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Which dungeon setting sounds best to add next?

LW: Mystic Forest - Cross a magic forest maze into several small ruins
DW: Swamp Piramide - Solve the game's water puzzle dungeon using elevators
DW: Cathedral - Recruit defeated knights from the graveyards to fight the boss together
DW: Ice Caverns - Handle icy floors and being hunted by the boss across the dungeon
DW: Dual Towers - Climb one tower as training for the harder dark world version
DW: Mining Town - Rescue villagers, then fight the true evil inside lava filled mines
DW: Dark Woods - Explore a dead forest with deep interconnected ruins
DW: Fortress of Medu - Slowly drive back the darkness one room at a time
DW: Fire temple - Find the fire dragon with puzzles across multiple worlds
DW: Ice temple - Find the ice dragon with puzzles across multiple worlds

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Author Topic: Alttp - Horn of Balance  (Read 294128 times)

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Re: Alttp - Horn of Balance
« Reply #1380 on: October 26, 2020, 05:35:31 pm »
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So here is the latest progress report and my tasklist to consider the newest dungeon ready for release. With alpha meaning the dungeon can be fully completed and beta meaning all aspects should actually work as intended. (Don't be discouraged by the length of the list though; most alpha points are already being worked on at once).

Progress report:
Code: [Select]
0.22.99 (22 oktober 2020)
* Made more progress tiling the mining town dungeon

0.22.100 (23 oktober 2020)
* Made more progress tiling the mining town dungeon

0.22.101 (24 oktober 2020)
* Made lots of progress tiling the town room
* Slightly update tiling LW/DW overworlds
* Slightly expanded DW overworld tileset

Stuff left to do:
Alpha components:
- Add multiple following NPC's to dungeon
- Add NPC conversations
- Add failsafe for exiting the dungeon with NPC's following
- Fix conveyor belt depth issues
- Fix depth issues of cell depths
- Finish last house before mine entrance
- Finish "dual house" room
- Finish "hotel" room
- Finish town house lower left position
- Finish town house house center position
- Finish mine "generator" room
- Finish mine room before boss
- Finish mine room lower right B2
- Finish mine room upper right of entrance
- Finish tiling town area
- Add digging to the town
- Add all remaining keys/locked doors/dungeon map indicators/chests/conditional doors
- Add secrets chests

Beta components:
- Add signposts texts
- Adjust gauntlet dungeon to prevent repeat treasures
- Fix issue with continuous boss music
- Add visuals to make the NPC's look different from each others
- Add shadows to rooms and houses
- Add bombs / enemies falling from above
- Add shortcut warps back to the entrance
- Add interaction (some?) enemies with conveyor belts
- Add (some?) enemies falling into water / endless pits
- Add interaction NPC's with conveyor belts
- Add NPC's falling into water / endless pits
- Finish chickens (+ related enemy)
- Add new enemies (various)
- Add dungeon entrance scene
- Add dungeon end scene
- Add NPC scenes
- Add scene after boss fight
- Tweak boss fight
- Adjust hammer masking (?)
- Add extended boss sequence (potentially)
- Add proper enemies and placements to the dungeon
- Balance container contents
- Add further balance to the dungeon
- Tweak bomb throw (?) and/or allow bombs to be gently lowered
Still working on my Alttp-engine: http://www.zfgc.com/forum/index.php?topic=33701.0
Want to help out in whatever way you are talented? Send me a PM.
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