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Author Topic: Seeking Dungeon Designers for The Legend of Zelda : Chiming Bells  (Read 1277 times)

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Seeking Dungeon Designers for The Legend of Zeld...
« on: November 10, 2011, 02:16:33 pm »
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As you know, The Legend of Zelda : Chiming Bells is looking towards the second dungeon! This time round, it's time to seek designers for the dungeon. The first dungeon was designed by me to be simple puzzles. It's time to kick up the difficulty.

So I'm looking for dungeon designers! Now there's a few things you should know about the Frozen Shrine

-It can have no more than 2 floors which are no bigger than 1216 x 800 pixels. (This is excluding the boss room as this gets a seperate room)
-In one of these 2 floors, there must be a Map, a Compass, a Big Key and a Mini Boss room
-The Frozen Shrine is used by the Yetis as a water supply to all of Hyrule. This means that ice and water can be used in this dungeon
-Based on the fact you now have the Megaton Hammer, you can whack solid ice blocks to simulate the Pushing engine normally found in Zelda games. As for cracked ice blocks, you destroy them with the Hammer
-You gain the Clawshot in this dungeon. But not only does it clawshot over pits, you can grind across wires and pipes above Link. I will be providing a video to show how the Clawshot works
-Chia has given Link the Calling Bell. With the bell, Link can call spirits on Spirit Platforms to get their help. Their help can be anything within reason. For instance to get into the Frozen Capital, Link uses the ice spirits to create an Ice Bridge to cross the mountains.

If you feel like helping me out by designing the Frozen Shrine, please post here or PM me
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