time. That should be enough for the next demo.

I took me a while but I figured out what was missing. Right before an enemy goes up in smoke you see two slashes across there body. The screenshot below shows exactly that (in my personal version, so don't mind the blue etc). It may need some more work though. Also I have yet to think up a way of inverting the enemy sprites when they get hit. Maybe it's not even possible. Oh well.

PS. One more bit of advice I just remembered: perhaps you should enlarge the object mask of the pots. It seems a bit too easy to "corner-cut" around them - you almost need to be dead-centre to walk in and pick them up.

Well, I started working on this today, but it seems there wasn't much to fix. The easy "corner-cutting" will stay but that will not effect the ability to pick containers up. Moving uses precise sprite. Using the action button only checks the bounding boxes. So there's not much for me to improve. It'll all fall into place.

The issue of dissappearing items has been fixed and I've added another room, pressure plates and conditional doors since my last post. Unless someone specificly requests it I won't release a fixed demo. At least not untill I get a little bit more additions finished. Which will hopefully be in about two or three weeks.


Scratch that last bit. I've almost finished the regular cyclops enemy, but it just doesn't feel right yet. I'll probably post a demo tonight. Maybe you've guys got some suggestions.


2nd Update:
A new demo is now uploaded. The changes aren't too mayor. I'm just looking to get some new features tested. In particular the new enemy, which you can find outside and near the giant chest inside.

If you find anything wrong within the demo or you have other suggestions then be sure to leave a comment. Even if I don't adjust things directly (like the masking of the pots) that doesn't mean I haven't made a note of it for later. ;)

Here you go. It's what I pieced together for my own game

Sorry, but these requests just rub me the wrong way.
Maybe you could think a little longer before posting such useless requests.

Audio / Re: Looking for a soundeffect for my Lttp Engine
« on: May 10, 2009, 08:41:28 pm »
Jup, that's exactly like I meant. It's late now so I can't implement and test it now, but I'll be sure to do it next weekend. This weekend I got the regular floor switches opening doors etc. With this sound basic switches will be finished. Thanks.

I plan to rid the game of the three enchanted arrows, and instead add in the three magic spells from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (I'm not sure on this, but this idea's origins stem from most of the magic arrow puzzles relying on 3D)

You should check Lufia2 on the SNES if you need inspriation for 2d puzzles containing (burning) arrows.

Zelda Projects / Re: Zelda : Hour Of Darkness
« on: May 10, 2009, 06:07:36 am »
Looks okay.

I do have some friendly advise: Try and make the borders off rooms thicker. In the screenshot from inside the house it probably around 16 pixels between the edge of the house and the edge of the screen. Such a small border will make it that rupees and hearts will always be visible over other objects, which can make them very hard to see depending on the area. A grey dungeon will make your rupee counter invisible for example.

Also the barrels inside the house need some work.

Audio / Looking for a soundeffect for my Lttp Engine
« on: May 09, 2009, 07:54:31 am »
In the attachment is the sound of link standing on a pressure plate. I'm looking for a sound you'd hear when you step of the pressure plate (if it needs continues pressure).

I do not believe it was in Alttp and even if it is, I can't find it. Nor was I able to find another sound to be used in it's stead.

Anyone on here have a solution? Maybe a custom sound based on the attachment?

Very nice, coming home and seeing positive and constructive posts. There's some really interesting subjects mentioned.

By the way, you may know me under a different name. ;) I don't check these boards much anymore and didn't know you were on here!

Nickslayer? Or maybe Chris (since there's no mentioning of stuff NOT in this demo)? I don't really give yoyogames forum as much attention as this one.

Anyway. On to the posts. I'll just go through it at a pretty random order.

1) Dissappearing rupees etc. Excellent suggestion. They normally dissappear on there own (just wait a bit), but moving from room to room pauses that. I hadn't even considered that would happen, but I can fix it by not dissabling the items in the old room. This will let them dissappear in real time. Those extra active objects aren't a lot compaired to the couple of hundred others active per room. I'll put it on my to do list for this weekend.

2) Respawning enemies/containers. Like the original game I work with separate area's containing multiple rooms. This will respawn enemies and containers when you move between gamemaker rooms. So when moving outside or to another floor. This will include ALL regular enemies. It doesn't have to be exactly like the original.
Right now the containers follow the same principle. If you'll remember pots respawn but the contents do not. I would be broken otherwise anyway, giving you limitless amounts of items from a single pot near a door. It would be more realistic to just keep it as it is, so I'm not going to change it (for now). I'll consider it though.

3) The transitions are done by taking links current location and a target location. The distance is divided by the number of frames it takes and link moves accordingly. If you got caught in between two doorways my first guess would be that I made a mistake setting the target location or accidentally moved a transition object. Was this a one time occurrence for that particular doorway? The distance should be about 2 pixels longer than it absolutely has to be. At what door did this happen?

