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Ura Zelda Restoration Project 2016!! (ARUZ 2016)

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Okay So this is my first attempt at an n64 project :P But here it is!!
Welcome to Another Restoration Project For URA Zelda!
(Project ARUZ 2016 for short ^-^)

This Project Aims To Restore the content we Saw in The Beta Screenshots Of Ocarina Of Time, And Ura Zelda as a Playable Game For Everyone To Enjoy ^-^

Current Development Team Members (And What they do) :
[*]Alex S                                                            (Creator of Project ARUZ 2016)
[*]Ty Anderson                                                     (Creator Of Links Awakening 64,SMS Painted edition)                                               
[*]Zel                                                              (Project Assistance)
[*]CCLSpeedRunner                    (Ura Info Provider)

If you would like to join the team, just ask! Any help is welcome,just let us know what you can do and we will add you to the dev team list!!


New Title Screen And Beta Textures

Zola Lake Restored (WIP Playable Demo!)

And Much More Coming Very Soon ^-^

Link to Project Development Discord Server :
Click here to enter the Server!


ZethN64 Legacy Project Remains ModDB page : ModDB Page

Zola Lake Demo 1.1 :
Download Here ^-^

Project Official Facebook Page: Facebook Page


Coming soon...

Wow dude! Its nice to see this project come back to life again! I was actually recently looking at the artwork for this project, and Its awesome you want to finish it :)
Oh, and welcome to the forum! :D

thanks man! im trying to get more people to notice so i can build a team more impressive than the beta triforce team. its just its pretty hard to find people.

just imported hyrule castle town from ura zelda (adding npcs and entrance points soon) :P

what do you guys think?

Nice seeing this project back on it's feet. Looking good! ^^


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