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Author Topic: From The Outside!!: GoldenEye 2D.  (Read 862 times)

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From The Outside!!: GoldenEye 2D.
« on: August 31, 2008, 06:58:50 am »
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    Welcome to "From The Outside!!", ZFGC's look into the independent fan games from outside our own little world. This editorial feature serves many purposes - besides taking a stab at our own fan game developers' talents, it also gives everyone a look into game development talent from all reaches of the intarwebs. This feature will give game developers a chance to appreciate other works, as well as learn a thing or two.

From The Outside!!:
GoldenEye 2D

Developer: Bisse, Grindie, Din
Publisher: Perfect Run
Release Date: September 18, 2007
Genre: Action
Language: Game Maker 7
Players: 1

    Ahh, GoldenEye. What fond memories you deliver. The game many would consider to be the original console first-person shooter would have to be Rare's little gem. Even though the game was licensed under the James Bond movie franchise, there's no doubt the developers went out of their way to provide for one hell of game in 1997. Multiplayer, crisp 3D worlds, a range of weapons, levels and objectives - the game had it all. So, just what is it doing in 2D, and what the hell is with this black-and-white graphical style?

Can you say kawaii?

    Originally designed for a competition back in 2007, GoldenEye 2D is a remake - or a demake - of the classic Nintendo 64 shooter. The game plays as a side-scrolling action game, where the player takes control of a cute, little James Bond and shoots cute, little bullets from a cute, little gun. Hold up, though - this isn't the complete GoldenEye 2D. While the guys over at Perfect Run were successfully able to bring over many of the features from the original game (including the classic death animations, and opening movie clips) this isn't the complete version of GoldenEye. The small download only features the famous level Dam, where the player is required to disable the alarms, bungie jump, and so forth. But as players wander the area, they'll certainly recognise many of the distinguishing features - the enemy watchtowers, that annoying truck, and of course the many numbers of enemies.

"Are you a Klobb or a 00 Agent?"

    Even though the game isn't complete per se, there are several new features to entice the old fans. Aside from the new ability to jump, players will also have to deal with a new system in which a gun is rewarded when the player reaches a certain number of points from killing a bunch of dudes. All the old guns are there, too... from the PP7 to the Golden Gun. There's also a high score system in which a title is handed to you depending on how well you went during your run. Are you a Klobb or a 00 Agent? The extreme number of enemies also makes the game kind of difficult, so unless you're naturally gifted with these sorts of games you might have bit of trouble completing this demake.

Oh yes, there are some added boss fights too.

    But perhaps the most appealing feature of GoldenEye 2D is the style the developers have taken on. The character sprites have big heads, the game is reduced to gray tones, the noises are very "beepie" and "boopie" in nature - it's not hard to tell the developers were working on this game with the original Game Boy in mind. Hell, you may as well be playing Pokemon... with guns. It's a nice, effective turn on things - you really just want to grab the game and stick it on a cute, little cartridge so it can be enjoyed in a more suitable fashion. Ahh, if only!


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