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Which dungeon setting sounds best to add next?

LW: Mystic Forest - Cross a magic forest maze into several small ruins
DW: Swamp Piramide - Solve the game's water puzzle dungeon using elevators
DW: Cathedral - Recruit defeated knights from the graveyards to fight the boss together
DW: Ice Caverns - Handle icy floors and being hunted by the boss across the dungeon
DW: Dual Towers - Climb one tower as training for the harder dark world version
DW: Mining Town - Rescue villagers, then fight the true evil inside lava filled mines
DW: Dark Woods - Explore a dead forest with deep interconnected ruins
DW: Fortress of Medu - Slowly drive back the darkness one room at a time
DW: Fire temple - Find the fire dragon with puzzles across multiple worlds
DW: Ice temple - Find the ice dragon with puzzles across multiple worlds

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Author Topic: Alttp - Horn of Balance [DEMO 22 out]  (Read 284678 times)

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Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance [DEMO 22 out]
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Yes, I'm able to defeat that boss rather easily. L.3 Sword against the claws and the tail, then against the mask and the face. Pretty easy. I never got the impression that I was supposed to run from the room, at all. And yes, the music did stop in one run, when I defeated that boss.
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