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This topic contains a listing of the topics associated with the GM Minish Cap Engine project; a project which sought to code aspects of the Minish Cap in Game Maker for users to have a sense of how to code various aspects. The project itself is still somewhat ongoing but due to the speed of its development it has lost the need to have its own boards. This topic will be cleaned up and adjusted in the future if additional progress is made.


 Feature List
 Stable Releases


 Tile-Based Collisions & Leveling
 Primary Object Collision
 Platforms & Bouncing
 Dryland & Ice Rolling
 Getting Started
 Ice-Based Movement
 Combat System
 Generic Graphic & Drowning
 Menu System
 Magical Boomerang & Pushing
 Bow, Rolling, & Lantern
 Ledge Jumping
 Bow and Arrow


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