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Author Topic: Why Zelda II is awesome  (Read 1907 times)

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Why Zelda II is awesome
« on: November 21, 2012, 08:52:33 am »
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Click if you don't want to go through images.  I cut/paste Link from several pictures.
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All the art that is dark in tone is the concept art.  All the cartoonish stuff is what went into the manual.  Tell me that is not some sexy artwork as far as the concept stuff is concerned.  It could be part of the reason I love AoL almost as much as Ocarina of Time.  The game feels like I am playing an adventure that is dark an adult but still Zelda-esc.  I also loved that about OoT when I played as an adult Link.

Hell, even the artwork in the original manual for Link to the Past has Link pretty close to being an adult.  I hated that stupid !@#$% when Nintendo gave Link a kid's voice in the GBA remake.  Totally ruined it for me.  Majora's Mask is supposed to be dark but the presentation of Link doesn't make it dark to me at all.  I beat Majora's Mask and maybe it's just me, but when I was 13 playing it as a child Link, it felt childish again.  Maybe there is a difference in child Link dark and adult Link dark.

However, TP just tried too hard or something.  Can't quite place my finger on it.  It was a good game, but I never immersed into it like I have all the Zelda games upto and including OoT.  Even Link's Awakening in-game art at the intro and end portray him as a teen or young adult.

Anyway, I went off-track of the point of the thread.

I been looking over the old concept art of Zelda II and I think it is amazing stuff in contrast to what was released in the US manual.
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Re: Why Zelda II is awesome
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2012, 04:38:14 pm »
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I agree. I think Zelda II is among the best games in the series for the innovation. Other games stayed with a tried and true formula, and certainly improved upon it from time to time. At this point I'd rather see new Zelda games with original game designs, rather than the same game design pasted on to a similar but different plot with a new gimmick here and there

Zelda II was also HARD. Something many games are missing today. It reminds me of the failure frustration / victory satisfaction that old games offered more of. Modern games that do this happen to be my favorite. Dark Souls is the best example I can think of.
Re: Why Zelda II is awesome
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2012, 10:57:11 pm »
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I agree with both of you guys. I find myself wanting to play Zelda II more than the original Zelda even. I never could understand why people would ever call Zelda II a failure (as a few of my friends have in the past, along with random people on internet forums and such). Maybe it's actually the people that say that who are the failure, since they probably say that because they can't beat it. :P It is hard, for sure. I had to rage quit a lot, but I kept coming back to it for another go until I finally got the satisfaction of beating it. Darknuts were all like, "You shall not pass!", and I was like, "Die! You fools!" (tried to reference LotR there, forgive me if it isn't funny, I had a very long work day today).

And, Moldrill, I totally agree that Nintendo should try something new for Zelda. What I expect is that they will keep "innovating" by making better motion controls and gameplay mechanics for the new motion technology... ::)
But what I think would be awesome is if they made a Zelda where Link gains levels. It would pretty much be the norm, but it would have much more of those RPG elements in it. It would be cool to see a turn-based battle system in a future Zelda; implement some more strategy into it or something. Maybe they could make a Zelda on the Wind hero timeline that's a platformer, because he controls wind, he could learn special jumping techniques and crap like that.. however, I see Nintendo turning that into a cutesy kids game...? But yeah, I'm ready for something truly innovative with Zelda, like Zelda II was. And a dark and serious theme would be cool, and/or something really far into the future. Nintendo is sort of getting there, but it's a very gradual increase as far as industrialization goes. The Zelda games are getting stale. Another Zelda II needs to be born to shake things up.
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