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Author Topic: [Submission] Hookshot Grabbing Game  (Read 1061 times)

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[Submission] Hookshot Grabbing Game
« on: January 16, 2013, 06:19:12 am »
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A minigame that could teach you to master the hookshot. I was thinking of something along these lines...

You are in a room, and on the other side of a counter. You are free to move around on your side. On the opposite end is a whack a mole type thing, but instead of moles appearing to be wacked, Small Tectites are jumping from one random hole to another. What you have to do is time your hookshot to catch them out of the air, and then throw them into a large hole on your side to score. There are multiple types of tectites, each with higher values, movement rates, and rarities.

You are given a time limit to do this.
Red Tectite- 1 Point
Blue Tectite- 3 Points
Gold Tectite- 10 Points

Difficulties could include.

Time Limit- 90 Seconds
Score to beat- 60 points
Cost to play- 20 Rupees
Reward- 30 Rupees. New records could net 40 Rupees.

Time Limit- 75 Seconds
Score to Beat- 65 Points
Cost to Play- 30 Rupees
Reward- 40 Rupees. New records could net 50.

Time Limit- 60 Seconds
Score to beat- 70 Points
Cost to Play- 50 Rupees
Reward- 60 Rupees. New records could net 75. This could also result in a hookshot upgrade if that was planned.

2 Golden Tectites will appear per session. They move faster than Blue, and stay in the air for slightly longer. Before they leap from a hole there is a small sparkle.
Blue Tectites will appear almost just as often as Red, and will move slightly faster.
Red Tectites are the fodder of the bunch. They will leap out, and will never land directly inside of a hole. They will land on top and burrow in, giving the lesser player a chance to grab them.

The only way to beat hard would be to actually snag both of the gold tectites, and to overlook the red ones while aiming for the blue ones.

I would recommend scattering the holes either semi randomly or having 3 lines of them vertically on opposite sides of the room.
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