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Author Topic: [FOREST DIVISION] Battle Royale  (Read 655 times)

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« on: January 27, 2009, 04:52:57 am »
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The Water Division's Battle Royale has ended. Cotton Candy Man got a solid goose-egg zero, Rocky got a single vote, lolcat :3 got four, and Jar ended up with twelve. Jar decimated everyone in its division. Oh, the encapsulation and taco displeasurement!

The current and last Battle Royale is between all the members of the Forest Division. These include ¡Jalapeño!, Character, Sarah Palin, and Grizzle. The first, the pepper with persistent power in the pursuit of justice. The second, the ambiguous everyman. The third, the polarizing borderline bipolar, nearly North polar, Sarah Palin. And finally, the bear that is the walking dead in this competition - after getting disqualified crawls into this showcase event.

So yeah, vote if you want to. Or don't if that's what you're into.
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