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What this board is for.


So you ask, 'what is the point of this board?'. The point is to give members of the forum a place to recruit members for their various projects, whatever the project may be.

What you can recruit for:

  - Web Development
  - Game Development
  - Sound/Music Composers
  - Graphics Designers
  - Spriters
  - Project Management
  - General Website Staff *

What this board is not for:
  - Advertisements of any sort.

* You may post topics about your website, if your main goal/intention is to recruit people to help you with your website. If you're looking for people who want to review games, then be specific in how you say it will be done. You can do things with out advertising your website. The goal of this board is to recruit, not advertise.

If you have questions please send a message of a moderator or an administrator, they will sort it out for you.

If your goal is to advertise something, please use this topic:


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