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Author Topic: <DISQUALIFIED> Petey Piranha  (Read 1119 times)

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<DISQUALIFIED> Petey Piranha
« on: July 08, 2007, 10:08:53 am »
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Petey Piranha

What more is there to add? It's Petey!

The first incarnations of Petey


'Petey was always taking up my screen time. But I still like him, we grew up together, you know. And for the first time I managed to convince Petey to do that character competition. He is really quite shy when you get to know him. Sure, he might seem all aggresive and fire-breathing, but deep down inside he's a soft soul. Just like me you know. I mean you go 'Wow he must be evil and stuff' but do you have any idea how much friction me and Wario have? I can't hide my feelings for him anymore! I LOVE HIM! LOVE HIM I TELL YOU!!!'

'Anyway, here are we in our holiday shot. Yes, now all vote for Petey! If you know what's good for you! Or I will come hunting in your bed at night! Only if you are male obviously.'

'Here Petey protested against Kleaver's ban. Quickly ZFGC realised they could not afford to lose Petey's popularity and unbanned his master.'

'This is when Petey finally got global mod abilities. He changed color to match his new outfit.'


'Petey and Waluigi have always been my avatars. I like being consistent. And Petey has been around long enough to be an icon now. So I hope he makes through atleast the first round. Or maybe even win this character comp. But it depends against who I have to face off. He will probably be placed in the Inferno brackets.'

'I worked with Petey several weeks as his sig. He was a great person to work with. He gave me all the time I needed to fit in. Yeah he's a great guy. He even whisted a tune for me to dance on at one point.'

Petey whistling

'I replaced Petey for a couple of days when he was losing his roots and took on a new shape. Then I realised the enermous pressure Petey is on being a popular avatar like that. I mean, I was supposed to stay for another week but I cracked under the pressure. Eventually Waluigi had to fill in for me. I just couln't cope with it.'

'I'm busy!'

'I appreciate Petey for offering me a job. I did not even had to audition. I was in between jobs after I did Super Mario 64. And it really was nice to work with a previous colleague. I might have used Petey's huge succes to gain popularity somewhat. I mean, ever since I left the gig request are shooting through the roof!'


Put this in your sig! PLEASE!!!

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Re: Petey Piranha
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2007, 10:51:27 am »
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Some characters in this competition have made the line between original material and reused material a little blurry, but this one is clearly on the latter side. I want to draw your attention to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petey_Piranha . Petey Piranha doesn't have an original name and uses graphics from ML: Super Saga. This is clearly out of order.

I'm sorry Kleaver, but Hoffy and I have decided to disqualify Petey Piranha. We do invite you to submit a more original character for the competition though.
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