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Author Topic: [Submission]Helmaroc  (Read 4923 times)

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« on: July 19, 2012, 09:09:30 pm »
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Name: Helmaroc
HP: 8
Location: Mini-Boss for Roc's Cape, Theres only one in the game.
Description: It is similar to a Kargaroc, but slightly larger by a about a foot, it has naturally forming armor plates on it, and you can only damage it by using objects on it's back. WW Design for kargaroc is used as a base.
   Peck- 2 HP
It moves back and then pushes forward to peck you, and theres a 50% chance of knocking you down. It stops for a second to regain it's Balance after this attack.
   Wing Buffet-
It only uses this if link trys to flank it while it's not stunned, isn't stopped, or right after link hits it's back with something.It starts flapping it's wings rapidly, and the wind from pushes link away from the helmarock.(It'll slowly push link towards the edge to make it fair.) If link gets pushed to the edge he will fall as if it was a pit and would then fall to the map right below the arena(Close to were you climbed up to the peak, which isn't very far away.) and you'd have to climb back up to restart the battle.(Moldorm Battle Reference). While being pushed by the buffet, walking towards it doesn't allow you to move, because it cancels out the effect of the Wing Buffet, Rolling is also slowed if your going in the direction that the buffet is coming from, the rolling is speed up if your rolling in the opposite direction of where the buffet is coming from.
   Skull Smash- 2.25 HP
It moves back and then pushes forward to peck you, but this time it slams it's head into the ground, causing a small shockwave(With a diameter of four 16x16 squares) that knocks link down if he touches it. It's head is stuck in the ground for the same amount of time it's stunned, this counts as it being stunned.
Player Combat Countermeasures:
-When it pecks, you have a chance to stab its back real quickly.
-If a boomerang hits it and is ineffective.
-Hookshot bounces off of it's armor; if it hits it's back, it's stunned for a part of a second.
Combat: He is pretty simple, he acts kind of like a Kargaroc, but will try to keep you from flanking it by using wing buffet to push you back, When it pecks, like a kargarock it stops for a second to regain it's balance, leaving it's back exposed. You they use an item or slash it a couple times and it then turns around and uses wing buffet to push you away, after a few seconds it move in and then it would do a Skull Smash, after a few hits to the back it would use wing bufffet again, pause for a seconde before coming over to peck you and then the battle continues.
-When he's off balance you can use the magnet gloves to pull him to the ground, which makes him fall and it stuns him for a little longer than if he was just off balance.
Arena: The battle takes place at the peak of Mt. Goron. To get to the arena you have to climb a wall. The arena is surrounded by cliffs.

I seperated it from Kargaroc since it's a miniboss. Also could upper management move the repies that have to do with the helmaroc to this topic.
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