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Author Topic: Ganondorf  (Read 3990 times)

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Re: Ganondorf
« Reply #20 on: November 05, 2015, 06:04:45 pm »
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That's a good point that we should avoid that, we don't want it to feel like a cheap reveal, oh this dude you thought was good is suddenly Ganondorf! That's lame. However, we have a couple things that mitigate that and gradually lead up to the conclusion that the Gerudo King isn't who he claims to be. First, Link keeps meeting the hero's shade, who tells Link that the Gerudo King doesn't deserve the triforce. The player initially assumes this ghost dude is the game's bad guy, who's out for the triforce himself.

Later, we meet the Gerudo in the desert, although the Gerudo King had told Link to avoid the desert at all costs. The Gerudo there are led by a female warlord, Abigail, and claim they have no king. Pretty strange, if their king has allegedly been in Hyrule Castle pleading their case. This should add doubts about who Link is working for.

Then, when Farin and Zelda show up when the Gerudo King finally has all the cogs, the player shouldn't be 100% certain they've been working for the right guy. He should seem a liiiiitle off, but not too off. When Farin reveals he is the true Gerudo King and this one is Ganondorf, come back from the dark world or whatever to usurp his place, it is kind of surprising, but also explains a lot.

I don't think this really is the "hijacked by Ganon" trope, it's just that Link, as well as the Hylian Royalty, have been led this whole time to believe this Gerudo King was a new one, when in fact, it was the one one, Ganondorf, pretending to be the new one. I don't think, in game, it will be very confusing or too cheap a plot twist.
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