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Author Topic: [Concept Demo] LoZ:A Link to the Past - Gameboy  (Read 1071 times)

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[Concept Demo] LoZ:A Link to the Past - Gameboy
« on: July 28, 2014, 07:00:13 am »
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Download Link:
Thank you, Infinitus.

I still consider this a concept/tech demo.  I don't feel that it deserves a true thread in Zelda Projects yet.  I am posting this thread as to get outside testing since I know the ins and outs of my code.

Known issues before you post:
The IceRod projectile hangs on objects much more easily than the FireRod.  <-- Looking into this.
The Hookshot hangs when fired directly next to the edge of the view and towards that edge.  <-- Looking into this.
An enemy can bounce you out of view which in turn causes a scroll.  <-- Looking into this.
Don't try to go to the throne room, it doesn't exist.  You'll just get stuck in a wall.

There is no save features.  Just press Enter to get pass the Select screen.


Arrows move Link and the Inventory selector in the Menu.
Enter opens the menu(acts as Start)
Z swings the sword, opens objects, continues text.
X uses an item if one is quipped and sets an item to X if you are in the Menu
H lowers your health
Y increases your health
L unlocks all icons for the menu and gives some goodies and will change various statuses of quests which can change music in several areas(can be used as often as you like)

Items currently finished in this concept stage:
Sword and Sword Spinning
Bombos Medallion
Ether Medallion  WARNING:  IT FLASHES THE SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Text System
Game Over
Changes in music, npcs, and chests based upon global values.
Base Enemy ( hope you can find it )
Hyrule Castle Mapped(feel free to explore it though not all collisions in place)

So far with my testing, I haven't encountered any game crashes anymore.  Feel free to find any glitches.  I am looking for sprites for enemies, better medallion effects, and better music.

Download Link:
Thank you, Infinitus.
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