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Author Topic: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]  (Read 198129 times)

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Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« Reply #1180 on: August 05, 2018, 04:12:43 pm »
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Hi guys. So I was aiming to release this next demo asap but because I had more free time then usual I decided to first do a full playthrough as extra testing. Well... I got reminded of the scope of this game. Without testers some area's haven't been properly played in years and thus I found more bugs then I'd dare to admit.

So, basically I'll be taking more time to polish things up.

Also, performance at places has somehow become a slight issue on my machine (=some dips between 58 and 60 fps). I've implemented a series of improvements, but I doesn't seem to fix much as it's the black box GML engine that already takes up at least 86% of the resources. If anybody want to help test the fps on different machines, please let me know.

Progress made:
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0.20.06 (4 augustus 2018)
* Overworld: Removed some usages of draw_rectangle to boost performance a little
* Debug area: Fixed memory leak during some room transitions
* Starting screen: Removed all draw_line() functions for performance
* Gameselect: Fixed memory leak with obj_Character surfaces not getting flushed
* Further optimized HUD drawing
* Combined effects from getting bows and/or arrows
* Combined code, that turns some of the objects outside of view, into one
* Massively rewrote the terrain collision scripting

0.20.07 (5 augustus 2018)
* Fixed sporadic error when cutting multiple bushes
* Fixed error when shooting enemy with arrow
* Improved performance collisions woth character projectiles
* Arrows now also ignore holes in the ground below bushes
* Fixed some issues with exiting water
* The collision masking when running into breakable walls/stone piles is now more forgiving
* Breakable blocks can now also be destroyed by running into it
* Further improved efficiency enemy movement scripting
* Tree drawing performance further improved
* Mansion: Fixed master chest being inaccessable
* Mansion: Fixed small shed tiling issue
* Mansion: Tweaked dinning room tiling
* Desert: Tweaked chest placement in secundairy entrance to make it harder for people to miss the actual entrance
* Desert: Fixed tiling issue on F3
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Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« Reply #1181 on: August 12, 2018, 07:52:33 pm »
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Weekly update:
Sorry, but no demo this week either. The more I test the more I find to fix or tweak. So the current state is that there are still about 6 issues on my list that are noticable to game-breaking (and about 20 that are minor to nitpicky).

What I did manage to do was improve the overall performance so that framedrops seem relegated to the largest / most heavily populated area's. (It's somehow quite fun to slowly chip away at such a large problem, learning as I go).

Progress made:
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0.20.08 (6 augustus 2018)
* Desert: Fixed tiling issue door upper left of main plaza
* Improved performance of containers, shadows and various enemy movement scripts

0.20.09 (7 augustus 2018)
* Mansion: Secret treasure now contains the blue tunic
* Slightly improved performance warp draw event
* Mansion: Fixed masking issue in shed
* Fixed tunic colors not drawing correctly during warp animations

0.20.10 (8 augustus 2018)
* Mansion: Updated masking issue in diner
* Combined most HUD surfaces for a little better performance

0.20.11 (11 augustus 2018)
* Textures now increased form 2k to 4k (aka 64 MB)
* Combined more surfaces in HUD
* Optimized more tilesets so the game now runs on a single texture
* Small optimization to enemy draw scripting
* Made wall crash destruction more lenient, in how it's detected, yet again
* Fixed visuals while stationary in deep water with upgraded tunic
* Fixed issue in shock animations

0.20.12 (12 augustus 2018)
* Slight improvement to enemy AI + drawing performance
* Big performance boost to context button text detection
* Tweaked tiling and object placement in Mansion Shed
* Tweaked character collisions for performance
* Fixed issue where you can continuously crash into a bookcase to move a key endlessly
* Fixed a few more masking oversights
* Fixed visual oversight in item menu
* Tweaked fairy masking to make it less likely they get stuck in walls etc
Still working on my Alttp-engine: http://www.zfgc.com/forum/index.php?topic=33701.0
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Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [demo 19]
« Reply #1182 on: Yesterday at 07:42:40 pm »
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I'm glad to see those who actually look back and take care of earlier problems before releasing something to the public.
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