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What is it?

Hazardous Productions is a website started off as just a small name for the video editing of Night Pandas, but in June I had the idea to make it a bit bigger. Now I will be taking on other Projects such as Hazard, (coming 2007) and No Offence (coming in september).


Hazard is a show much like Night Pandas, only adapting on a more prank and comedy sketch style, a mere experimental idea gave birth to this and filming will be starting late November Early December time.

What is No Offence?Cancelled


the website link is;

the my space is;


Hazardous Productions has a forum, and we have tried like crazy to come up for a reason to have one, now we have one.

If you are a member on our forum who posts regularly you can have access to the 'Members Area' In this area you'll have access to videos that won't of been seen by other viewers, special downloads, chance to appear in a show, and have your say in what we do! There are many more things aswell.

So sign up and get this access!

Updates will be posted here as they happen.


We are currently recruiting, Placements currently include:

* Video Editing 2/10
Currently with 2 video editors on the team we are kind of desperate for these, especially since we mostly edit videos

* Graphic Designers 0/5
These are needed to make Splash screens and Website banners, Very desperate for these

* Forum Moderators and Admins 3/x
We are looking for some Forum staff members, must be active and strict!

* Co-Webmaster 1/2
Needed to help keep content under management, with the Hazardous Games sister site opening soon I'm going to need a few of these

* Game Programmers 1/x
Must be experienced in any Game Programming Language i.e; GML, C/C++, Basic etc...

* Writers 2/5
Capable of writing scripts, design documents, reviewers, anything worth while can be used

* Coders (For website) 1/5
So far my our server does not accept PHP or MySQL so we are only looking for HTML coders

* Games Artist 0/5
Modelers, Spriters, Concept artists anything like that!

Then we could use your help, also any profit you make you can keep, Donations would be nice but meh, its your money, plus we dont have a paypal or anything yet, so meh.

If you would like to help PM me or Email me at: with a subject of Recruitment for Hazardous Productions

Anyway Thanks for your time, please check it out and join my forum =D

Racoon Boy:
I can write, at the very least. And test games. But what do you mean by "Create"?

I could Test games and edit Pictures ;)

Cant help you with it, but it looks like youve really thought into this, and thats good :)

Some new information, and news has been added.


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