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REQUEST: Need a Spriter!! because I cant sprite!


Ok so I've been working on this project known as Evantor for a few years, I've finally began to program it (because with the old team the lead programmer was confused on what to do) So I decided to attempt to develop it in RM2k3 (because I cant program worth crap, thats why I'm going to college  :P) So anyways, I was doing custom sprites using this program called CharaEX from the internet but I had to do battle animation which came out like crap.

So heres the main reason I posted this I need someone who can sprite design for me. What I'll do is post a link to my main character Rinoku and see what you guys can do to it. Whoevers sprite I like the most I will go with that is, if you are willing to help on the project. I would really appreciate the help from anybody whos a good spriter and would be able to help me. thanks!

if anybody would like to contact me you can email me at (I check my email daily and please no spamming) or by AIM my screenname is hbrandinewm

thanks again!


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