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Author Topic: Possible Paid job, otherwise just some tileset upgrades.  (Read 1490 times)

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Possible Paid job, otherwise just some tileset u...
« on: August 31, 2015, 11:20:06 pm »
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Copy and pasted from a forum not focused on zelda, just thought i would try it here too.

Hello all. I have been working on a Zelda fan game for a few years now(on and off) and i am getting close to what i expect to be the first open demo of the game. that being said, I want to upgrade the artwork. Up until now, the game has been a mash of sprites from three different 2D Zelda games, as well as a large amount of custom sprites from the Ocarina of Time 2D project. My game has evolved and the graphics need to be all together. This is a large upgrade for my game, and one that will take a while, so I am going to be doing it in chunks.

The first and most important part I need is the tile sets to be upgraded. Its the world of the game and the most important part that needs to look nice. the issue with the tile sets i have now is that they are all just recolored Link To The Past tile sets, and one of the most overused tile sets in fan games. To make mine stand out, I want something that still holds the same shape as the tile set(as i have made a huge map, and to redo the whole game based on a new tile set would be hell compared to making a new tile set based on the old one.) For those of you who either don't know what the tile set looks like, or would like it layed out as a reference for while they create, I have it listed below. The goal is to take the existing template of what i have and just give it a more unique feel to it, by upgrading the shading and the colors. All the tile sets in the game are recolored versions of one another, and i think that will most likely work for the upgraded tile sets too(some like the desert may need a few minor tweaks but i should be able to handle those myself.

Below is a large amount of screenshots to show how far I have come in creating this game, to show that i am serious about creating this and that it isn't just one of millions of Zelda fan games that gets scrapped very easily. I have many things coded such as saving systems, all the weapons and tunics and items you can get, all the heart pieces and triforce pieces, all movement actions(swimming, rolling, etc etc) and a majority of enemies coded in. My last step before i start working on custom boss AI and dungeon design is a graphical overhaul, which is why i am coming to you.

What i mean by upgraded is something along the lines of this(not my tiles, not my art, just an example of something similar im searching for.)

ZELDA TILESET(just the hills. There are lots more smaller details that i would need, but that i can either do myself or request at a later date as i am not worried about them now.):
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EDIT: The screenshots came out a little smaller and more blurry than I imagined. Sorry about that.
SCREENSHOTS(Beware. Large Image)
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For any of you who either would like to help more than just a tileset, want to help in a different area than tilesets(characters, items, animations, etc) or who would like to offer their services in exchange for some form of payment, I am sure we could work out a deal that way. Otherwise all credit will go to the creator and if you have any other additions in exchange for the art i would be happy to work something out.
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