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Author Topic: TLOZ: Tears of the Gods (WW Prequel Idea)  (Read 763 times)

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TLOZ: Tears of the Gods (WW Prequel Idea)
« on: October 15, 2013, 03:22:12 am »
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Okay, so this isn't a game that I plan on making at all. It's just an idea I had that I think someone could really REALLY build off of. Many of the games people seem to make are in the same universes but don't fit so well in the canon universe of Zelda. So I figure, what about a game that happens just before Wind Waker? This game is supposed to branch together OoT and WW.

Theme of the game- Rainfall
Major Characters- Link, Zelda, some evil villain

Basis of the idea- Hyrule is threatened once again by an evil more great than anything that has ever been known to the land. Link (likely the grandson of OoT's Link) goes on a journey to stop this evil from destroying the Hyrule. He uses a relic of the royal family said to possess magical powers that saved the land from Ganondorf nearly a century ago. (the Ocarina of Time) In the end of this game however, he ultimately fails to defeat the evil. He prays to the Gods for their wisdom and he does the only thing that he believes will save their world. He uses his Ocarina and plays the Song of Storms (over and over again) beginning the Great Flood in hopes that the people of the world will adapt to what will become their new way of life.

I know it isn't much to go off of, but I was just thinking it would really be something if there was a game where you played up until the flood that changed Hyrule forever. I was thinking that the end of the game would actually be that you'd get to see the storm pouring down over Hyrule as the people of the world all crafting rafts and boats or seeking refuge upon their rooftops noticing that the rain isn't stopping. Maybe that evil was actually Ganon yet again and Link simply wasn't ready to fight him. Only this time, he couldn't travel through time to become more powerful. I dunno, it was just something on my mind after I heard a really amazing version of the Song of Storms.
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