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 on: November 10, 2019, 07:05:28 pm 
Started by Martijn dh - Last post by Martijn dh
And here is the latest update. Basically I'm currently trying out several idea's for a new boss. (Check the attachment for a screenshot).

Any thoughts on the boss visuals? I'm trying to give it a bit of a scorpion feel. Also, like the other bosses, the mechanics will only be partly based on the original. Still unsure about the claw's colors though.

Progress report
0.22.00 (27 oktober 2019)
* Started work on new boss

0.22.01 (28 oktober 2019)
* Made progress on newest boss
* Added more standardized boss variables (=full_hp etc)

0.22.02 (3 november 2019)
* Made progress on boss

0.22.03 (9 november 2019)
* Made progress on boss

0.22.04 (10 november 2019)
* Made progress on boss
* Fixed pulling sweat effect not disappearing

 on: October 27, 2019, 04:31:09 pm 
Started by Martijn dh - Last post by Martijn dh
Thanks and no worries. The videos you made helped enormously.

 on: October 27, 2019, 12:22:08 am 
Started by Martijn dh - Last post by pxl_moon (dotyue)
nice one! sorry, i couldnt test the earlier versions... but looks like you really made progress here!

 on: October 26, 2019, 02:29:34 pm 
Started by Martijn dh - Last post by Martijn dh
And here is finally the download link that I will be showing off at the NCFC event.
I believe that it is now nice and stable, but please let me know if you find anything that I might have missed.

Demo version: 0.21.100
File Size: 19,16 MB (Zipped)
Screen Resolution: 320 x 240 (Changable)
Download (Dropbox): https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqfjjeubpfdbc7l/Zelda%200%2021%20100%20%28public%20demo%29.zip?dl=0
Download (Mediafire): https://www.mediafire.com/file/27j0opxu4hlpli1/Zelda_0_21_100_%28public_demo%29.zip/file

Default controls*:
D - Action button (open doors / read text / grab / etc) + Confirm button (while in menus)
G - Attack button (hold and release for a full swing attack) + Cancel button (while in menus)
S - Perform run action (if you have the boots available)
R - Use item A
F - Use item B
Space - Brings up item menu
Enter - Brings up map menu
Escape - Pauses the game (can be used to exit the game)

* The controls can be personalized in the options menu at the start of the game.

Differences compared to the last version:
Show content
Build an entirely new lightworld
Added equally big dark overworld
Added (magic mirror) warping between worlds
Added placeholder dungeons for the dark world
Added more heart pieces to find and collect

Added tunic upgrades
Added more scenes
Added more shops
Added more NPC's
Added chest mini game
Added more idle animations
Added devil shrine for the magic upgrade
Added bomb/arrow capacity upgrades (as chest contents)
Altered contents of all secret dungeon chests
Added option to hookshot yourself towards wooden poles

Added a ton of dark world variations for existing things like:
   trees, digging, water, character effects and so on
Added new terrain types: poisous water & desert quicksand

Upgraded to latest version of GameMaker Studio 2
   (and spend months fixing the damage)
Made a ton of (extensive) performance related updated
Fully redid all tileset usage

And a ton of smaller tweak, fixes and additions

Progress since the last update:
Code: [Select]
0.21.96 (22 oktober 2019)
* Fixed doorway issue in the bonus gauntlet DW dungeon
* Fixed several more specific swimming area wall collision
* Made good progress on the final dungeon entrance scene

0.21.97 (23 oktober 2019)
* Fixed some more specific swimming issues
* Finished scene to open up the final dungeon entrance
* Shadows now adjust in color based on the (shallow) water underneath
* Improved warping back to the light world for pixel perfect positioning
* Fixed fairy & enemy collisions vs several terrain types
(= the collision_rectangle() seemed to not work for precise collision checking anymore in some common situations due to the floating point value errors I complained about earlier. Customer support says they'll put my suggestion for a better rounding function into consideration so maybe that'll help at some time the future)

0.21.98 (24 oktober 2019)
* Fixed Molgera not being drawn near the edge off the screen (due to it's huge size)
* Fixed recently added shotcuts in the Underwater prison already being triggered upon starting a new game

0.21.99 (25 oktober 2019)
* Tweaked shadows outside of dark world tower
* Improved collisions when entering deep water from shallow water
* Made hinttext for crossing the desert pit more explicit
* Made one of the Molgera attack a bit slower
* Fixed a visuals hickup in the desert dungeon ending scene

0.21.100 (26 oktober 2019)
* Tweaked credits
* Tweaked collision grid outside of LW tower
* Fixed collisions when jumping into deep water while hugging the right wall
* Improved collisions vs diagonal walls while swimming and diving
* Fixed some misalligned pixels in the sprites while swimming left and up while wearing upgraded tunics
* Tweaked several water edges south of the LW and DW towers
* Added a smooth time out option for walking out deep water in unintended ways
* Tweaked exiting deep water into shallow water checks to make them more lenient

 on: October 26, 2019, 10:47:50 am 
Started by Martijn dh - Last post by Martijn dh
D'accord, c'est peut-être à cause de la barrière de la langue.

Il y a un manoir à droite de la zone de départ. Le voyou fait allusion à quoi faire. Fondamentalement: en face de la maison il y a 3 piédestaux. Vous pouvez y placer les anneaux pour déclencher une cinématique.


Okay, maybe it's because of the language barrier.

There is a mansion to the right of the starting area. The thug there hint at what to do. Basically: in front of the mansion there are 3 pedestals. You can place the rings there to trigger a cutscene to continue.

 on: October 26, 2019, 09:57:54 am 
Started by Martijn dh - Last post by gcatgrey
Peux t-on m'aider à cet démo j'ai recupéré le gant, les palmes, l 'épée n°2 et je suis bloquéée car il me manque le marteau et la canne.Merçi

 on: October 25, 2019, 05:36:01 pm 
Started by Martijn dh - Last post by Martijn dh
Dans le sud-ouest de l'overworld se trouve le cachot bleu. Si vous avez les bottes, vous pouvez également accéder au donjon du désert en traversant le bac à sable.
In the south west of the overworld is the blue dungeon. If you have the boots you can also access the desert dungeon by crossing the sandpit.

PS: The darkworld is accessable on the west side of the overworld after beating the mansion dungeon (aka dungeon 4)

 on: October 25, 2019, 05:00:31 pm 
Started by Martijn dh - Last post by gcatgrey
Ils sont où les donjons du monde obscurs

 on: October 25, 2019, 04:58:13 pm 
Started by Martijn dh - Last post by gcatgrey
J'ai recupéré la botte et la première bague

 on: October 25, 2019, 04:50:03 pm 
Started by Martijn dh - Last post by Martijn dh
Vous devez atteindre les donjons d'espace réservé du monde obscur pour les deux objets.
Où en êtes-vous actuellement?

(=You need to reach the dark world placeholder dungeons for both items.
How far along are you currently?)

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