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Author Topic: SMF Skin/Theme crew  (Read 735 times)

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SMF Skin/Theme crew
« on: October 15, 2007, 07:54:55 pm »
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I'm interested in getting someone or some people to work on skins for my SMF forum.

My forum really lacks in style.

I guess I could work on it myself, but I really haven't gotten too used to SMF skinning and would rather get someone else to do it anyway. ;3

It won't be from scratch work either (though it can be if you prefer), as most of the members at my forum have migrated from a now closed IPB board that had quite a few cool skins that I'm sure they'd like to see again.

This isn't just limited to skinning either, it can be for board modification and all that sort of stuff if you'd like.

But mostly I'm looking for someone interested in making skins/themes.

The board is located here: http://tgg.jcink.org/
Please provide examples of previous work and all that when applying. You can apply in this topic, which is preferred, or by PM at either here or the board itself.

Thanks for your time.
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