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Author Topic: Notice of Another Change in Moderation  (Read 746 times)

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Notice of Another Change in Moderation
« on: December 18, 2007, 10:42:14 pm »
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I bet you never thought you would see this, and by my own decision no less, but I am stepping down as administrator of moderation and demoting myself to moderator for as long as is needed or as long as I am comfortable with; if I slack in those duties though, I expect to be let go from my moderation duties, this is not an exclusive privilege.  The main reason for my decision to do this was that I do not feel like I am doing enough and I am just not motivated enough to do so.  

So, I decided, with the consent of Andrew and some if not all of the current moderation, that Mamoruanime would be taking over as administrator of moderation.  This is primarily for his past leadership, the fact that the head moderation system was his idea and as such his management of it should be idea, he has an adequate amount of time to do so, etc.  

There is something that I want to address though, and this has always pissed me off.  Moderation is not and will never be a perfect system and mistakes are made, and believe me, no one hates this more than me.  But when users like you possibly feel that you are being targeted unfairly and that you should disrespect the moderation staff whenever you feel like it, that is taking it too far.  I have shown you abundant leniency to the point where no one else would, and with new leadership, you will never know that leniency again.  I was going to mention some names here, but you know who you are and I won't glorify you with names; one sent me an IM with direct expletives, another sent me a virus, another has been feuding with the person that is replacing me.

Although I will not be leaving fully, I will say as I always have, thanks for your time.
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