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Feedback / Border around header
« on: August 13, 2008, 10:19:11 pm »
When you are not logged in, the login box has a neat border around it. Can we get this border around the header of information ("Welcome, AcidGame. You current have 0 messages.") thing when we are logged in? I think it would look a little better.

Feedback / IRC BBCode
« on: June 16, 2007, 05:49:49 am »
Could we get a IRC hyperlink BBCode? mIRC (and maybe some other clients..) install a protocol, like: irc://irc.windfyre.net:6667/zfgc where when it is clicked, mIRC (or the other program) will be launched, and the user will be automatically connected to the server and entered into the chat room. I wanted this for my signature, but I never got around to asking.

Thanks for your time.

Other Discussion / Blue Screen of Death
« on: April 20, 2007, 10:11:21 am »
Hey guys...

My laptop has been having some problems lately. It's a Dell Inspiron 8200.. and it's about 4 years old by now. During the last few days, it has
been blue screen of death-ing, at seemingly random times. At first, I thought it might be the RAM, however after running Memtest, without 850.0% coverage with no errors..

My next thought, is that it is the harddrive. Some files got corrupted, so I ran chkdsk to fix them, but the problem is still occurring. Here is the information I've written down from the blue screen's (they go so fast, I usually can't get enough data down):

... ...
0x00000007A ...
ftdisk.sys ...

(Not an exaggerated list :P)

Here are my symptoms:
- Blue Screens of Death
- Sometimes the BIOS won't notice a harddrive.
- Sometimes the system won't start up, or it is taking way too long.
- It takes a long time from the time I login to the time the desktop shows up.
- CPU usage drops down to 0 - 1%

What do you think?

Other Discussion / Internet Problem
« on: April 10, 2007, 01:27:48 pm »
Alright guys, I'm stumped. Maybe you can help.

I'm on vacation, and the hotel I am staying at offers a free internet connection. They advertise it as usable for internet, instant messaging, etc. No problem. When we arrive, I am able to get online, MSN, IRC, no problem.

However, recently I have been having some troubles. It seems that every program/service which does not use port 80, will not work! (With the exception of ICQ.. apparently). HTTPS, which uses port 443 instead of 80 for SSL, does not work. MSN messenger, will not work, AIM, will not work. It worked momentarily a few times, though.

The Possible Problem:
The day before my trip, I installed a new Anti-Virus software on my computer (Norton 360).

The Possible Solution:
I have already deactivated and closed my Anti-Virus software, and have even disabled the services which they use.

The Reassurance:
My stepmother is 5 feet away from me using GMail over HTTPS using the same connection. Help please :-)

Graphics / Zelda Art
« on: April 03, 2007, 10:55:41 pm »
Saw this on Digg a few minutes ago... Drawn by Dan Schoening.

Rehost: http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/6569/zeldadansqd8.jpg (apparently ImageShack shrunk it too..)
Original: http://www.lifemetercomics.com/art/zelda_dans.jpg

(rehosted because it's big and was in Digg.. no further explanation needed ;-P)

A magnificent piece of work :-)

Entertainment / The Number 23 (contains somewhat-spoilers!)
« on: March 11, 2007, 10:22:29 pm »
Well, yesterday (Sat.) I went to see "The Number 23". My other choice, was "300" - but I am waiting to see that with my brother and friend. So it might be awhile. Anyways, all in all, I thought the movie was.. ok.. but what the heck?

How in the world were these numbers being deduced? It made no sense to me at all.. It was literally (at least to me ;-)) like:
"He sneezed! 9 + 14 = 23!"

I understand that the location of the letters in the latin alphabet had something to do with it.. but.. it didn't make much sense ;-P.
So.. tell us how you liked it.

Entertainment / A link to the past on Virtual Console.. Wtf? (help me!)
« on: January 22, 2007, 09:23:45 pm »
Hey guys... I logged into the virtual console today, to see a brand new game added: A link to the past. Quickly, I get my parents to drop in $10 and purchase the game. It is playable with a Classic Controller, or a Gamecube Controller... NOT. I plugged in my Gamecube controller hoping to play the game I never got to when growing up... but it asks me for a Classic Controller. I head back to the shop channel to make sure I read it correctly, and sure enough, it claims that one can play with a Classic Controller, or a Gamecube controller... I head to Wikipedia and it tells me the same thing...

Is anyone else having this problem...? Or is it just me... Is there something I must do...? Help is appreciated :-)

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