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Author Topic: [Submission] Overworld Concept  (Read 932 times)

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[Submission] Overworld Concept
« on: August 01, 2015, 03:19:04 am »
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Another super rough thing, just starting to think about the different areas, how they might connect with each other. I was looking at overworlds from a bunch of other Zelda games today and thinking about the differences. A link to the past has a big contrast with Link's Awakening and the Oracle games in the feel of its overworld, and I realized today that a big part of this (I think) is that there are multiple ways to get to most locations. You can get to the forest from the south or east, Lake Hylia has multiple access points, Kakariko village can be entered from north or south, etc.

We need to allow a bit less freedom because our plot is a bit more involved. But I think if we're clever, we can still maintain a greater illusion of freedom than Minish Cap, for example. So in Lake Hylia, you shouldn't be able to talk to Sheldon and activate the ancient machines until after you beat the Deku temple. But we can still allow access to part of Lake Hylia from the start. Maybe the player can get to death mountain, but will need the magnetic gloves to reach Goron village. Things like that.

Anyway, blabbering on, mostly I just had a bunch of free time as I'm on vacation and I doodled a world map. The connections between areas are pretty vague and we'll actually probably figure that all out when we're tiling the overworld, which we need to settle on dimensions first to do.
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