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Yes, that's right! Not a huge community right now, but I would like it to be. TheProjects is made on SMF, so expect an experience much like that of ZFGC. There are three admins: Me(head admin), Bboy94, and dlbrooks33. There is also one Global Mod: Shanech. You know these people, so you know you can trust them. The forum is still being put together, so don't worry about the lack of boards right now. But, please, join TheProjects!


We need some more people so we can pick someone for a regular mod job.

One of our posting levels is god, just try and get that 10,000 posts. :P

And for the first time on the internet, you get to see me... AS AN ADMIN!!!!

Over at;all The Projects, we need some help, the first thing we need is a banner, thanks, and please join, we need new members.
So what do you think? Will you join? We need more people!

Mod Edit: Please try to not post more topics then are needed for one place.  The reason your topics were merged was due to the separation in the times of the two last posts being very close.  Have a nice day!
Mod Edit: Merged your three posts together

Bboy: Ok, sorry about that.

Bump: Aaand nobody cares...

guess so I'd help but I have 5 other forums including zfgc


Just joining would help, we need more members and activity the most. But I understand if you are busy. I don't know would people be interested if I said that we are looking for a new mod?


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