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Author Topic: (Request) Making some tiles with me.  (Read 908 times)

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(Request) Making some tiles with me.
« on: September 04, 2014, 12:55:15 am »
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Hello all. Breaks from school and work have allowed me to work on my game a bit more, and i have gotten to the point where(besides some debugging) the whole engine is done. In each dungeon right now i have a singular room showing off the style of the dungeon, and having the heart piece/triforce/items in chests in it. The issue is i only have the graphics ready for two tilesets. I am starting to design the dungeons now, and would like to sooner or later get the correct tilesets. I have ripped and slightly edited them, but i will admit they arent the best. So im asking for some help from you all. Below will be the tileset template(the classic LTTP green one, which im using in dungeon one.) and a short description of what i am looking for. Any edits/extra tiles are appreciated(you dont need to do the full set, if you have an idea and want to give 1-2 tiles just to help me out, that would be great too. if i have a start i can find my way to work the rest out.) Also in some cases like the tree one, extra tiles like vine decorations and stuff are welcome but arent needed. The base is what i am going for here. Okay. Lets get these going.

Tileset One Theme: Simple.
Details: Regular Link to the Past Tileset.(COMPLETE)

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Tileset Two Theme: Foresty
Details: Vines, think Deku Tree. greens. browns. webs. Grass. The walls are wooden and treelike.

Tileset Three Theme: Broken Down
Details: Regular Link to the Past Tileset, but broken. chipped. cracks in the walls. dirt showing. falling apart.

Tileset Four Theme: Water
Details: Water. Blues. Rock but not underground. Sandy. Light. Think sorta like a zoras domain?

Tileset Five Theme: Fancy
Details: Marble. Fancy. Clean. Whites, Red, Gold, etc. Like a temple of time almost? Large. Think churches, temples, etc.

Tileset Six Theme: Icy.
Details: Ice Dungeon. Simple as that.(COMPLETE)

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Tileset Seven Theme: Dark and Evil
Details: Shadow Temple creepy. You get the candle here and its underground. Graves, Skulls. Blacks Purples etc.

Tileset Eight Theme: ???
Details: Undecided.

Tileset Nine Theme: Endgame.
Details: Ganons fortress. fancy. black. purple. detailed. dark. evil. etc etc.

If you have any custom tilesets that match the LTTP style feel free to share. As there is two undecided dungeons as it is i could use some help. I want to stray from the LTTP just change a few colors of the same 2-3 templates and there are suprisingly little on the terms of custom tilesets. I tried searching all the oot 2d tilesets i could find(having a water temple/deku tree/shadow temple/etc etc would be very helpful.) Any help is appreciated. Give suggestions, start me off with 1-2 tiles, or do as much as you want! it doesnt matter to me. Thank you in advance for all of the help, as yes they go to help me but custom LTTP tilesets for dungeons will always find a use in fangames. Thank you again,
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