4) There were some bugs in the starting menu but I already fixed those shortly after I posted the demo. I though it was after demo 0.7.2 but I guess it was this one. I see if I can round of some things this weekend and post a bugfree demo.

5) Cannonballs it is. I'm not changing the name in the game because that's more work than it's worth. So, error messages aside, it's now cannonballs.

6) The spin attack already uses both sounds, just not very noticeable. I haven't played the game for a long time but I didn't really feel like it sounded right. Maybe the second sound should be used not at the beginning of the sword swinging but a little later? Anybody else have any comments on this subject?

7) The masking of pots is something I'll look into. I kinda like the walking around them. It shouldn't interfere with your ability to grab them, but I could be wrong. I'll make a note on my list.

Excellent feedback!

And I'm done for the weekend. For like the first time in months I did everything I set out to do. Feels good.

A new demo will take a while (I want it to at least include picking stuff up and one or two more enemies before I post it) so just screenshots this time.

Guess what three things where added recently

Start of the 360 degree sword swing + some more changes visible

Other Projects / Re: The Guardian Chapter 1
« on: May 02, 2009, 11:14:22 pm »
What walking mechanic can be influenced/distorted by machine performance? Seriously, I'd be very interested in knowing what kind of logic could be behind something like that.

I used a 3 month old laptop btw so I'm afraid your assumption is incorrect. It's probably just an area you missed or something. It was found randomly in a hard to reach location so don't worry. The game's good.

LTTP & FSA / Re: [Request] More Alttp requests
« on: May 02, 2009, 11:23:18 am »
Excellent. Looks good.

7 floors?! Hhmm I'm actually making a downgrade in my own game XD

LTTP & FSA / Re: [Request] More Alttp requests
« on: May 02, 2009, 10:08:22 am »
Okay, thanks. There kinda hard to find though.
I'm not really sure how many floors the original used so it might be that nr 5 and 6 don't exist (yet).

LTTP & FSA / [Solved] More Alttp requests
« on: May 02, 2009, 07:28:23 am »
Hello again. This weekend I have another particular request for you all. I make it a point to only request that which I haven't been able to find on my own, so it's only the one this time.

1) Floor indications.
Check the post below for an example. You'll see the one screenshot that I was able to find that has it (in the top right corner). I'm looking for the letter F and the numbers 2 through 6 to go with this.

Other Projects / Re: The Guardian Chapter 1
« on: May 02, 2009, 06:00:02 am »
Nice game, good music and clear controls.

The only thing I can comment on is the collisions. Walking around a tree outside shows it could still be improved. And the actions you can perform don't seem to be dependent on your facing. The bed inside for instance can be entered while standing a bit below it looking in the opposite direction. Other than that there's the difference in size inside/outside a house and you could maybe accentuate the presence of doors in houses more (=room between blacksmiths left and right room). But that may be nitpicking.

I couldn't really find anything else that needs improvement. I really like the transitions between area's and the ability to return home (to skip time), although it also takes time to go get back to where I was. Kinda defeating the purpose. The ability to rest outside might be more friendly, but that's just a suggestion. Having to sleep on the rug shows you really put effort into it.

Got stuck in a walls below some trees south of the guy in the forest. Too bad. That's as far as I'll play.

Coding / Re: FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
« on: May 01, 2009, 04:52:09 pm »
That save file bit is pretty useful. When I get around to adding a save function I'll definitely use it as a starting point.

Might as well make a usefull post while I'm at it. Here's a bit of code for advanced advanced movement. This will give you pixel perfect movement and it will also move you along sloped walls. I did leave out a lot of code to keep it somewhat simple. Just contact me if I left out too much. This code should be used at every step, with your speed being reset, and your speed and direction variables being calculated, beforehand.


// With (obj_Character_Control_Tile)

Test_Variable = 0;
Distance_Counter = 0;
New_X_Position = x;
New_Y_Position = y;
Total_X_Distance = 0;
Total_Y_Distance = 0;
Partial_Distance = 0;

// MOVEMENT routine
if (Walking_Direction mod 90 = 0) {Partial_Distance=1} else {Partial_Distance=sqrt(2)};

if (Walking_Speed <> 0)
    repeat (ceil(Walking_Speed))
        if (Test_Variable = 0 and Distance_Counter < Walking_Speed)
            // Check collision straight ahead
            Distance_Counter += Partial_Distance;
            if (Walking_Direction mod 90 = 0) {Partial_Distance=1} else {Partial_Distance=sqrt(2)};
            if (Distance_Counter = ceil(Walking_Speed)){Partial_Distance = Walking_Speed-Distance_Counter+1};
            script_execute(30,Walking_Direction, Partial_Distance);

            if (place_meeting(round(New_X_Position+Final_xspeed),round(New_Y_Position+Final_yspeed),obj_Solid)=false)
                New_X_Position += Final_xspeed;
                New_Y_Position += Final_yspeed;
                Total_X_Distance += Final_xspeed;
                Total_Y_Distance += Final_yspeed;

