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Author Topic: BREATH OF THE WILD SEQUEL!!!!!  (Read 7938 times)

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« on: June 11, 2019, 09:03:32 pm »
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Ganondorf's corpse reanimated by Malice, possibly with a multiplayer option with playable Zelda! And a close release date? They pulled a majora's mask on us again by reusing the assets and engine of BotW!! I'M HYPED!!!!

The question is, what will the world be like? We already explored Hyrule in BotW, is it going to change a lot, are we going to another land? are we going to have traditional dungeons?? So many questions!!!
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2019, 10:43:33 pm »
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For what essentially amounts to a short teaser, Nintendo packed in a surprising amount of information in that reveal trailer. I’d like to unpack everything and shoot my shot with some wild — and some not so wild — speculation.

First, let’s talk about what we can reasonably assume to "know" based on what was shown:

  • Link and Zelda are exploring a cave or temple, presumably underneath Hyrule Castle or somewhere nearby based on the ending shot of the trailer: it appears that an explosion or some kind of activity is coming from underneath the castle, which then begins to rise. I’ll come back to this later.
  • There are paintings on the walls within the area Link and Zelda are exploring. It appears to be the exact same style used when lore relating to the events from 10,100 years prior to BoTW was shown. From this, we can assume this area is from approximately the same era in the past.
  • In the painting, there is a character which bears a very strong resemblance to a Gerudo on horseback. More on this later.
  • The body in the center of the miasma has red hair and similar adornments to what we’ve seen from the Gerudo in the past. Considering the decrepit state of the body and the fact that it’s shown immediately following the painting, I feel it’s safe to assume this is the same man: a Gerudo from 10,100 years ago.
  • The miasma surrounding and emanating from the body has more than a slight resemblance to what we’ve seen from Calamity Ganon.
  • A vortex of blue-green spell-work centers on the body’s chest, centered where an ethereal arm/hand is holding it. This arm is blue-green as well and wrapped in a sort of chain. I’ll come back to this soon.
  • We’re shown a brief silhouette of this chained hand plunging towards the being’s chest as a shadow flashed on the wall. I feel it’s safe to assume that this is showing us what happened in the distant past.
  • Something happens which causes a greenish light to go into Link’s hand.
  • The body reanimates, presumably having become free from the chained hand and the spell-work shown earlier. Showing the light going into Link’s hand immediately prior to this is not a coincidence.
  • Finally, Link and Zelda appear to be the same incarnations from the previous game, however their clothes are slightly different from any we have seen before and Zelda has a shorter haircut. I’ll touch on this a bit later.

Most of that is fairly straightforward, at least if you’re watching carefully.
Now it’s time for speculation, both conservative and wildly outlandish:

  • This takes place some years after BoTW. Long enough for the Hyrule Castle and Castle City to have been restored and for Link and Zelda’s attire and looks to change slightly, but only just.
  • Link and Zelda are exploring underneath the area either because of an opening being uncovered during the previously mentioned restoration, because of signs that the Calamity still remains which they’ve followed or some combination of the two.
  • The body and the Gerudo depicted in the painting are one and the same: Ganondorf.
  • The hand and spell-work which are holding him is place are from his ancient peers: incarnations of Link and Zelda from 10,100 years ago. That seal started to break 100 years ago at the time when Calamity Ganon appeared.
  • Calamity Ganon was merely a partial manifestation of the power which is sealed away here. More of a very destructive symptom than the actual source. He was formed with what power was able to get past the seal, but ultimately no more than a mindless beast of pure malice. The man, the mind, Ganondorf is the true source and has remained mostly sealed by the binding spell up until this point.
  • When the present-day Link and Zelda are exploring these ruins, the binding spell breaks. The "links" in the chain were slowly getting weaker, fading away, until Ganondorf was able to break free. What remains of the spell goes into Link’s hand. Presumably the hand was in a very real sense a part of his prior incarnation’s soul and, as such, returns to the soul it came from. As you’d expect, that soul resides in his current incarnation.
  • Hyrule Castle doesn’t just rise up a bit at the end of the trailer. Had the footage continued to run, it would show that a new, giant structure grows beneath it as Ganondorf is released. A tower so high that existing methods of — non-glitched — traversal won’t be adequate for reaching the top. That leads us to …
  • The power absorbed into Link’s hand is a new Rune ability, giving him the power to shoot out a chain. After Breath of The Wild’s release, it wasn’t uncommon to hear people ask "What about the grappling hook? Where is it?" Afterall, each of the other staple items and abilities were present and accounted for, but there was no grappling hook to be found. This retroactively answers that question: it was used to bind Ganondorf for the past 10,100 years. In addition to a new method of traversal, I assume it will have a few other functions as well: temporarily binding enemies, pulling items from under water, activating inaccessible switches, attaching different objects and/or enemies to each other, etc.
  • When you first gain access to the chain Rune, it will have a limited reach — it broke apart when Ganondorf escaped, after all. That means certain locations will initially be too far away and certain enemies will be too large or too strong to bind. Maybe certain things will be too heavy for it, Link included. Over the course of the game Link will need to find, well … "links" in order to progress. Chain links. This may mean that going straight to the end-boss at the start of the game will no longer be an option this time around, or maybe it will just be that more difficult to get there.
  • And finally, the ulitmate reach: The title will have have some variety of one of the following words: Chain, Links, Bind, Seal. It will also have a reference to the concept of fate. Two examples: "Chain of Fate" or "Links of Fate"

How much of this seems plausible? How much is such a reach that no length of hypothetical magic chain could possibly connect it? What are your theories?
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« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2019, 06:01:13 am »
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Good read!

I was hoping they wouldn't let the botw engine go to waste, especially with how Nintendo's taken to dlc lately, to give us something like how mm is to oot, but honestly never expected it at all. Very happy :D

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« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2019, 09:32:44 pm »
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Saw some great analysis on YouTube with some cool speculations. Really dark stuff.
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