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Discussion / Zelda RTS: Empires of Hyrule/Hyrulean Empires.
« on: August 05, 2009, 07:37:38 pm »
I was a bit bored today and I thought of how well a zelda RTS would work. I planned it out to be very similar to how the age of empires games work with different resources and villagers. There will be a few civilisations like Hylian, Deku, Moblin and Gerudo. I think I might set the storyline during the Great War where every scenario is like a mini battle.

Or I could set the storyline where you always fight against the moblins/baddies and its your job to regain control of hyrule.

Anyway the graphics would be the fresh MC ones, it would be set in a big screen say 800x600 and the three resources would be Food, Wood and Rupees. I'm thinking of maybe having trading posts like age of empires to fit in with spirit tracks trains theme.

But I want to have some zelda features to make sure its not an age of empires clone with zelda graphics.

There are three resources to collect in the game: Food, Wood and Rupees. They are required to create units, build buildings and upgrade things.

Food is collected by tasking villagers on food bushes. There are 3 types of bush available:
Gives 100 food per bush.
Gives 200 food per bush.
Gives 300 food per bush.

Later on you can build a windmill and task villagers on that to gain a slower but constant stream of food.

Wood is collected by having villagers chop down trees in the surrounding area. Wood collects at a slower rate than food but there are many more trees available to cut down. I might add 3 different tree types later, or 5.

Rupees are mined at rupee mining sites scattered around hyrule. They appear as lumps of rupee sticking out of the ground. There are three different sites to mine from:
Green rupee sites:
Contains 150 rupees
Blue rupee sites:
Contains 300 rupees
Red rupee sites:
Contains 500 rupees

Later on you can build a mine to get a slower, constant stream of rupees.


Building a house will give you space for 10 more units in the game.
Trading station

This building will allow you to get a small amount of a certain resource every time the trader passes. You can upgrade the trade route to a horse and cart and later, train.

Graphics / GB style tilesets?
« on: April 19, 2009, 11:51:03 pm »
I couldn't find any OOS/A tilesets on the net and started making my own, here is what I have done so far, Horon village in the spring and the graveyard.

But before I go on any further I was wondering if you guys actually knew of any tilesets out there on the net that I could use, I would hate to rip the whole overworld and realise that all along there were some ready to use tilesets already out.

Graphics / I need help creating good 32x32 MC grass tiles
« on: February 14, 2009, 01:40:26 pm »
At the moment the look to light green, really bright. I need a better colour that at the same time doesn't clash with the other stuff like walls. The annoying thing about spriting Zelda grass is how its all different in every map, they apply the grass tile by tile, nothing is really repeated.

Here is a map from my game to give you an idea of the Hyrule Field grass tiles.

Adverts & Recruitment / Hyrule Online
« on: July 28, 2008, 06:53:34 pm »
Well this is the first time I've done this :P Its always been just me working on the project. So anyway, back to business.

All in Minish cap (MC) style!

I need help with:

Forming spritesheets of 6 different races of hyrule:
-Hylian, Zora, Goron, Gerudo, Kokiri, Sheikah.
-4 directions, 3 sprites per direction (still, walking, attacking) The walking sprite is always inbetween the fighting sprite to make the animation so it would be good to have it so that they kinda connect. I was thinking so that with the wealking sprite his/her shield is forward with the sword a little bit behind and vice versa for when attacking so it forms a sort of attack/defend/attack/defend order.
-Armour for each races that fits perfectly (armour is just one sprite to make it easier, no platelegs or platebody just one sprite)

-Melee weapons for each race
*Hylian= Sword
*Zora= Fin Blade (fits onto fins)
*Goron= Axe or knuckles (whatever you think is better)
*Gerudo= Spear (actually technically not but hey)
*Kokiri= Knife (change if you want)
*Sheikah= Whip

-Ranged weapons for each race
*Hylian= Bow/Shortbow
*Zora= Scales
*Goron= Longbow
*Gerudo= Shuriken
*Kokiri= Crossbow
*Sheikah= Different looking shuriken or needles

-Mage weapons for each race
*Hylian= Staff           Feel free to use whatever weapons you see as necessary :D
*Zora= Wand
*Goron= Staff
*Gerudo= Wand
*Kokiri= Wand
*Sheikah= Staff

-A universal shield for every race (reduce amount of items)

All I need is one of each weapon armour thats fits perfectly on the sprite sheets and i can recolour them to make more higher level armours.

*If you can code in visual basic 6 or have some knowledge of Elysium Source I would appreciate any help from you!

-Website. Not as pressing as my other matters, I have dreamweaver and could make a website but I'm sure there are some budding htmlers in this forum.

Well the pay isn't that good at $0 per hour but you get to see your work in an online game :)

Zelda Projects / [WIP] Hyrule: Online
« on: July 10, 2008, 10:02:21 pm »

Note: I'm now using Eclipse because it has better support but may change my engine at any time.

Game Name: Hyrule Online

#Alttp style graphics
#Ocarina of time in 2D
#6 races of hyrule: Kokiri, Hylian, Zora, Goron, Sheikah and Gerudo

Description: Hyrule Online is an ORPG being developed that is set before Ocarina of Time but in the same hyrule. Things are are little different, the sheikahs are still thriving in kakariko village, the gerudos are more firendly to other races and the great war of hyrule is yet to begin.

You choose from 6 races of hyrule to play as, start off in a hidden section of the Lost Woods and undergo training where at the end you choose whether you wish to be a warrior, mage or archer. You will then appear in Hyrule field and the whole of Hyrule is your oyster.

There will be an organised structure of temples, just like other zelda games, specific for your level that contain hordes of enemies, NPCs with quests, puzzles a mini boss and a main boss. The max level in this game is 150.

Armour: Certain races have the same armour. I think I will put them in 3 groups of 2 or 2 groups of 3. it just depends how different the sprites are :P
Weapons: Each race has a weapon specific for them, I won't say now in case someone steals but I have it all in my head Mr. Tweedy :D
Shields: See armour above.

Broojo02: Head developer

Website / Forum:
Hyrule Online

Early screenshots of Hyrule Field:

Bubble (blue):
Bubble (green):
Bubble (red):
Deku baba:
Deku scrub:
Fake door:
Floor master:
Gerudo Guard:
Ghoma larvae:
Gold skultulla:
Iron knuckle:
Keese (fire):
Keese (ice):
Like Like:
Tektite (blue):
Tektite (red):

Other Info: There is credit to give to the makers of some of the sprites above and I know of this :)

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