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Author Topic: Super Mario Country-Side, Metroidvania game idea  (Read 6273 times)

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Super Mario Country-Side, Metroidvania game idea
« on: February 05, 2019, 11:39:03 am »
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An open ended side-scrolling Mario game with RPG and elements. This is an idea I've had for a while that I recently fleshed out more. Enemies give Exp, and leveling up slightly increases HP and Jump height (very slightly for jump).

Bowser kidnapped Peach, and shattered the Star of Peace forged by the blacksmith Luigi from a fallen star. The carpenter Mario built a fortress for it to be housed in, which also was destroyed.

Peach says she is allegedly sick of being kidnapped and rescued and agrees to marriage, for Queens need no rescuing. Mushroom Kingdom is now ruled by King Bowser and Queen Peach. Bowser cracks down on immigration and has imprisoned Luigi. Nobody can remember who the famous Mario Bros. are even. The Star Fragments were given to various newly appointed bosses of each area.

Party members can be switched out at any time, and a fallen player must be revived with a 1up Mushroom. Toad is the first to join, as he's the only one who remembers Mario. The ruler of the Toad Hinterlands is Regular Bowser, as opposed to King Bowser in the Mushroom Castle. Regular Bowser is weaker and can only spit a small fireball instead of flame breathe. After defeating him the player gets the Koopa Aspect. By giving it back to him Bowser realizes his power has been fragmented, and asks Mario to help him, despite not remembering who Mario is.

Second party member is Luigi, once freed from the Under Land Dungeons boss.

Areas, a connected world rather than separate levels/worlds (and bosses)

- Mushroom Kingdom -
Mushroom Castle - Captain of the Royal Toad Guard // Queen Peach and King Bowser // Dream Goomba

Toad Hinterlands - Regular Bowser (star fragment)

Under Land Dungeons (via mushroom kingdom sewers) - Zombie Plumber Patriarch

Under Land Graves (via cemetery in Frypan Steppe) - Boo Undertaker (star fragment)

- Lichen Kingdom -
Frypan Steppe - Rock Bowser
Lichen Mtn - White Mountain Chainchomp (star fragment)

- Mossy Kingdom -
Mossy Woods - Queen Piranha Bush // Forest Heart Root Bulb (star fragment)
Lava Swamp - Flame Bowser

- Clouds -
Terrapin Fleet - Paratroopa General (key to Cloud Castle)
Cloud Castle - Emperor Lakitu (star fragment)

Rock Bowser gets Bowser's Shell Aspect, and Flame Bowser gets the Fire Aspect back. Leaving only the Power Aspect with the imposter controlling King Bowser. When Regular Bowser has his Koopa, Shell, and Flame Aspects he will join the Party.

Before entering the Mushroom Castle the player needs 5/6 Star of Peace Fragments found from bosses in various areas, as well as Bowser's Bullet Bill Cannon weapon, found on the Terrapin Fleet of the Clouds area, to break down the door. Toad won't let you enter however unless you've rebuilt the Peace Fortress, with a large sum of Coins and Mason's Bricks. For the completed Star of Peace needs a home or else it will feel cheated and return to the sky, since Stars have a mind of their own.

After defeating the Captain of the Royal Toad Guard, Queen Peach and King Bowser, you regain Bowser's Power Aspect, and a villain called the Dream Goomba reveals he is the one who shattered Bowser's Aspects and the Star of Peace. He is the final boss.

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