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Author Topic: Trying to Put Together an Open Source Dev Team  (Read 1214 times)

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Prussian Killer Bee
Trying to Put Together an Open Source Dev Team
« on: February 14, 2014, 11:50:12 pm »
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Ok, so first i have to start by saying this: its been awhile ZFGC...

I came to this site as a child and from it and its users replying to my (often simple) programming questions i went from a small time html developer to a paid programmer; thanks  ;)

Now to the point, I am looking to start a team to develop open source software at the moment the current project is this -> http://litebbs.indyprogramming.co

Its still about 1/3 through development but with a styler and maybe another programmer it could be done in a week;  The thing is im just really in to open source and i want to put my knowledge to use designing stuff for people to use but its hard for one man in this world.

if your interested, the development forum is just going up (its not done, but its stable) http://www.indyprogramming.co
im looking for anyone wanting to gain programming experience or just criticize us that do.
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