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Author Topic: ZFGC Weekly  (Read 684 times)

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ZFGC Weekly
« on: December 07, 2008, 08:44:52 am »
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Volume 6, Issue 1 - December 7, 2008
irc.windfyre.net #zfgc
This week's banner courtesy of Yubel and icon courtesy of 4Sword

1. Community Announcements  (Ctrl+F CA2)
2. Best of the Forum  (Ctrl+F BF2)
3. Weekly Awards  (Ctrl+F WA2)
4. The Big Question  (Ctrl+F BQ2)
5. Featured Project: Zelda Future by Nabeshin (Ctrl+F FP2)

Community Announcements (CA2)

-- CrystalAngel04 is now a "judge" of user and staff complaints.  More information can be found in Announcements.

-- The Community Project could use some revival.  If you feel you could be a good part of the team or that you could offer something to the project, bring it up in the Community Project board - located as a child-board of Works In Progress under the Projects category.

Best of the Forum (BF2)

Nobody Knows About the Snow South of Glasgow.
Quote from: Kyubi
For years now in Britain, whenever we get snow it has not settled. If it has settled, it has simply been half-hearted snow that doesn't stick together.



If you don't see me, Kaede, Pyru, TJD, and Infini today, you know why. Maybe not Infini. He'll be doing cohdan to make an Autobot snowman or some !@#$%. I made a snowman, and it froze since it was so cold. It became an ice man. I secretly call it Chuck Lidell, because no-one else knows about him except my uncle ;_;

Digital Genocide.
Quote from: Infini
Well I was writing a front end website for my file server today. Started writing the "delete" function, and guess what :D? By accident I forgot not to delete the "." and ".." folders when removing folder trees, if your a programmer you can probably guess what that means. I accidently deleted about 1TB's worth of data, some of it incredibly rare, built up over a few years.

Trying some unerase wizards at the moment, see if I can get anything back.

You guys ever had any faceplam moments like that?

Speculation Encountered.
Quote from: Takuthehedgehog

So... anyone want to attempt to figure out what it means?

Weekly Awards (WA2)

Engine of the Week
Theforeshadower's Resident Evil 2D Engine
Quote from: Theforeshadower
Bah, I lost my actual current version of this game I was working on.
I don't want to let everything go to waste so here.  You guys can have, mess with, or do whatever with this.  I made all the graphics except for the image used in the title screen.

Have fun with it.
(in attachments I have the gmk and exe)

Audio of the Week
D-Pad's Overworld Theme
Quote from: D-Pad
Didn't know what to call this -- I'm pretty bad at naming things (my dog's name is Zelda[though now I couldn't imagine calling her anything else]) -- but never-the-less, hvae a listen:

To the Hero of Hyrule: A Tribute

It combines an original theme with some from Ocarina of Time. It sounds like you're traversing the same path as the old hero. Enjoy!

Graphic of the Week
DJvenom's Sonic Adventure 2 Chao Items
Quote from: DJvenom

C+C :D

Big Question (BQ2)

Last week's question: Do you prefer comprehensive, big tutorials/engines or simple, focused tutorials/engines for helping you with game development?
Summary of answers: Most users favor large comprehensive tutorials.  Bigger is apparently better.

This week's question: For students with finals, does being here conflict with the studying you should be doing?
Join the discussion at: http://www.zfgc.com/index.php#?action=news&sa=read&id=32491

Featured Project (FP2)

Zelda Future

Developer: Nabeshin
Release Date: November 15, 2008
Genre: Idea
Language: J#
Player(s): 1


Authors of this week's issue: 4Sword

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