                // Check collision first angle
                if (((Walking_Direction+45)mod 360) mod 90 = 0) {Partial_Distance=1} else {Partial_Distance=sqrt(2)};
                script_execute(30, (Walking_Direction + 45)mod 360, Partial_Distance);

                if (place_meeting(round(New_X_Position+Final_xspeed),round(New_Y_Position+Final_yspeed),obj_Solid)=false)
                    New_X_Position += Final_xspeed;
                    New_Y_Position += Final_yspeed;
                    Total_X_Distance += Final_xspeed;
                    Total_Y_Distance += Final_yspeed;
                    // Check collision with second angle
                    if (((Walking_Direction-45)mod 360) mod 90 = 0) {Partial_Distance=1} else {Partial_Distance=sqrt(2)};
                    script_execute(30, (Walking_Direction - 45)mod 360, Partial_Distance);

                    if (place_meeting(round(New_X_Position+Final_xspeed),round(New_Y_Position+Final_yspeed),obj_Solid)=false)
                        New_X_Position += Final_xspeed;
                        New_Y_Position += Final_yspeed;
                        Total_X_Distance += Final_xspeed;
                        Total_Y_Distance += Final_yspeed;
                        // STOP MOVEMENT
                        Final_xspeed = round(New_X_Position)-New_X_Position;
                        Final_yspeed = round(New_Y_Position)-New_Y_Position;
                        Total_X_Distance += Final_xspeed;
                        Total_Y_Distance += Final_yspeed;
                        Test_Variable = 1;

// Create actual movement
parent_Character.hspeed = Total_X_Distance;
parent_Character.vspeed = Total_Y_Distance;

// Script 30
// Input:
// argument[0] = Walking_Direction
// argument[1] = Partial_Distance

if (Sprite_Index_Counter = 0) {Final_xspeed = 0; Final_yspeed = 0}
else {if (argument[0] = 360) {Final_xspeed = argument[1]; Final_yspeed = 0}
else {if (argument[0] = 270) {Final_xspeed = 0; Final_yspeed = argument[1]}
else {if (argument[0] = 180) {Final_xspeed = -1*argument[1]; Final_yspeed = 0}
else {if (argument[0] = 90) {Final_xspeed = 0; Final_yspeed = -1*argument[1]}
else {if (argument[0] < 90)

else {if (argument[0] < 180)

else {if (argument[0] < 270)

else {Final_xspeed=argument[1]*cos(degtorad(argument[0]-270));


Zelda Projects / Re: [WIP] LOZ 3D
« on: April 30, 2009, 02:32:52 pm »
Not sure how to animate Bow-Wow's chain-limited movement properly.. Suggestions would
be great :-)

Just a little comment that might or might not help.

I'm not familiar with 3d techniques, but it shouldn't be too hard to solve it. In 2d I would just make a Bow-Wow with a limited movement area and a routine to create the chain in between the Bow-Wow and the origin coordinates. The movement limitation should be doable through a stepwise routine that checks if it's about to leave it's area.

The chain could be done by creating an x number of chain pieces. Calculate the line between Bow Wow and it's origin and spread the pieces equally along the line. You'll get open spaces if you do this when the Bow Wow is far away, but then again that might be not be that bad. Gives you a exaggerated sense of the distance and it limits the number of objects used. To negate this just make the number of pieces linearly dependant on the distance.


Update: I was thinking. You could go one or two steps further.
To create the effect of the chain hanging towards the ground you could use a hyperbolic formule. Consider the line between Bow Wow and origin as the x-axis. Now use the formule y = x ^ (-i), where y is the height on top of the line's height, where x is the distance along the line with x=0 at the middle and where i is a positive variable based on the distance between Bow Wow and its origin. When the chain is fully stretched i should be 0 resulting in a straight line.
With this you can calculate the height for each chainlink. Just use the formule at certain intervals to calculate. The angle of each link could be calculated by the use of the Pythagoras formule.

If you want you could go even farther. You now have calculations based on a straight line between your Bow Wow and it's origin, but that's only for calculating. If want the chain to lie on the ground in a (somewhat) realistic method only use the above method to calculate height and angle for your chain links using the full chain's length as x and the actual distance to Bow Wow as a bases for i. The x and y location on the ground (per chain link) could then be separately determined based on Bow Wow's previous positions and movement. Or, if you want to make it really complex use the origins movemens as well.

It can be made as realistically as you want it to be. All it takes is logic .... plus LOTS of trail and error and efficiency tradeoffs. XD

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