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Author Topic: Warning System  (Read 1566 times)

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Warning System
« on: March 11, 2007, 12:43:36 am »
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Very simple system really. Each member has 5 hearts, for each infraction a certain amount is taken away depending on the severity and a PM sent out to the user and a topic created in the warning's board.

Depending on the hearts the user has, the punishment (automatic disciplinary action as I have termed it on the warning window) he gets varies.  Mods can also use the warning system to send a quick warning PM with no disciplanary action.

1 hearts - Warning via PM.
2 hearts - More serious warning via PM.
3 hearts - 3 day ban and warning PM.
4 hearts - 7 day ban and warning PM.
5 hearts - Perma ban.

The levels at which hearts are taken away is as follows.  The system is designed to allow the user to have several minor infractions before being punished but only one critical or severe infraction.

Misdemeanor - 1 heart.
-- Spam
-- Duplicate Account
-- Offensive avatar
-- Excessive avatar size
-- Offensive signature
-- Excessive signature size
-- Pseudo-modding
-- Advertising
-- Speaking in foreign language

Severe Infraction - 2 hearts.
-- Flaming
-- Trolling
-- Ignoring staff warnings

Critical Infraction - 5 hearts.
-- Posting pornographic or offensive material
-- Posting illegal material
-- Copyright infringement
-- Ban evasion

We are also going for the embarrassment factor with this mod by allowing the warning level of any member to be viewed by anyone, which also has the advantage of allowing people to see we are fair-handed.
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