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Author Topic: ZFGC Weekly  (Read 555 times)

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ZFGC Weekly
« on: January 18, 2009, 07:28:24 am »
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Volume 7, Issue 3 - January 18, 2009
irc.windfyre.net #zfgc
This week's banner courtesy of Yubel and icon courtesy of 4Sword

1. Community Announcements  (Ctrl+F CA2)
2. Best of the Forum  (Ctrl+F BF2)
3. Weekly Awards  (Ctrl+F WA2)
4. The Big Question  (Ctrl+F BQ2)
5. Featured Project: One Occurrence by Drewdelz (Ctrl+F FP2)

Community Announcements (CA2)

-- The Character Contest is still ongoing and in the second round. Previous match winners include the Fartriloquist and Capsy. Also worth noting is that due to the resignation of Rocky from the contest, lolcat :3 has been resurrected and will fight Jar in an upcoming match.

-- A new warning modification to the forum has been installed. As long as one adheres to the global forum rules, nothing new for them will really apply; the system is more or less meant as a means to organize warnings. It is explained further in Announcements.

Best of the Forum (BF2)

Probably Into Rolling Papers.
Quote from: InvaderLupus
So after reading for about a month, I found out that the copy of Atlas Shrugged I ordered from amazon.com is literally missing the last 51 pages. They are simply not there. The book stops on page 1141 when it should go to 1192 pages. It just cuts off right in the middle of a chapter.

This is the most frustrating and outrageous thing that has happened to me in a long time.

The irony of the whole mess is that the book portrays a society where the men who us their rational minds--the creators--have essentially abandoned the world because of the men who don't use their minds--the parasites. The world crumbles with error after error as men all claim that it wasn't their fault, that they couldn't do anything about it. Gone are the people that created the machines and the systems that worked, and left behind are the people who don't understand how a machine works, but only knows how they've been told to operate it. When something happens that they don't understand, they don't do anything: they don't know any better, it's not their fault, it's not their responsibility.

And so here I am, prevented from finishing what is the greatest book I've ever read, and I'm not even qualified to use that tense.

You're Hot and Your Cold, You're Yes then You're No.
Quote from: Darklight
Well, what a shocking day.
First of all was the weather forecast last night. 42 degrees C with northerly (hot) winds. Wonderful.
Sure enough, that's what it is. Very unfortunate for my sister, it's her birthday today. No going shopping for her cause the heat kills, there's no joy in walking around outside.
Then, to cap it all off, a fire started somwhere outside the south of town. Some of my friends and relis have had to evacuate their homes.
The irony of all this is, the 4 year anniversary for the Black Tuesday fires was 2 days ago. That was the worst fire we've had in 20 years, it destroyed more than 80,000 hectares and killed nine people.
Today is Tuesday.
So now I'm just sitting inside while half of the sky is black with smoke, and water bombers are flying over every half hour or so.

AmericanHistory Z?
Quote from: a Hint of Lime
Sooo, you guys excited about inauguration?  I'm going, is anyone else?


Tropical Deception.
Quote from: Mamoruanime

My fiance Jami has been going to bridal shows and one of them had a contest for a trip to Hawaii...

Well we won it :p

That and a $1000 shopping spree, lol so I'm happy

Weekly Awards (WA2)

Audio of the Week
HyperKnight32's Experimental Cave Music
Quote from: HyperKnight32
Well folks I tried making some RPG influenced "cave music" that might sound good enough to be in a game. I don't have the best instruments to work with but here goes:


What does you think?

Idea of the Week
Windy's Map Editor
Quote from: Windy

Currently in the Alpha Stage, I've been working on this for quite some time after coming to the conclusion that I probably never will finish what I'm currently working on and drop it like the rest of the stuff I've previously worked on, therefore I figure if I start with the editing tools first, at least I'll have something I can work with the next time I get an idea for a project.

It allows for a fair share of customisation options that I've implemented, you can define your own objects and have custom properties for those objects eg. you could have a respawn object and say have a respawn time property.

Graphics Rip of the Week
4Sword's MC Octorok Rip
Quote from: 4Sword
Collection of 20 animated, optimized sprites of the Minish Cap Red, Blue, and Gold Octorok with their spit rock and rock shadow. To get the left animations, just mirror the right animations.

These were made mostly using just the OAM viewer on the VBA. The sprites found on the Spriters Resource for the Octoroks have palette problems with the Blue and Gold Octoroks, and other resources found elsewhere do not have the complete rock shoot sequence.

Big Question (BQ2)

Last week's question: Do you Homebrew (running unofficial code or applications on a gaming console)?
Summary of answers: Of those who responded, most don't. Of those that did, it was mostly to run pre-made applications and not so much running their own custom code.

This week's question: Should places such as Termina and other non-Hyrule areas be the setting in future Zelda games?
Join the discussion at: http://www.zfgc.com/index.php#?action=news&sa=read&id=33226

Featured Project (FP2)

One Occurrence

Developer: Drewdelz
Release Date: January 6, 2009
Genre: Adventure/Survival
Language: Misc.
Player(s): 1


Author of this week's issue: 4Sword
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