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Author Topic: November 23, 2008 - ZFGC Weekly  (Read 856 times)

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November 23, 2008 - ZFGC Weekly
« on: November 24, 2008, 05:01:07 am »
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Volume 5, Issue 3 - November 23, 2008
irc.windfyre.net #zfgc
This week's banner courtesy of Moldorma and icon courtesy of 4Sword

1. Community Announcements  (Ctrl+F CA2)
2. Best of the Forum  (Ctrl+F BF2)
3. Weekly Awards  (Ctrl+F WA2)
4. The Big Question  (Ctrl+F BQ2)
5. Featured Project: Duck Hunt 360 by Knighty (Ctrl+F FP2)

Community Announcements (CA2)

-- ZFGC is having an election for a Community Administrator.  If you're interested, further details can be found in Announcements.

--The ZFGC Character Contest is going to be happening soon.  If you have not already expressed interest in participating, if you do not have a character ready, or if you just want to be ready to watch, talk to walnut100 or just be ready for it.

-- Vash and Mamoruanime have returned and are now administrators again.

Best of the Forum (BF2)

Condolences Given for LynkW.
Quote from: Zidane
Someone (from ReBirth Gaming Forums) just told me that LynkW commited suicide friday. |:

LynkW was apart of the RBG forums for a while. I don't know if it's the truth or not, but the guy said he sent out 3 letters or emails or something the other day but he didn't know what they said.

He said when he spoke to him thursday or something he didn't seem depressed and such so he has no idea why he would do it.

Also apparently two kids found him.

Take this with a grain of salt right now (since we've had fakes in the past). I'll post more if I find out more.

Either way, if it's true, that really sucks.

Theforeshadower Returns.
Quote from: Theforeshadower
Yeah, I'm back.  Permanently!

Got Sprint Mobile Broadband card up and running.
Not much in my life going on except I got promoted to manager-in-training for my pizza job.
Pretty sweet as my pay increases.

Only have a few game projects going on.  A Resident Evil one and a couple RPGs.
My GM skills have improved. (Though I would rather it be my C++ skills lol).

My spriting still sucks pretty bad.

Meh, nothing much else. Got a 9mm handgun.  Pretty sweet.

Other than that, life is pretty bland.

I, for One, Welcome Our Other-Worldly Overlords.
Quote from: Swoftu


An Actual Debate?
Quote from: walnut100
Is a chemical disease of the brain, and is becoming more prevalent because of the way society is run now. Some may argue humans are rising above evolution, I say we're dragging ourselves down lower by trying to beat it.

Debate on the subject here instead of cluttering up that other topic. Go Go Og!

Weekly Awards (WA2)

Project Update of the Week
Xiphirix's xShoutX
Quote from: Xiphirx
Update: Added Tripcode for simple authentication :D

Graphic of the Week
Darklink45's Black Abyss Sprites
Quote from: Kingknight
These are Darklink45's for my game, do not use!

But, C+C to Darklink45's masterpieces

Big Question (BQ2)

Last week's question: If ZFGC were to have an official part of the staff dedicated to setting up events, handling news items, etc., would you be interested in being a part of it?
Summary of answers: Overall, many people were against the idea, as it would take away from the community-driven aspect of such things.

This week's question: Are you going to participate in the upcoming Character Contest or at least be a part of those viewing it?
Join the discussion at: http://www.zfgc.com/index.php#?action=news&sa=read&id=32298

Featured Project (FP2)

Duck Hunt 360

Developer: Knighty
Release Date: October 21, 2008
Genre: Shooter
Language: Game Maker
Player(s): 1


Authors of this week's issue: 4Sword

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