Welcome to the Zelda Fan Game Central chat room.

Please note that staff members can ban you if you do not follow these rules. You should read them carefully.

The chatroom is run by a team of owners (~), administrators (&), operators (@), half-operators (%), and voices (+).

Voices can't kick, but they help keep the room clean by reporting any misbehavior. Ops and h-ops can kick you and ban you, and also set a few channel modes. Admins are ops who cant get kicked, and they can also change status levels. Owners are the most powerful, and they can do anything from kicking you to banning you from the server. Not good to piss any one of these off.

The owners of this chat are the ZFGC Admins Starforsaken101, MG-Zero, and LorentzChronon. Metallica48423 also has owner status. Their say is final. Anyone causing issues with them will be dealt with.

These rules are posted at YOUR leisure. Should you opt not to read them before you chat, YOU will be held responsible. We do not accept "I didn't know about that rule" as an excuse.

Last update: March 10th, 2013
  1. Follow the network rules. This should be obvious to most of you, but just in case it is not, you must follow the network rules. Type /rules when you are connected if you do not know what these are.

  2. Do not SPAM the channel. We define SPAMming as abuse of colors, repeatedly posting pointless things, and posting things with no real meaning.

  3. Do not flame anyone Flaming is defined as verbally attacking someone with harsh, unnecessary words. Flaming is not acceptable under any circumstances. Flaming people for their beliefs is completely unacceptable, and falls under the rule below.

  4. No discrimination against anyone. Period. Discrimination against anyone in ZFGC is heavily frowned upon, and will not be accepted in the channel. Whether or not something is discriminatory is left up to the staff in the channel.

  5. Bots are allowed with an op's permission. You are allowed to bring a bot into the chatroom, granted you recieve authorization from an op first. To be allowed in a bot must not be spammy, and should have some actual use. Note that permission for a bot may be revoked at any time for any reason. Zelda-Bot and Weatherbot both have permission to be in the channel permanently.

  6. Mature discussions/debates are allowed. Flame wars are not allowed, however. There is a very clear difference between having a mature conversation on something and blasting people's beliefs for no obvious reason. The ops will have the final say on when a discussion has gone too far.

  7. Any op's word is final. If you have a problem with the actions of an op, please take it to either an administrator (&) or the channel owner. (~) Do NOT beg other ops to remove your ban if you feel it is unjust. An op's kick is not unjust simply because it is for a reason not stated in these rules, and you should not use this rationale to try to get your ban removed. If you attempt to do this, then your ban may be extended rather than removed!

  8. Use common sense. If something does not seem right to do in the channel, don't do it! These rules do not state everything you could do to get yourself kicked or banned from the channel. If you do something unwise not listed in these rules, expect to recieve punishment. As the rule above states, an op's word is final. If you wish to dispute an op's decision, talk to an admin or the channel owner.

  9. Have fun! This channel was really meant for fun more than anything else. These rules are not meant to restrict the fun you'll have in the channel, so please try to have a good time, and make sure that others are able to have a good time as well.

-- Please contact ZFGC Staff about any issues with these rules.